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Digest - 25 Mar 2011 to 26 Mar 2011 (#2011-42)

Sat, 26 Mar 2011

There are 4 messages totalling 352 lines in this issue.

Topics of the day:

  1. Forever Knight book by Gwenn Musicate
  2. the 1st War
  3. McLisa answers questions, was Re: The 1st war
  4. Chocolate Frogs


Date:    Fri, 25 Mar 2011 17:56:03 -0400
From:    Ramona Jackson <lexyladyjax@g.......>
Subject: Re: Forever Knight book by Gwenn Musicate

Yesterday I learned of Gwenn Musicate's FK book and I immediately Googled
her in an attempt to locate and purchase said book.  My hopes were shattered
when I learned it was sold out.  :-0  I wrote to Ms Musicate and asked her
if there were any plans to publish another edition or to publish in Kindle
format and she responded in the negative.

Herewith I beg and entreat anyone who may have a spare copy to share it with
me.  If one copy is all that you have and you would trust me to read and
return it I promise that I am honest, trustworthy and true-hearted, and
would return it as soon as I've read it.  (I'm a speed-reader so it wouldn't
take very long.)  I'd be delighted to pay Priority Postage both ways.

If you have kindness and the book, please contact me off-list and gladden my



Date:    Fri, 25 Mar 2011 17:01:51 -0500
From:    Greer Watson <gwatson2@r.......>
Subject: Re: the 1st War

Jean Prior wrote:

> And OMG, I'm something of a packrat

Me, too.  *Total* sympathy.  In these days when everyone is anti-hoarder,
far too much is getting tossed.  I'd hate to be an historian a century from

> Back then, no one was expecting we'd all be here in
> 2011, so I don't think anyone made a huge point of keeping archives of
> all the emails that were flying back and forth.

Archiving takes a certain frame of mind, doesn't it?  In that first flurry
of enthusiasm, everyone was living in the moment--or living for the next
e-mail, more like.

> And I think some of them might be on actual floppies... y'know, the kind
> that still flopped?

The trouble with those is finding something that is still capable of reading
them.  (Looks hopefully.)

> I should email Bill Verity sometime (our postmaster) and see if Penn State
> ever archived this sorta thing on dusty tape or anything.

Worth a try.  (I suspect I know the answer, but *still* worth a try.)
        According to old FAQs, it was once possible to get back posts by
sending the PSU server a code with the date in it.  (Though whether *all*
prior dates, I don't know.  Certainly, there was a point where you could
only get them for the previous month.)  Then--as the terms of service
changed--there was no way to get back posts at all.
        I suspect a big purge of their system, but...what does an e-mail
cost?  Not even a postage stamp.

> folks just kinda naturally coagulated.

*snicker*  Now, there's an image.

> We should totally plan for some kind of huge fan
> gathering somewhere





Date:    Fri, 25 Mar 2011 18:44:26 -0500
From:    L McDavid <mclisa1014@g.......>
Subject: McLisa answers questions, was Re: The 1st war

On Fri, Mar 25, 2011 at 3:25 PM, Greer Watson

> You asked for specific questions, McLisa; so here are a few.

Ok, here goes.

> 1.  You said:
> Undoubtedly clear when you wrote it but....  Are you saying that you *were*
> one of the initial targets?

No, I wasn't. I don't recall who the first two or three (it was a very small
number) were. I do know I enjoyed the responses and wanted to play.

"torments" were posted, you e-mailed someone and said eagerly, "Me too!  Me
> too!"?

Exactly.  I wrote to somebody, probably Laurie, and asked to be included. I
think she said I was supposed to be immune, so maybe I was listowning at the
time after all. I can't think of any other reason why I'd be granted
immunity. :)

> 2.  Sandye Chisholm?

Yes!  Thank you -- there are times when my memory has the consistency of
Swiss cheese. <g>

> 3.  The story of how the wars started has passed into legend.  With no
> apparent extant record of those early posts (sigh), one is reliant on a
> combination of memory and old websites.

Somewhere I should have a printout of the first war.  I can ask on Facebook
if anyone who used to be on the FK lists back then has one.

>  Everyone agrees that Sharon Scott
> was rash enough to tell everyone she was scared of frogs.

Yes, but that was independent of the wars.

 Then apparently
> two people sent her chocolate frogs in the mail.  (Where they got them is a
> fascinating question:  I don't think I've ever even seen chocolate frogs.)

I've never seen any either, but they came across a package in some kind of
novelty and/or candy stores, whereupon they naturally had to send some to
Scottie (as she was and is called.)

>        Most accounts simply say "two Cousins", though obviously at that
> point they were LaCroix fans, not Cousins per se.  The Cousins got their
> name as a result of this incident.  You once called them "LaCroixettes",
> which I gather was an early name or a proposed name, or something of that
> sort.

Remember the reference to John Dencoff as one of the first attackers? He had
a running gag about a lounge act with LaCroix and the LaCroixettes,
singers/dancers. The Cousins have always been LaCroix fans. It's just that
the name gradually changed. Scottie was a Knightie, so naturally they
presented the frogs as a Forever Knight gift. :)

That's also how LaCroix got to be called "Uncle," on the theory that if his
followers were Cousins, he must be our uncle. At the first DoW, I just
remembered, some of the Cousins spotted a tee-shirt that said "Uncle" in the
nearby mall and presented it to Nigel.  He wore it, of course.  .

