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Digest - 1 Mar 2008 to 2 Mar 2008 (#2008-58)

Sun, 2 Mar 2008

There is 1 message totalling 70 lines in this issue.

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  1. Your not helping???????


Date:    Sun, 2 Mar 2008 00:38:31 EST
From:    KnghtWtch@a.......
Subject: Re: Your not helping???????

For  those of you that have voted, I thank you and am  sorry for  the
constant request for your adding your name to our  petition.  But we  need  to
keep requesting others to help us get  FK on Chiller channel.   I've  been
collecting sigs on a written  petition form at car   shows while I  display the
 I've got over 100 so  far.  We need to beat these  numbers and  get more sig
on the online petition.  So PLEASE, PLEASE sign on  and  add your name  to
the list.  Also get your other on line friends to  sign   too.  We've brought
back FK to the aire waves twice  before.  Let  set a  television record  and do
 it again for  a third time.   Thanks for all your  help and  patience.

KnightWitch  ;-]=

Now is  the time to have  a voice in  what is shown  on  television.  Please
go   to


and sign the  on   line  petition asking Chiller Channel to aire  the
Forever  Knight  series in  their programming lineup.Don't   forget:


We stand a good   chance  of  getting the show on aire.   We've brought  back
 Forever  Knight  twice before, so let's make TV  history  by  bringing the
series back to television  again.

Join in the fun and  be a part of  TV history by  signing  the  petition and
bringing  back Forever     Knight.


Just in case  for   forgot  the web addy.

KnightWitch  ;-]=

Help  bring  Forever Knight  back on  television. Sign the petition  at


End of FORKNI-L Digest - 1 Mar 2008 to 2 Mar 2008 (#2008-58)

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