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Digest - 16 Oct 2010 to 17 Oct 2010 (#2010-198)

Sun, 17 Oct 2010

There are 6 messages totalling 256 lines in this issue.

Topics of the day:

  1. WAR: NNPack Summary - Sat Oct 16
  2. WAR:    ***special announcement - war end****
  3. WAR: KNIGHTIES: Summary for Oct. 16
  4. WAR: KNIGHTIES: Summary for Oct. 17
  5. Knightie husband in the hospital
  6. story search


Date:    Sat, 16 Oct 2010 23:32:29 +0000
From:    Susan Bennett <nnpacker@h.......>
Subject: WAR: NNPack Summary - Sat Oct 16

NNPack Summary - October 16

Drifting Away
Time: Saturday Oct. 16 - Morning
. . . . . .

Kelly says her goodbyes to her friend Judy as she missed the memorial service in
the last war.  The Pack meets in the Kitchen where Nitenurse gives everyone a
package of brownies to take home. The Pack hopes that it's not another long six
years before they meet again, and reflects on the experience of getting back
together and interacting with other factions. The Nick&Nat photos on the walls
have all been replaced. Some are going shopping before heading home, some are
going to see if they can attend the Vaqs’ Boo Party, some are planning to go to
the M.E.T. with the Die-Hards.

. . . . . .

. . . . . .

Susan B.


Date:    Sun, 17 Oct 2010 02:33:49 GMT
From:    "wm13@j......." <wm13@j.......>
Subject: WAR:    ***special announcement - war end****

 Due to several requests for permission to extend the time allowed for last
minute posting. The official end of WAR 13 has been extended to Noon Sunday Oct
17 for wrap up posts ONLY.  No new storylines are permitted to start after the
Midnight deadline tonight.

FK War 13 WM


Date:    Sat, 16 Oct 2010 20:56:13 -0700
From:    NAT <nat1228@c.......>
Subject: WAR: KNIGHTIES: Summary for Oct. 16

Summary for Oct. 16:

1) Title: Of Rats and Pirates
Author: Knighties Nat and Katrinka and Brooksie
Faction: Knighties
Date: Thursday, Oct. 14
Time: evening, right after "I Have a Cunning Plan" (2/2)

The Knighties are dismayed when they find that the only thing on TV
is an overly loud movie, 'Captain Ron,' arguably the worst pirate
movie ever made. For the majority of the Knighties, the movie is
torture. Eowyn, however, likes the movie and Katrinka isn't bothered
by it since she has a son who cussed loudly at video games and
listened to 'screamo' music. The principal at her school wasn't much
better, so Kat was rather immune to the noise.

Nat pulls the plug on the TV and she, along with Sandra, goes
upstairs to check the surveillance tapes. They find Libby and Screed
mugging for the camera and bring the evidence back downstairs for the
rest of the Knighties to see.

2) Title: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
By Knightie Katrinka
Date: Thursday, Oct. 14
Time: Soon after Of Rats and Pirates

Katrinka comes up with a plan to counterattack the RatPack. She calls
her friend at the Chicken Liberation Front and explains that she has
some pictures of the RatPack that she wants made into posters and
plastered all over town. Once that is set up, she decides the TV
needs to be fixed. She remembered a backpack she had found once while
cleaning, labeled 'property of Ace, touch and die.' Inside was a rope
ladder and a tool belt, perfect for fixing the wiring on the outside
of the loft. Enlisting Gemsong's help, Katrinka makes the repairs.

3) Title: Lost and Found
Author: Knightie Nat
Faction: Knighties
Date: Friday, Oct. 15
Time: morning; after "Of Rats and Pirates" (and "Dirty Deeds Done Cheap")

Knightie Nat decides that after the previous night, she wants to go
check all the surveillance tapes and change them out for new ones.
But this time, it's hard to open the door to the loft's roof because
it has been blocked by a huge pile of the Knightie's returned
clothes. She calls the other Knighties, who all sort out their own
things. Sandra suspects the clothes were returned by the Fanfic Fairies.

4) Title: The DPQ Without a KLEW
Author: Eowyn
Time: Late Monday night Oct. 11 into Tuesday morning Oct. 12
This story is Backdated!

Dread Pirate Queen Eowyn found herself wandering the streets of
Toronto. She walked into a bar for a drink, but the bartender threw
her out. Back on the street, she ran into Nick, who whammied her and
told her that she was a Knightie, not a pirate queen. He took her
back to the loft and put her in his bed, then he went back to work.
Eowyn awoke the next morning with the Knighties surrounding her,
asking questions about where she'd been. She tried to tempt them with
the Post-It notes, but they were telling her to get out of Nick's
bed. They all heard the noise of the elevator and went running
downstairs to greet Nick, who was coming home from work. He was
pleased the others had found Eowyn, and told the Knighties "Good-Knight."

