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Digest - 9 Nov 2019 to 21 Nov 2019 (#2019-40)

Thu, 21 Nov 2019

There is 1 message totaling 64 lines in this issue.

Topics of the day:

  1. Christmas Card Exchange 2019


Date:    Wed, 20 Nov 2019 17:55:15 -0600
From:    Kilted Swine BBQ <kiltedswinebbq@g.......>
Subject: Christmas Card Exchange 2019

*Greets All!*

It is quickly becoming that time of year again and to get the yule log
rolling as it were, I figured I'd send out a note for those interested in
exchanging Christmas cards again this year (that is unless someone else has
and I missed the note).

Here is how it works:

If you *HAVE already participated* in the past year or two and your address
or anything else requested below has *not* changed, I will use the same
list as last year *unless **you prefer NOT to participate* - if so please
also feel free to send me a request to remove your information as well.

If you are unsure or simply want to send info in case something was amiss
or could be please do the following:

Send me(kiltedswinebbq@g.......) the following information (
*PLEASE DONOT SEND TO THIS LIST*) and then I will compile a list of
participants and
send the list to all participants starting on Dec. 1st and updates going
through Dec. 20th to give the procrastinators proper oops time.

Sending the info is permission to put you on the card list.

I will send you a confirmation email when I receive your info. When you get
the list, you send cards to as many participants as you can.

Everyone receives lots of cards for the holidays!

*If you would like to participate, remember* **DO NOT send to the list***,
send me *(kiltedswinebbq@g.......):

Your real name
Your snail mail address
Your preferred email address
Any special instructions (such as "no confetti")
The holidays you celebrate as this time of the year (Christian Christmas,
secular Christmas, Kwanzaa, etc.)
Your website or blog information if you have one and want it listed


*Bob Sellers JR*
*Chief Cook -- Pit Master **-- KCBS Certified Judge*
*Author / blog: www.sellersjr.com <http://www.sellersjr.com/>*
*BBQ Team    : http://kiltedswinebbq.com <http://kiltedswinebbq.com/>*

*Looking for a good read?*
*Check out Blood-Lines, a Tale from the Weird Wild West

For more visit www.sellersjr.com <http://www.sellersjr.com>

*Anyone can put the heat to meat but few can bar-b-cue...*


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