>        Did they act together, or attack separately?  I've seen it said that
> they *independently* sent the frogs; but that does seem very odd.

No, they were together. I think one was visiting the other at the time.

>  I mean, I
> can see two people independently deciding to play a practical joke; and
> obviously, in the circumstances, the joke would involve frogs.  But I can
> think, just off the top of my head, of several frog-related things they
> could have sent.  Both sent *chocolate frogs*.  (There's definitely a
> question in there, but probably not one *you* can answer.)

No, but I'm going Googling after I finish here, just out of curiosity.  I
like frogs and I love chocolate, but the combination _is_  weird.

>        Sharon then wrote back, calling them "cousins"; and they retorted
> that if they were Cousins, then LaCroix was their Uncle.  (Oh, those lost
> posts.)

What she said, was that they were so mean, the must be related. The
perpetrators then decided that were cousins, and the ball started rolling.

>        She then apparently wrote a story.  Do you, or does anyone happen to
> have a copy of it?  Because it was her appeal to Nick that inspired
> Laurie...and history was born; but the story does not appear to have been
> archived.  It may, of course, have been very short.

Now that you mention it, I do have a faint recollection of this, but no
details and no copy.

This was before we had a volunteer archivist or archive site.  We'd been
archived at PSU like the rest of their lists, but our volume on both
Forkni-l and Fkfic-l got so high, the then listowners (not me, at that
point) agreed to not being archived.  A pity, but this was also before sites
like Google for lists and we needed to stay at PSU.

> 4.  Prior to the war, I gather there had been some discussion on list about
> people preferring one character over another.

Someone had taken an impromptu poll of preferences.  At first I was one of
those who didn't want to make a choice. I must have been a listowner at that
point, because I remember wondering if maybe as a listowner I should not
express a preference. I've done several stints as owner, hence the

>  Affiliations in the egg, so
> to speak.

Yes, and the nicknames.

 I assume the first attackees were picked on the basis of things
> they had posted.

I  still don't recall a pattern, but that may be because it was so long ago.
This doesn't mean there wasn't one.  It can't have been Knighties only, or I
would have assumed I wasn't being attacked because I was a Die-Hard.

> I assume Knighties/Nicholaaahs (both names were used in
> War One) were picked because either (a) Sharon was one, and/or (b) they
> were the largest group of targets?

Sharon was most definitely a Knightie!  I think the affiliations, which was
what we called them then were about equal in numbers for Nick, LaCroix and
Janette.  I may be mistaken. I just don't know as to why the first few were

>  At any rate, if I recall War One correctly,
> all the first targets were affiliated with Nick.

Perfectly likely.

>        Do you recall if the first attackees were particularly noisy on
> list?  It was, after all, a busy list:  one wonders why *they* were picked.

They were very active members, and I think they were all fanfic writers.

> 5.  The Wicked Warren.  Yes, I remember that *startling* development from
> when I read War One.  Clearly there were Watership Down fans among you!  Do
> you recall anything about the choice of name, and all the rabbit pseudonyms
> people used towards the end of the war?  Why Watership Down?

That was Sandye's doing -- I presume she was the Watership Down fan.  I
think the rabbit pseudonyms were hers too. I had read WD but wasn't up on it
enough to come up with a nom de guerre on my own.

       The Wicked Warren was a War One thing only.  Was this a mutual
> decision, and why?

I don't really know.  Sandye contacted me several months ago offlist. I can
see if I still have the address and ask is she'd mind e-talking to you.  I
think it was simply that war two was more of a faction thing, the
affiliations having become more important in the list's life.

> 6.  From this past war (and Susan's War Tutorial), I know how much goes on
> behind the scenes.  In the early stages of War One, obviously any off-list
> stuff would have been between the three Cousins who started it, Laurie,
> Margaret, and John.  However, as things developed, the embryonic Knighties
> must have organized themselves to some degree, and--to a lesser extent--the
> other factions.  Do you recall how much of this mailing loop stuff went on
> during the war?

I don't recall anything but the Warren, and I know I was never on any sort
of loop at the time, other than mailing each other about that..  I don't
think there were any faction loops for War I. Maybe someone else can fill
this in.

>        I also get the impression that it continued *after* the war, and is
> the basis for the obvious emergence of clearly defined factions by War Two.
> Would this be accurate?

Maybe.  My impression is that the factions just sort of grew on us, so
naturally by the time WII came along, they were included,

> Greer
> McLisa (Lisa McDavid)
"That will be trouble."
listowner, Forkni-l & Fkfic-l


Date:    Fri, 25 Mar 2011 19:11:52 -0500
From:    L McDavid <mclisa1014@g.......>
Subject: Chocolate Frogs

I googled the phrase, as I said I would, and yes, they do exist, not all of
them in connection with Harry Potter. The prank on Scottie was before the HP

Anyway, I had to copy this ad.

Little Dark *Chocolate
pond full of little dark *chocolate frogs*, rich, dark and delicious, Made
with our 70% dark chocolate, the 6 oz. bag contains about 50 little frogs. *

because the maker lucienne.com!



End of FORKNI-L Digest - 25 Mar 2011 to 26 Mar 2011 (#2011-42)

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