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Digest - 11 Mar 2008 to 12 Mar 2008 (#2008-68)

Wed, 12 Mar 2008

There are 5 messages totalling 195 lines in this issue.

Topics of the day:

  1. Today's Birthday: March 11
  2. Favorite Immortals and Vamps
  3. Favorite Immortals and Vamps - Plus
  4. Vampire Gene, or?
  5. dark perk images


Date:    Tue, 11 Mar 2008 20:47:56 -0500
From:    eowyn23@j.......
Subject: Today's Birthday: March 11

Hi Y'all!

Today is Johnny Appleseed Day and Worship of Tools Day and the Birthday
of:   Shenandora aka Heike         Shining_moon2000@y.......
And                                         Greg Kramer (Screed)
You may send birthday greetings to Shenandora at the above email address.
 Send birthday greetings for Greg to Libs
Libratsie@s.......  Please NOT to the list!

Others who share Shenandora and Greg's birthday:
Sam Donaldson, Newscaster
Bobby McFerrin, Jazz Singer
Antonin Scalia, Supreme Court Justice
Douglas Adams, Author
Lawrence Welk, Conductor

Significant events on this day:
105, A.D., Ts'ai Lun invented paper.
1850, the Women's Medical College of Pennsylvania, the first medical
school entirely for women, is incorporated.
1969, Levi starts to sell bell-bottomed jeans.
1975, fossil hunters in Texas find the wing of a reptile pterosaur
believed to be 60 million years old.

I hope you have a very Happy Birthday, Shenandora and Greg!

If you would like to be added to the birthday announcements, please send
your name, birthdate (no year needed) and email address to me,
eowyn23@j......., privately, and I'll be glad to add you.

GWDFC, FK X-Stitcher, Proud Survivor of FK Fic Wars 8-12, Texas Knight
Dreamers, Knighties List Owner, Keeper of the FK Birthday List


Date:    Tue, 11 Mar 2008 23:15:46 -0700
From:    Megan MacLean <xena_goddess_of_war_99@y.......>
Subject: Re: Favorite Immortals and Vamps

Sadly I'd have to agree. It seems if it's not trash,
it's not 'good' enough to air. The shows now lack
substance and the human emotion that was so evident in
FK. Nick's struggle to become human and his battle of
the darkness inside were perhaps some of the most
incredible aspects of the show. Not many shows have
that depth and scope. I loved the wit and humor that
the show also espoused, without being trashy or over
the top. Really, FK was on of the gems back then.

Megan MacLean
--- Portia <portia1@m.......> wrote:

I really doubt FK, QL, Highlander, or many of the
others that have kept my affection years after they've
gone off the air would have made it through even half
a season in today's television climate.


Date:    Wed, 12 Mar 2008 01:20:48 -0700
From:    Walt <wdoherty5@c.......>
Subject: Re: Favorite Immortals and Vamps - Plus

From: "Megan MacLean" <xena_goddess_of_war_99@y.......>

> substance and the human emotion that was so evident in
> FK. Nick's struggle to become human and his battle of
> the darkness inside were perhaps some of the most
> incredible aspects of the show. Not many shows have
> that depth and scope.

Having the DVDs allows the luxury of viewing the stories more carefully and
with a critical eye.

The depth of characterization and the battles the characters deal with (not
just Nick) are impressively done.

Forever Knight Production Values

            In addition to that, something that impresses me quite a bit are
the production values of the show.  There are a lot of scenes where two of
the major characters are speaking (say Cohen and Nick) where this could have
been filmed with just those two people either in Cohen's office or done with
close-ups, but the scene is filmed out in the squad room with about 20 other
people around.  Now nothing gets on the screen by accident (well rarely, but
you know what I mean) which means all these people are either extras or crew
who have been used as extras.  And one deduction is that all these people
are being paid.  Often for just a small, short scene.  This must have cost a
bundle.  Especially when a couple of stock shots of a busy squad room and
some close-ups would have sufficed.  I would deduce from this (and other
things) that a lot of effort was put into every aspect of the show.  You can
see that the people behind it believed in it, and you can understand maybe
why it wasn't picked up for a fourth season.

Quality TV

            You're right quality costs.  Television networks are in business
to make money, not to provide culture (remember what A&E and Bravo presented
foreign films and operas?).  Of course, this has been a problem since art
was invented.  Michelangelo had to please the Pope, he couldn't paint only
want he wanted to.  It's an old saw, but it's 'show business' not 'show
arts'.  And another old saw: you get what you pay for.

            So, anyway, I guess we have to be glad we can get what little
quality we can.  Not to plug Sirius radio, but it does have the Metropolitan
Opera channel - 6 operas a day, 4 live performances a week, with interviews
of the principals, etc. - now if you're not an opera buff, you wouldn't
care, but when you're stuck in the largest cow town in the western
hemisphere, where dressing up means putting a shirt with buttons on instead
of a t-shirt, it's nice to know that some sort of culture is available in
some manner or another.


            I wonder if it would be possible to bypass sponsors, networks,
and all the middle men by letting fans subscribe directly to a show.  I can
subscribe to 12 issues of Analog Science Fiction for 40 or 50 bucks.  I'd be
happy to shell out 40 or fifty bucks for anywhere from 12 to 24 episodes of
something as good as FK.  And actually, I have 'cause that's the going rate
for each season's DVDs.

            Another thing: New Amsterdam's recent episodes are available
online from its website.  It's free, but there are 30 second commercial
breaks between acts - still much less annoying than the 4 to 5 minute breaks
over the air, plus if you miss a line or something, you can back up.  I'll
take it for free, but for a show I truly believed in (like FK), I'd shell
out 2 or 3 bucks to watch it.


Date:    Wed, 12 Mar 2008 04:33:19 -0400
From:    Naia Zifu <naia_zifu@b.......>
Subject: Vampire Gene, or?

    Would there be such thing as a "vampire gene"?  Seems more like some
sort of virus or disease, especially since you (er, usually, depending on
how the writers feel) only get it by receiving the blood of one who is
already a vampire.  (Apologies if someone already said this before me-- on
digest and all, haven't seen it yet.)

Naia Zifu  (naia_zifu@b.......)


Date:    Wed, 12 Mar 2008 14:44:13 -0400
From:    "Phillips, Tim" <Tim.Phillips@s.......>
Subject: dark perk images

Anyone have a link to an image of Tracy Vetter that they think really
says "Dark Perk"?



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