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Digest - 14 Oct 2010 to 15 Oct 2010 (#2010-196)

Fri, 15 Oct 2010

There are 2 messages totalling 92 lines in this issue.

Topics of the day:

  1. WAR:  Knighties Summary - Oct 14
  2. War: The 1st Canadian Turkey Airbourne


Date:    Fri, 15 Oct 2010 02:33:11 -0400
From:    Brooksie <a11ebrook@a.......>
Subject: WAR:  Knighties Summary - Oct 14

War: Knighties: "A Pirate's Life for Me, part deux"
Author: Eowyn
Faction: Knighties
Date: Sunday
Time: immediately following "A Pirate's Life for Me" and Monday morning

The Dread Pirate Queen Eowyn walked out of the Knight's Guild Costume Shoppe
now properly attired in pirate wear.  She felt complete!  Upon returning to
the Loft, however, her presence was unnoticed.  After a dull 24 hours, the
DPQ left and walked the streets of Toronto until she was once again in front
of the Costume Shoppe.

Title: "The Cursed Nightshade"
By Katrinka
Faction: Knighties
Date: October 14
Time: About 2 or so in the morning

Katrinka was having problems sleeping ever since she got to Toronto.  She
was having vivid dreams and the one about the being a bunny transferred over
into her waking hours.  When Nick came over to talk to her and realized that
she wasn't very awake he asked her to explain.  She told him about finding a
nightshade to cover her eyes from his bookshelf.  Nick became alarmed and
told her that the nightshade was cursed by a dream lord and an old friend,
Dr. John Smith, had asked Nick to keep it safe.  Nick took the nightshade
from Kat and put it in his wall safe.  The Kat told him that she had gotten
an associates degree at Culinary Arts School (that she had attended between

Title: "The Curse Is Broken"
Author: Katrinka, edited by Nat
Faction: Knighties
Date: October 14th
Time: early in the morning sometime after "The Cursed Nightshade"

When Katrinka awoke, refreshed for the first time in this war, she didn't
have her bunny ears any more.  Gemsong also discovered her bear ears were
gone, and Eowyn awoke not thinking she was the DPQ.  Katrinka was cooking in
the kitchen but Gemsong became alarmed and went to fetch co-leader Nat.
Puzzled by the picture of Kat cooking while Nick looked on with approval,
the story of Kat's attending cooking school came out.  She also confessed
that she had made the confections that the Knighties had so enjoyed the day


Date:    Fri, 15 Oct 2010 12:54:45 -0400
From:    L McDavid <mclisa1014@GMAIL.COM>
Subject: War: The 1st Canadian Turkey Airbourne

Lest anyone think my bringing the The 1st Canadian Turkey Airbourne to
Thanksgiving at the Die-Hards impugns the Canadian military, I thought I'd

Many years ago on the old Vampyres@guvm list, my now-deceased Canadian
friend Anne Fraser livened up an American Thanksgiving when most
list-members in the U.S. were offline.  She started a thread in which undead
Canadian turkies made an aerial raid on the U.S. to rescue or avenge their
American comrades. This became a tradition until Anne discontinued it in the
wake of  9/11.

Shortly after the first undead turkey mission, I saw an incredibly
goofy-looking stuffed plush turkey which gobbled when squeezed. I sent it to
Anne for Christmas, noting on the tag that it was from the 1st Canadian
Turkey Airbourne  (yeah, I spelled it wrong. <g>). Thereafter, I've been
told, when she went to Thanksgiving dinner with friends in Toronto, she used
to take  the bird with her.

After her passing two years ago, it was returned to me and now sits on a
shelf above my computer.

RIP, Anne.

McLisa (Lisa McDavid)
"That will be trouble."
listowner, Forkni-l & Fkfic-l


End of FORKNI-L Digest - 14 Oct 2010 to 15 Oct 2010 (#2010-196)

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