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Digest - 8 May 2019 to 19 May 2019 (#2019-12)

Sun, 19 May 2019

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Topics of the day:

  1. FKFicFest 2019 (Challenge-style this year, not exchange-style)


Date:    Sun, 19 May 2019 13:52:41 -0700
From:    "Amy R." <akr@l.......>
Subject: FKFicFest 2019 (Challenge-style this year, not exchange-style)

This year brings our 10th annual FKFicFest ficathon game. To celebrate,
we're playing classic, old-fashioned, FKFic-L, challenge style -- on the
AO3 -- with the common prompt: "10 years" (or "10" & "years").

So, this year: no sign-ups, no matching, no commitments. But all
submissions must incorporate the shared prompt. And we do have a firm
submission deadline on the AO3 of *July 14* so that we can enjoy a week
of reveals together. (For those who most enjoy addressing individual,
exchange-style requests, rather than only the general challenge prompt,
we also have a "wishing " thread.)

- This year's gameplay instructions:

- FKFicFest Community: http://fkficfest.dreamwidth.org/

- FKFicFest AO3 Collection: http://archiveofourown.org/collections/FKFicFest

- "Wishing" thread: https://fkficfest.dreamwidth.org/82500.html

We've been playing exchange-style all these years; that was the hot
story-game approach when we started. Let's see how well this vintage
story-game approach works!

Come play with us!

--- Amy R. (Brightknightie) akr@l.......


End of FORKNI-L Digest - 8 May 2019 to 19 May 2019 (#2019-12)

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