5) Title: A Present From Nick
Authors: Knighties Katrinka, Gemsong, Eowyn, and Nat
Time: Very early the last day of the war

With the war nearly over, the Knighties were sitting around
daydreaming about things they wanted, but could not afford. For
Eowyn, it was a new horse trailer; Nat wanted an iPad; Gemsong wished
for a painting by Wyland; Katrinka wanted La Creuset ceramic cast
iron ware and for Rani, and end to the breed specific laws in Toronto
and a nice, juicy bone. Nick was eavesdropping on the Knighties and
decided he would do something nice for all of them by fulfilling
their dreams. He would have their gifts sent to their homes where
they would find them when they got there; but for the dogs in the
loft, he had meaty bones ready, since animals don't understand about
having to wait.

6) Title: The Roaring 20's Ain't Got Nuthin' on the Knighties
Author: Knightie Nat, UFfer Laurey
Faction: Knighties and UF
Date: Saturday, Oct. 16, evening; during "UF: This Party is the Bee's
Knee's!" and the main UF party post.

The Knighties, with the exception of Nat, go to the UFfer's party at
the Bee's Knees speakeasy. They find that they need a password to get
in. After finally gaining entrance, they take their seats and get
drinks. Soon after arriving, Katrinka chooses to go back to the loft
and help her friend clean up. Then, after a dismal attempt at
entertainment by UFfer Susan, the Knighties go up on stage and sing
karaoke for the audience. Afterward, Sandra gets a brief dance with
LaCroix. The party included a lovely toast to Susan Garrett, for whom
the war was dedicated.

7) Title: And All Good Things...
Author: Knighties Nat and Brooksie
Faction: Knighties
Date: Oct. 16, Saturday; late, after the UF party

The Knighties come home from the party, exhausted. Nat and Katrinka
have cleaned the loft to a spotless shine. They reminisce about the
fun they had in the war, and wonder if they'll get to see Nick before
they leave. Nick comes in, to the delight of the Knighties. Brooksie
presents him with a gift: black socks embroidered with "Knighties
Rule." Soon after, the obligatory "puppy pile" occurs. Nick tells
everyone good-bye as the happy, but tearful, Knighties prepare to leave.

After the loft is empty, Nick looks around and sighs. He enjoyed
having the Knighties around again, but it was also nice to have the
place back to himself. He prepared to leave for work, but just as he
was entering the elevator, his vampiric hearing caught the faint
sound of an Annoy-a-Tron chirping.




Date:    Sun, 17 Oct 2010 09:38:59 -0700
From:    NAT <nat1228@c.......>
Subject: WAR: KNIGHTIES: Summary for Oct. 17

Summary for Oct. 17:

1) Title: Pink Jello Windows
Author: Knightie Katrinka
Time: Right after: Looking At the World Through Pink
Jello Glasses, BUT before any of the Knighties departure

The Dark Perks attacked the loft at the very end of the war by
leaving pink jello on the windows, along with a plate of brownies and
some lemon juice to clean the windows. The Knighties were
understandably upset at this last minute retaliation, but decided
they couldn't leave the windows dirty, since the jello would attract
flies. A check of the surveillance tapes confirmed the attack was
done by the DPs. All the Knighties pitched in to clean the windows.
Since attacks can't be ignored, even last minute ones, Mindy arranged
for a box of Rene's best chocolate chip cookies (NOT the exploding
kind, nor with anything spicy -- just regular cookies) to be
delivered to the DPs with a note that read: Thanks for all the fun in
the war. Hope to work with you even more next time! The Knighties.

2) Title: So Long And Thanks For All the Cookies
Author: Knightie Katrinka and Gemsong
Dedicated to: Gemsong, whose husband is in ICU at this moment
Time: After everyone leaves Toronto

Nick comes home from work to an empty loft. The Knighties have left,
and he's missing having them around. As he reminisces about what the
Knighties taught him during this war, he finds five toys waiting for
him on his couch: a Chihuahua wearing a service dog vest, a stuffed
one-eyed brindled puppy, a pirate doll wearing her best pirate
clothes, a stuffed Pooh bear wearing a red fez, bow tie and
suspenders, and lastly, a pink bunny. There was a card on the couch
that read: "Thanks for letting us back in the kitchen! Love the
exploding cookie Knighties!"


Date:    Sun, 17 Oct 2010 11:51:54 -0700
From:    katrinka <katrinka@f.......>
Subject: Knightie husband in the hospital

I made a mistake in the dedication of  my story today. I dedicated it to the
wrong person. Gemsong's husband is in ICU not Eowyn's.
I hope that he'll have a quick recovery.
Please everyone think good thoughts for him.


Date:    Sun, 17 Oct 2010 16:50:05 -0400
From:    Laura Davies <bratling2@g.......>
Subject: story search

Okay, I think there were at least two stores in this.  It was once again,
about searching for a cure, and an OC child vampire was one of the main
players.  They tracked down a copy of the Abbarat and tried the 'cure' that
was written in it.  Does anyone know what this was?  I had the site it was
on bookmarked once, but I'm guessing it was one of the now defunct ones.


End of FORKNI-L Digest - 16 Oct 2010 to 17 Oct 2010 (#2010-198)

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