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Digest - 12 Oct 2010 to 13 Oct 2010 (#2010-194)

Wed, 13 Oct 2010

There are 7 messages totalling 322 lines in this issue.

Topics of the day:

  1. WAR: NNPack Summary - Sunday October 10
  2. WAR: As there are no Ravenettes playing...
  3. WAR: Die-Hards: Summary for October 7th
  4. war: An appology
  5. War: Diehards: Helping the Fashion Victim and Looking for Clothes
  6. WAR:  Knighties Ssummary - Oct 11
  7. WAR:  Knighties summary - Oct 12


Date:    Tue, 12 Oct 2010 21:00:27 +0000
From:    Susan Bennett <nnpacker@h.......>
Subject: WAR: NNPack Summary - Sunday October 10

NNPack Summary - October 10

Revelations  (1/1)
Sunday October 10th - Pre-Dawn

The N&Ners who attended Oktoberfest return reeking of beer and suffering aches
and pains from the barfight. As they enter the back door of the theatre,
Nitenurse comes screaming that her clothes are missing. Soulseeker appears,
consoles Nitenurse, and tells her to go to down to the costume room and find
some clothes. The other N&Ners inform Soul that the Knighties actually were
behind the Pizza attack. Soul faints. Paula rushes to help her, but she almost
falls on Soul. They all start screaming for Nitenurse who emerges from the
basement. Nitenurse is also screaming because all the clothes have disappeared
from the costume room. Soul revives on her own, in disbelief that the Knighties
attacked the NNPack. Mel tells her that the Knighties attacked all the Factions
which could have been an accident. Kelly wonders why the Knighties didn't warn
the NNP, or even own up to it afterwards. Casey thinks the NNP now faces the
wrath of the Cousins because of what the Knighties did.

Sunday Afternoon Chores (1/1)
Sunday October 10th - Mid-Afternoon

The N&Ners are hanging out in the auditorium eating popcorn and watching N&N
eps. Soulseeker arrives, discouraged by their disinterest in solving the missing
clothes problem. She advises them that out of little problems, big problems can
grow. Michelle volunteers to visit the DP/Perks at the Perfect Bean, but refuses
to go to the creepy Mansion. Knightrose volunteers to wear a Raven T-shirt and
hang out around the Raven as Soul believes Janette would be concerned about
missing clothes. Nitenurse suggests that Nick and most other vampires have money
- they could just buy new clothes and donate whatever they're wearing to the
homeless.  This reminds Soul of the pile of stuff in the bus and she sends Mel
and Casey to clean it out. She sends Paula out for what they need to get the bus
running, and Laila to forge a current license sticker. Mel & Casey return and
advise Soul that all the old clothing is gone from the bus, all that's left are
empty chip bags and coffee cups, and the NNP fanfic is scattered about the
floor. Mel complains that a story she hadn't finished in the last War is


Date:    Tue, 12 Oct 2010 16:45:28 -0700
From:    Kristen Fife <fenix23fyre@y.......>
Subject: WAR: As there are no Ravenettes playing...

Not in any of the posts I have...anyone want to forward me something to the
 Kristen Fife
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From: "g4akl@c......." <g4akl@c.......>
To: FORKNI-L@l.......
Sent: Fri, October 8, 2010 4:30:58 AM
Subject: Re: WAR: As there are no Ravenettes playing...

I think Chandra already said she was going to handle Jeanette???

At 07:34 PM 10/7/2010, you wrote:
>I claim Janette and her now disappeared wardrobe... and her temper :)
>  Kristen Fife
>Find me on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter (employeeze) and Plaxo


Date:    Wed, 13 Oct 2010 01:05:39 -0400
From:    Greer Watson <gwatson2@r.......>
Subject: WAR: Die-Hards: Summary for October 7th

WAR: Die-Hards: Summary for October 7th

Title: Playing War Seriously
Author: Greer Watson
Time: from the evening of October 6th to the evening of October 7th

Greer explains that her mother is going to be going off to a
conference on Friday, so she'll be able to spend more time at the
HQ.  She finds that her sister wants her to beta a story she has
just written in another fandom they share.  She does this the
following morning.  Then she has to go shopping for condolence
cards.  She returns home to a phone call from Feliks Twist, who--
like all the other characters--has just lost his clothes.  He wants
her to go to the Raven to pick up a case of bottled blood for him.
It is therefore well into the afternoon before Greer gets to Die-
Hard HQ.  Don has spent the day checking the IDs for all the
workmen putting in the new security systems.  Chanda and Teresa
have not been around at all.

Title: To the Raven
Author: Chanda Keith
Time: October 7th, wee hours

Chanda is woken up by a call from Janette, who has lost all her
clothes.  She and Teresa rush over to the Raven, appalled.  They
discuss who might be responsible, and decide that the Knighties and
NNPack are the likeliest culprits.  Chanda tells Janette that she
will investigate.

Title:  CSI: Caddy
Author: Chanda Keith
Time: October 7th, morning

Chanda has a ploy to get past the Knighties to see if they used the
Caddy as a getaway vehicle.  She calls the local mental home, and
tells them that Knightie Katrinka is an escaped patient.  Then she
sends in her cat, Pinky, who hates rabbits, to flush her out.
Katrinka, with her dream-cursed bunny ears, rushes out into the
street, where she is nabbed.  The other Knighties rush out to
rescue her; and Chanda is able to search the Caddy, where she finds
some black strands of material.

