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Digest - 18 Jun 2012 to 19 Jun 2012 (#2012-99)

Tue, 19 Jun 2012

There are 2 messages totalling 121 lines in this issue.

Topics of the day:

  1. Help with Cousins subfactions
  2. Help with Knightie subfactions


Date:    Tue, 19 Jun 2012 08:39:11 -0400
From:    Brenda Bell <webwarren@e.......>
Subject: Re: Help with Cousins subfactions

At 00:20 6/18/2012, Greer wrote:

>Sound like the Nitpickers Faction--who had a website there for a while,
>though they don't seem to have got anywhere near working their way through
>the whole series.

That's usually a big job -- even for a series with as few eps as FK.
(We had trivia questions on continuity errors in the original STAR
TREK series for decades after its demise.)

>Against that is the fact that I found the name in a list that was directly
>associated with LaCroix-based factions.  It was down in the small print
>(unlike, say, the Light Cousins and NA, which were writ large under the main
>"Cousins" header); but it was definitely in the LaCroix list.

Hmm... then I might ask Libratsie if she knows anything about it.
(Ratpackers -- cheese -- leaving holes and making tunnels... don't
think *that's* the connection, but it's another direction to pursue.)

>Truly obscure, I guess!

Though in truth, if it ever made the main list, it should be in
SOMEONE's archives...

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Date:    Tue, 19 Jun 2012 16:28:32 -0400
From:    Greer Watson <gwatson2@r.......>
Subject: Help with Knightie subfactions

Over the weekend, I made an icon for the B.R.I.C.K., a subfaction of the
Knighties that turns up on most moderate-sized faction lists.  I was
wondering, though, what people can tell me about them.  (If only for
fattening up the wiki article, you understand.)

This is what I know.  The old Affliliations FAQ, occasionally updated on
FORNI-L and eventually housed in Mr Happy's, does *not* list the B.R.I.C.K.
Not as such.  It *does* define "The Brick" as a nickname for Nick "due to
the fact that his boyish exuberance sometimes overwhelms his grasp of the
obvious."  This suggests that the B.R.I.C.K., as a faction, was created
after 15 May 1996.

However, the Affiliations FAQ does go on to list "Briquet" and "Briquette"
as terms for followers of Nick (respectively male and female).  The terms
were apparently coined by Will Steeves. (Hi, Will!)  There's even a
        "And for creating that particular epithet, I just created
        one for her particular affiliation: Briquets / Briquettes
        (as in "Charcoal Briquettes" :-), stolen, of course, from
        "Brick" as in "Nick the Brick" :-) )"

It is only on later faction lists that the B.R.I.C.K. get listed.  Although
they don't appear on the short ones that only give the main factions, they
turn up on quite a lot of moderate-sized lists (and, of course, on the long
ones).  In particular, The Forever Knight Faction List website describes the
B.R.I.C.K. as "an elite faction of Nick fans; the name of which is a
reference to his rather "brickish" nature".  It then goes on to add,
"Meaning, if you're American, his childlike exuberance sometimes prevents
him from realizing the obvious. Or, if you're in the UK, you can probably
take it to mean that you can depend on him in a crisis. Take your pick. ;)"
(By the way, that last bit is derived straight from the old Affliations FAQ
definition of Nick the Brick, which offered both the American and British
interpretations of "brick".)

Oh, and The Forever Knight Faction List associates the B.R.I.C.K. with
Briques and Briquettes (note the difference in spelling for the male

So that's what I know.  Naturally, I'm curious whether this was simply a
running Knightie joke or whether anyone actually claimed the affiliation.
I'm pretty sure there was never a list, e-group, or website for them.  Did
members of the B.R.I.C.K. enjoy Nick's brickishness?  Take pleasure in
criticizing it?  Make apologies for it?  I'm basically asking for
context--which is something you just don't get from a little

One more thing.  The Forever Knight Faction List also includes the
Brick-throwers faction, defined as "fans who support Nat's attempts to bring
Nick to his senses".  Now, when I was talking about the B.R.I.C.K. to NAT,
she remembered getting hold of a rubber brick, and sometimes throwing it at
the TV screen when Nick was being particularly brickish.  That doesn't seem
like quite the same as the faction described as "supporting Nat's attempts
to bring Nick to his senses", but...it could be.  Does anyone recall the
Brick-throwers, and--if so--what exactly they were?  Did other people ever
toss rubber bricks?  (Sounds like fun.)




End of FORKNI-L Digest - 18 Jun 2012 to 19 Jun 2012 (#2012-99)

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