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Digest - 27 Jan 2007 to 28 Jan 2007 (#2007-22)

Sun, 28 Jan 2007

There are 4 messages totalling 100 lines in this issue.

Topics of the day:

  1. Today's Birthday: January 27 (2)
  2. Kristin Lehman in New Series _Drive_
  3. Richard III


Date:    Sun, 28 Jan 2007 10:54:47 +0100
From:    Lorin <vachesang@1.......>
Subject: Re: Today's Birthday: January 27

Hi Will!

Happy Birthday!


>Significant events on this date:
>1918, The silent movie, Tarzan of the Apes, is released.

Swing from some vines and celebrate in style!  <g>



Date:    Sun, 28 Jan 2007 10:55:36 +0100
From:    Lorin <vachesang@1.......>
Subject: Re: Today's Birthday: January 27

Argh!  Oops.  Sorry all




Date:    Sun, 28 Jan 2007 08:26:35 -0800
From:    "Amy R." <akr@l.......>
Subject: Kristin Lehman in New Series _Drive_

      (I haven't seen this on list; did I just miss it?)

      I read in both the Toronto Star and the San Jose Mercury News
(following the recent press tour for television critics) that Kristin
Lehman (Urs), who is currently appearing on _Prison Break_, will this
April appear in a new Fox drama called _Drive_, which reporter Rob
Salem of the Toronto Star described as "to _The Amazing Race_ what
_Lost_ is to _Survivor_" and "a combination of _Cannonball Run_ and
_The Game_ in which a large ensemble of characters from various walks
of life [is] forced to compete in a mysterious, deadly road
race."  According to the IMDB, her character on _Drive_ will
apparently be named "Corinna Wiles."

      The Star article is here
http://www.thestar.com/artsentertainment/article/173443 if anyone is
interested; she is mentioned five paragraphs from the end.  (The
Mercury News article, by Charlie McCollum, requires a subscription.)

      I think that Kristin Lehman may have appeared in more
television series since FK than any FK actor.  Unfortunately, that's
partially due to many getting canceled after only a handful of
episodes, but it is nice that a new series always seems to snap her up again.

Amy R., Knightie
Bright Knight: http://users.LMI.net/akr/fk/


Date:    Sun, 28 Jan 2007 08:49:10 -0800
From:    KC Monroe <kaysea1228@y.......>
Subject: Re: Richard III

--- "jerezfino@y......." <jerezfino@y.......> wrote:

> I just saw a review of Richard III posted at
> Washingtonpost.com today. Thought everyone would
> like to see.

www.gwdfc.org has links to more reviews and pictures
from the play



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