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Digest - 13 Sep 2013 to 16 Sep 2013 (#2013-149)

Mon, 16 Sep 2013

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Topics of the day:

  1. Wiki article on the Knighties


Date:    Mon, 16 Sep 2013 16:58:13 -0400
From:    Greer Watson <gwatson2@r.......>
Subject: Wiki article on the Knighties

I've been looking at the wiki articles we have on the various factions; and
it strikes me as odd that some of the biggest, oldest factions have
relatively little written about them.

Consider the Knighties.  I know that their establishment was being discussed
before War One began.  About twenty years ago, give or take, in other words.
(War One has its twentieth anniversary coming up in January.)  At first,
people who wanted to be seen as affiliated with Nick couldn't make up their
mind what name to take.  I don't know how many suggestions were made; but by
January 1994 there were two front runners:  the Knighties (obviously), but
also the Nicolaahs. Both names were used in War One; but, by War Two, the
name "Knighties" was firmly established.

After that, though, I have little information to add to the article.  Of
course, I don't want to pry into the Knightly equivalent of the secrets of
the Masons.  (Oh, I lie, I lie!  I want *all* the dirt!)

Seriously, though:  I've heard of a lot of sub-factions, fraction factions,
chat groups on the side, and the like.  However, I really don't have enough
background to be able to sort it all out.

Bearing in mind that I'm looking for info to add to the wiki, this can't be
*private* stuff.  In the past, it's been clear that there are a lot of
people on list who are fascinated by these dips into history.  So do please
feel free to tell us all.




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