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Digest - 12 Oct 2015 to 13 Oct 2015 (#2015-89)

Tue, 13 Oct 2015

There is 1 message totaling 89 lines in this issue.

Topics of the day:

  1. Happy birthday, Vachon!


Date:    Mon, 12 Oct 2015 21:30:17 -0700
From:    Bonnie Pardoe <callalily@l.......>
Subject: Re: Happy birthday, Vachon!

Hey Angel - fun to know that you're into the Inca (I played with the
Incarnates a few wars back). And glad to know you're into Vachon (you'd be
crazy not to be). His birthday is Oct 9 (not 10 - I was late posting) and
I know because he told me. Here, have chump-ton of pictures -



> I think you may be a bit early with your birthday wishes...
> As I recall reading in one of the FK Wars (don't remember which one, but
> someone had what was referred to as a "Highlander-type Backpack" if that
> jogs anyone's memory  ) and in this war somehow Javier was
> kidnapped/held captive by unfriendly = non-Vaquero forces. While
> interrogating him, it was said that his birthday was IIRC {either I'm not
> sure which and was going to ask this on line but I think it is...} All
> Souls' Day = Nov. 2 nd {or All Saints' Day = Nov. 1 st}
> So if anyone can tell me what FK War this was, and has any further info,
> I'd appreciate it 
> ... Now if anyone has any other info on Javier, there definite are sincere
> devotees in addition to myself who are also rabidly interested in every
> lil bite  so feel free to share!
>  I'm curious as to sources and accuracy, Bonnie, anyways, not just with
> you, so where did you find your info... Was this from a FK War, or
> established in the basis for Javier Vachon's Character in the FK series
> {that carries *tons* of weight with me } if you know something/s we
> don't know, please share it with the class :) ...
> A case in point... "Miklos' Mom" = the lady who came up with and wrote the
> beloved character on the show of Miklos, said that Miklos is Hungarian for
> Nicholas {I think she's Gillian, right?} That is something I DEFINITELY
> remember, particularly since my dad is part Hungarian and there's not a
> great deal of stuff about Hungarians, except for the Gabor Sisters & Bela
> Lugosi, so, n.b., i think it is accurate to figure from what his "Mom"
> said, Miklos is Hungarian, not Greek, as he is sometimes referred to in
> some Wars, etc..
> Another instance, I had been in contact with the "Inca's Mom" = the person
> who came up with the INCArnate List and gave The Inca the name Amaru and
> also TS who gave him the name Juan ... Because I had hoped to write
> something with his character. In addition to being a Vaquera, I am an
> INCArnate, and his "Mom" gave me info about his character, that, while not
> part of the FK TV series, I personally would feel should be incorporated
> into his character in things written about him. Why does he has that name,
> it's meaning, his personal family life... And Did you know that his name
> is: The Inca = Amaru = Juan = Juan Valdez, Esq. = A. Juan Diego Valdez,
> Esq. {this is as far as I am aware of based on his I.Mom, TS, Myself, Vaq
> writings, & FK Series.} And he was married and had 2 daughters when he was
> brought across :'(  The Inca lost a great deal when he was brought across.
> That is what his INCArnate mom established, and that's his part of his
> Backstory. So he is not just simply a blank sheet of paper, other people
> have invested stuff into this character, so tread carefully, Amiga 
> and Greer can add that to wiki somehow if she likes. I hope to fill Greer
> in on a couple of more things when RL permits. (Waves) to Greer, Much
> Appreciated, Extremely Hard Working, & Most Esteemed Gracious Keeper Of
> The FK Wiki 
> And if anybody has interest in LaCroix's son Tran, please feel free to
> contact me. :)
> And, interesting that you should have Oct. 10 as Javier's birthday... As
> that is the actual real-life birthday of our current actual faithful much
> beloved devoted Vaq-bat-wielding Vaq-Mommy :)
> Oh, for the record, I composed this and sent this all by myself, no one
> else was involved, and no human nor animals, dead or un-dead, are intended
> to be offended or harmed due to the content of the above.
> Inquiring Vaq-mind would like to know :) ...
> Oliwni,Arigato,Thanks,
> ~Angel, VaqDreamingVaq, INCArnate,DH,IB,RP, VietVamp, BlackWing,
> withLightCousinlyTendencies


End of FORKNI-L Digest - 12 Oct 2015 to 13 Oct 2015 (#2015-89)

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