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Digest - 26 May 2015 to 30 May 2015 (#2015-36)

Sat, 30 May 2015

There is 1 message totaling 105 lines in this issue.

Topics of the day:

  1. Sign up to play FKFicFest 2015 by June 14! (The 6th annual FK "ficathon")


Date:    Sat, 30 May 2015 12:29:51 -0700
From:    "Amy R." <akr@l.......>
Subject: Sign up to play FKFicFest 2015 by June 14! (The 6th annual FK "ficathon")

FKFicFest, the annual FK "ficathon" game, is open for sign-ups through
June 14. Come one, come all!

This is our sixth annual game, so most of you know the drill. We've
added one twist:
--- If 9 or more people sign up, we'll play an "exchange" game, as we
always have before (that is, individually matching prompts to
--- If 8 or fewer people sign up, we'll throw open the gates with an
old-fashioned FKFic-L-style "challenge" game (just one common prompt for
everyone; no sign-ups and no matching).

(As I send you this email, we have 4 sign-ups in. I know of 3 more FK
fans who have said they'll play for sure. That makes 7. So whether we'll
play "exchange" or "challenge" is an open question! Want to throw your
hat in the ring and decide the game's fate?)


* Exchange Game Overview*

When we play exchange-style, here's how the game works:
Each player (1) submits a slate of 3-4 prompts, (2) receives in return a
slate of 3-4 prompts submitted by someone else, (3) writes 1 story of at
least 1,000 words (or draws 1 picture of at least 500x500 pixels) to
fulfill any one of the 3-4 prompts received, (4) receives 1 story (or
picture) that fulfills 1 of the prompts submitted, and (5) a wonderful
FK time is had by all.

* Challenge Game Overview *

If we play challenge-style, here's how the game will work:
Anyone who wishes to play writes 1 story of at least 1,000 words (or
draws 1 picture of at least 500x500 pixels) reflecting her/his own
character, plot and thematic choices while addressing the one community
prompt in common. The common prompt would be: The "Worth it?" Challenge
(i.e. "It's worth it," "It isn't worth it," "It was worth it," "It
wasn't worth it").

* Timeline *

---  06/14: Exchange sign-ups close at noon Pacific Time. The count gets
--- 06/15: Exchange assignments are emailed (or the challenge prompt is
--- 07/22: [If exchange] Deadline to drop out with no penalties at all.
--- 08/22: Stories due on the AO3 (11:59 PM Pacific Time).
--- 08/23: [If exchange] Pinch-hitters recruited if needed for
last-minute drop-outs.
--- 08/24: Stories begin revealing, and reveal one per day as long as
they last!

(Authors can continue editing their stories after loading them on the
AO3, but if we're playing an exchange, we have to know whether any
stories are missing so that we can recruit "pinch hit" writers and
ensure no players are disappointed.)

* Rules, Instructions and Examples *

Here are the complete rules and instructions, with detailed examples:
--- On Dreamwidth: http://fkficfest.dreamwidth.org/39547.html
--- On LiveJournal: http://fkficfest.livejournal.com/56968.html

You don't have to be on either DW or LJ to play, but I recommend it!
(Two people have tried to play the game in years past without actively
following on either platform. Both forgot the deadline. If you really
want to try it, though, we can make arrangements.) You do need an
Archive Of Our Own (AO3) account to play; I'll get you an invitation if
you need.

* Stories from Past Games *

Here's the ficathon's collection on the AO3:

Not all authors from the ficathon's first two years chose to transfer
their works to the AO3. You can read those earlier works on LiveJournal
on the 2010 game (http://fkficfest.livejournal.com/15155.html) and 2011
game (http://fkficfest.livejournal.com/27199.html) "master lists."

* Questions? *

I'm the ficathon's moderator -- that is, the host and GM. Please feel
free to ask me any questions! (Please don't mind if I'm slow to answer
during the workweek.)

Do come play with us! I'm full of hope for this year's game! It's going
to be a blast!

What new FK stories do *you* most want to read? :-)

Amy R.
"Brightknightie" on AO3/DW/LJ


End of FORKNI-L Digest - 26 May 2015 to 30 May 2015 (#2015-36)

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