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Digest - 25 Jun 2012 to 26 Jun 2012 (#2012-106)

Tue, 26 Jun 2012

There are 4 messages totalling 133 lines in this issue.

Topics of the day:

  1. Please be sure you're not using special characters
  2. Help with Cousins subfactions
  3. Vachon's master
  4. Faction icons


Date:    Mon, 25 Jun 2012 10:42:39 -0700
From:    Naia Zifu <tenou_haruka3@y.......>
Subject: Re: Please be sure you're not using special characters

How do I fix it from Yahoo web mail?  Or do I need to use another account?

If you don't know how to fix this, go ahead and ask onlist.  Someone will
have had the problem and will know how to fix it.


Date:    Mon, 25 Jun 2012 22:27:10 +0000
From:    Dona_Angel_ <kameko58@h.......>
Subject: Re: Help with Cousins subfactions

(I hope this gets to list ok)

Just want to mention a lil' bit re: Miklos:
1) I definitely recall a few years back reading on this list something about a
tee-shirt being made up for + given to the woman who invented the character of
our favorite male vampire bartender and it had "Miklos Mom" on it -anyone
remember who 'Miklos Mom' is?

**a)Also, it was also stated on this list maybe around or in that same post,
that the name "Miklos" is HUNGARIAN for "Nickolas" , therefore, I assumed that
Miklos was intended to be Hungarian - not too far fetched... Ya'll remember
a guy named Bela who portrayed Dracula on stage + in film was Hungarian :)=
...  but my reason in mentioning this is often Miklos is referred to as
Greek -just want to set record straight (please no throwing of sharp pointy
things in my direction) - (my dad is 3/4 Hungarian + it is has been rare to
find RL folks & Characters that are Hungarian -just real awesome when find
'em! )

#2) I, for one, have No problemo with double Miklos-es -- Oded Is an awesomely
wonderful choice as an alternate Miklos -I wholeheartedly approve !!

#3) while I understand how the RavenCellar= Miklos & Tracy (especially since
we were recently given the background of the DPs TTDD devotion) go with the
Perks And Tracy, I do not think that Miklos by himself would go with the
Cousins - rather should he not go with Jeanette and the Ravenettes? Could we
rightly assume He originally worked for HER? I could imagine his heart having
more of an attachment to her. I do not recall actually seeing Miklos working
at The Raven when LC owns it, even tho we assume + write as such :) .

~ Oliwni, Thanks!
~ Olegwasi, Dream well !
~ Angel


Date:    Tue, 26 Jun 2012 03:54:26 -0400
From:    Greer Watson <gwatson2@r.......>
Subject: Vachon's master

On Mon, 25 Jun 2012, Angel said:

> As a Vaq + InCarnate, I have no problem with referring to
> the VampireMadre & Master of Javier Vachon and The Inca,
> as "Angel" - I always just thought that was her name

In the transcript of "Black Buddha Part Two"
(http://www.fkfanfic.com/fkscripts/bb2.txt), she's listed as "The Angel".
Later on, in the flashback itself, it says, "As the two dying men lie on the
ground, a woman dressed in the ceremonial robes of a Bride of the Sun
approaches and kneels between them," and she's called "the priestess".

Now, if anyone has the actual *script*....




Date:    Tue, 26 Jun 2012 04:13:16 -0400
From:    Greer Watson <gwatson2@r.......>
Subject: Faction icons

On Mon, 25 Jun 2012, Angel asked about several factions whether I'd done
their icons.  Indeed!

You can find the Rat-Pack icon on this page:
http://greerwatson.livejournal.com/8236.html.  I recently posted the larger
version of it also:  http://greerwatson.livejournal.com/14820.html.  (You'll
find the large-size picture for the Vaqueras icon there, too.)

The Dark Hearts' icon is here:
http://greerwatson.livejournal.com/8626.html.  I'm not so sure about a
romantic bond between the two of them, but I agree that it's obvious that
Vachon cares a lot for Urs.  She needs him--and he's the kind of guy who
responds to that appeal, isn't he?

The Roman Goddesses' icon is here:


There's a Yahoo!Group for "the crew"?  And one for the Roman Goddesses?  You
know, we list these things in the Forever Knight Wiki, but I don't think I
came across either of them.  What are their addresses?  I'd like to get them
properly wikified.

And, if there *is* a group following Vachon and his friends, what do they
call *themselves*?  For that, you know, would be their faction name--and the
name for me to put on their icon.


Tran!  (I knew there were people I'd forgotten to list.)  Well, that's yet
another character who doesn't have a faction.  Yet.




End of FORKNI-L Digest - 25 Jun 2012 to 26 Jun 2012 (#2012-106)

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