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Digest - 11 Mar 2011 to 12 Mar 2011 (#2011-33)

Sat, 12 Mar 2011

There are 4 messages totalling 231 lines in this issue.

Topics of the day:

  1. History Recap
  2. Other Factions
  3. The History of the Perkulators (WAS: Re: Other Factions)
  4. Yet more musing on factions:  Mixed pickles....


Date:    Fri, 11 Mar 2011 17:54:25 -0500
From:    Ramona Jackson <lexyladyjax@g.......>
Subject: Re: History Recap

Just wanted to share that I for one am enjoying this little stroll down
memory land.  Please do continue.



Date:    Fri, 11 Mar 2011 18:10:06 -0600
From:    Terri Wadsworth <eowyn23@j.......>
Subject: Re: Other Factions

Hi Y'all!

I've been reading Greer's comments about factions and the effects of such
on War and faction mailing lists.  I think Susan Bennett basically said
what I know as a War veteran of 5 wars.

Susan said in response to Greer:

>While the number of writers determined the quantity and
complexity of stories, it never influenced the number of War

Please indulge my selfish stroll down memory lane.  I joined Forni-l
three weeks before War 8.  I had never heard of or had any remote idea
what an FK War was but I signed up to play anyway.  When I found out that
fiction writing was the biggest part of a War I was tempted to pull out.
Write fictional stories based on real characters interacting with our
favorite TV characters?!!!  Not really my cup of Earl Gray but then a
lady who has since become one of my best friends (the best outcome of a
War, IMHO) told me I could be a war correspondent.  I wouldn't have to
write much, just summarize the stories other people wrote so that
everyone in my faction could keep up with the "action" without having to
spend hours reading every story.  It sounded like the best way for me to
contribute to the "war effort."  As time has gone on, I've written a
story or two for each subsequent war but have never gotten into writing
war as eagerly as some of the other writers in my faction.  But my
limited writing muse has never prevented me from participating in or
enjoying an FK War. I think this is true for many of the Knighties.  We
have great/prolific writers and wish we had more but not wanting
to/having time to/or not being able to write never seemed to keep our
numbers down in Wartime.  Rather, the biggest factor to war participation
always seemed to be how much RL time one had to devote to war pursuits.

And I echo the sentiments of others who are enjoying these remembrances
of good times past!  Keep 'em coming! But now I must go back into



Date:    Fri, 11 Mar 2011 19:54:19 -0500
From:    Greer Watson <gwatson2@r.......>
Subject: Re: The History of the Perkulators (WAS: Re: Other Factions)

Originally posted by Anne Jensen <ajensen@w.......> Thu, 10 Mar 2011
14:38:12 -0800:

> (Greer, if you want to use any of this for the FK Wiki, let me know, and
> I'll try to re-edit it into a more coherent version.)

Oh, I'll be using it in the Wiki, never you fear!  Also in the paper (which
I have to write this weekend, since I'm heading to the conference on
Wednesday).  This is *invaluable* background; and I have every intention of
using the evolution of the Perks/DP as an example of factions shifting over
time.  But it's *definitely* also going in the Wiki.  So if you want to give
me a more coherent version to make a nice blockquote, just stick it in an
e-mail.  Or post it yourself. <g>

> Later on, Mary, the DP Godmother, joined the list and introduced her
> "dark" take
> on Tracy, and I was as intrigued by the "dark" take as I was by the
> "normal" one.

I remember thinking, as I wrote my last post in War 13, that I'd had Captain
Reese make a joking reference to the Knighties as "that bunch of middle-aged
sorority sisters camping out at Knight's" (or words to that effect); but
that the Perks/DP weren't a sorority reunion:  they were the actual
sorority.  Hence the pink.  And the fluffy.  And the bunnies.  However, how
much of that is Perks and how much is Dark Perks is *just* the sort of thing
I have trouble picking apart!

> Because of when I'd started watching regularly, I naturally felt a closer
> connection to Tracy and Vachon than to Schanke,

I totally get this.  I'd started watching during Season Two; but, what with
CTV dropping the show early in the season, and not realizing at first there
was a Buffalo station that had it, I missed a lot.  Season Three I saw in
its entirety, in order.  So I'd liked Schanke; but I *loved* the new
characters.  So much potential....

> I technically still have my Perkulator homepage up, though it hasn't been
> updated in almost 10 years.

I've seen it, along with various DP pages.




Date:    Sat, 12 Mar 2011 05:33:27 -0500
From:    Greer Watson <gwatson2@r.......>
Subject: Yet more musing on factions:  Mixed pickles....

This post is going to sweep up a lot of little questions about smaller

1.  From what people have said (not to mention my own common sense), I
always figured that the reason the factions for the three captains amounted
to very little was the fact that they weren't exactly the most thrilling
characters in the series.
        When the wars started, Stonetree was captain.  But there were only a
handful of factions, and those were for the popular characters.
        By the time factions started to multiply, and small secondary
factions were proposed for supporting/guest characters, Cohen was captain.
Thus the Cohen-heads.  Not to mention the Mikies, and Myras, and Graces.
Off the top of my head, I don't know if any of those factions took a serious
part in the wars.  Did any of them have loops/lists/Yahoo!Groups?  I don't
recall coming across any websites.
        Anyway, after that--in the spirit of completism--assorted faction
names were proposed for Stonetree.  Of course, he wasn't on the show any
more; so nothing seems to have gelled.
        In Season Three, Reese was captain.  I know his faction was called
the Reese's Pieces; but did anything really come of it?  My impression is
not.  In fact, my impression is that the Cohen-heads were the most *real*
faction of the three--which is curious when you consider that, of the three
captains, she was probably the one people liked least.

2.  Back in War Two, there was mention of a person sending a letter claiming
affiliation with Alma.  She did, actually, have more of a role in that war
than in most.  Anyway, at one point, the name "AlmaDen" was mentioned for
her faction.
        Was there ever really any mention of a proposed faction for Alma on
FORKNI-L around that time?  (Obviously, I'm asking those who were around
back then...who have looooooong memories.)

3.  When the Season 3 characters were added to the mix, there were a lot of
possible names put forward for factions for Tracy, Vachon, Tracy&Vachon, and
Nick/Vachon.  Of course, the Perks (or DP) and Vaqueras are with us today.
(The other suggested names for their factions have long since been
        The T&V Pack never came to much.  There is a Yahoo!Group that was
sporadically active until 2006; and, at one time, there was a website called
"Good Girl/Bad Boy".   It disappeared long ago.  Admittedly, I am curious to
know if any of the missing stories from the site still survive, maybe on
someone's hard drive or archived elsewhere--but that's another question.
        My impression is that "Heartbreakers" is the most usual name for a
Nick/Vachon faction; and there is certainly some fic of that persuasion in
the JADFE archive.  There is also some Nick/Vachon/LaCroix fic; but I don't
think there was ever a faction name proposed for that particular
        There was also once a website called "The Night Haven's Site" (at
http://www.burble.com/jane/haven.htm).  Now, the Night Haven was another
name proposed for the Nick/Vachon faction.  Was it a faction site?  Or is
the name just coincidence?  Does anyone remember?

4.  Who were the Fang Gang?

5.  Ditto on the Forever Knight Fanatics.  (Who once had a Castle.)

6.  I've come across such names as the NatVampCamp, Mad Natties, and Dark
Natties for fans who feel Natalie should be brought across.  Are these just
joking names for Dark NatPackers, or did any of them really exist?

7.  Were the Disciples of Divia and the Diviants different factions for the
same character?  They certainly each had a website.

Is this all?  Surely not.

No, I'll come back with more musings (not to mention questions).  There are
still a lot of factions that need their wiki articles fattened up.




End of FORKNI-L Digest - 11 Mar 2011 to 12 Mar 2011 (#2011-33)

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