Title:  CSI: Phase Two and a Feline Fashion Victim
Author: Chanda Keith
Time: October 7th, morning

Chanda goes to the NNPack Farmer's Market, and realizes that things
are so chaotic that she can look in their bus without anyone
suspecting her.  However, although she sees some strands of black
material inside, she dares not go in the bus to check them out.
She does, however, manage to hoick out a romantic NNPack story
someone has left on the seat.  Returning to her car, she finds
Natalie's cat, Sydney there.


Date:    Wed, 13 Oct 2010 06:34:56 -0700
From:    katrinka@f.......
Subject: war: An appology

I want to publically appolgize for something I did on the fkfic-l list.

I have insulted one of  my favorite factions on the fkfic-l. This is the

sorry to cause confusion myself. I was meaning to forward a post to my factions
co leader.

your right, I did comit mayhem on the Vaquera's car, and of course in the story
I better pay!

your story is really good.

I am sorry to insult the Vaq's. it's my favorite faction besides Nicks.


Date:    Wed, 13 Oct 2010 10:17:09 -0400
From:    chanda <ckeith@u.......>
Subject: War: Diehards: Helping the Fashion Victim and Looking for Clothes

Time: October 7th and just after midnight October 8th
Place: The Raven, Nick and Natpackers Bus, Diehard Headquarters

    "What have they done to that cat?"  Janette demanded as Chanda came in,
carrying the feline fashion victim in question, with her own cats right behind
her.    "Put him there."  she motioned towards the bar, and as soon as Sydney
had been put down, she tugged the collar off and tossed it to Alma.  "Take this
somewhere and burn it, quickly!"
    "Appalling, just appalling."  Janette murmured as she circled Sydney.  "The
quality of Natalie's followers has always been a bit poor, but for her to sink
so low as to put something like that on a cat....  Thank goodness my designers
are always on call for emergencies like this.  Did you find my clothes?"
    "Not yet, but I did find suspicious threads in the Caddy and on the Nick and
Natpackers' bus.  I'm going to go back over there in a little while.  Sooner or
later, Natalie's going to call them out to help her look for Sydney.  When
they're gone, I can search for more evidence.  I thought I would set up some
traps over here, while I'm waiting for Natalie to notice her cat's gone."
    "Dressed like that, I'm surprised he didn't run away from home sooner."
Janette muttered.  "What sort of traps are these, now?  Good ones, I trust."
She had no desire to be robbed for a second time, like LaCroix had been, or at
least like he was claiming he had been.
    "Official Fred Jones Forty Years of Trapping Friends and Enemies Traps.  I
got the spring loaded ironing board, designed to shoot the victim into  the air
and through the window of the nearest spooky radio station.  Then there's the
super charged washing machine.  It goes off, and won't stop until the victim is
halfway to Alaska.  I got the catapult too.  They were out of clown costumes and
they still don't have the cow in, so I had to go with a chicken suit.  Think
that's okay?"
    "And these things work?"  Janette asked.
    "They always seem to catch the guy in the monster mask, anyway.  They ought
to catch a clothing thief.  I'll go get them and start setting them up."
    When Chanda came back in, dragging the first some assembly required box of
traps, Janette was waiting, and waving a stack of papers, her nose turned up as
if she smelt something awful.  "What are you doing with this.... this...."  She
stopped, at a loss for a word to appropriately describe the horror that was the
Nick and Nat story.
    "I ought to have asked Alma to have burned that with that awful excuse for a
collar."  Chanda said.  "I spotted it on the Nick and Natpackers' bus and took
it.  Reading and writing that, it's a wonder that their brains aren't complete
mush.  I had to save them from themselves."
    "Was there more of this?"  Janette drug a lighter out from behind the bar,
and dropped the story into a trash can before setting it aflame.
    "Probably.  If I find more, believe me, I'll dispose of it when I go looking
for evidence connected to the clothing theft."  Chanda said.
    "See that you do."  Janette shuddered as the paper finally crumpled into
ashes.  "Someone has to make a stand for good taste in these wars, but with how
my faction has dwindled so...."
    "There are still some of us around, though, and maybe next war, we'll be
able to get enough to play as a faction again.  Although...."  Chanda frowned as
she thought of her bears.  Who knows how many of them there would be by next
war.  Was the Raven big enough to hold them all?  "Why don't you come over to
the museum for the Thanksgiving Greer's fixing up?  I'd love to get some people
together to have something for Susan.  I still can't quite believe she's gone.
It was an inspiration, knowing a fan fiction writer that made good, you know?"
    "Thanksgiving?  But...."
    "There will be another vampire there."  Chanda said.  "Anyway, there's
plenty of time to decide.  Or if you don't want to do something then, we can get
together later to do something for Susan.  I'll just get back to work on the
traps, and then see about scouting out the Nick and Natpackers.  If they had
something to do with your disappearing clothes, there has to be evidence

    It was late by the time that the Nick and Natpackers scattered, leaving the
their territory unprotected.  Chanda grinned as she slipped aboard the bus.
With how they were calling Sydney's name, and looking in every corner as they
scampered off, for some sign of the cat, she was sure that they would be gone
for more than enough time for her to conduct a search.
    No clothes in obvious places, and the heaps that she had seen from the
window earlier were obviously Nick and Natpacker property from the stunning lack
of taste involved.  She carefully picked her way through, only stopping to
gather up any and all Nick and Natpack fan fiction that she found, replacing it
with decent, classic, fan fiction by Susan Garrett and one of her favorite Nick
and Janette stories, Cri du Coeur, by one of the first Immortal Beloveds.
    Nothing anywhere, any any of the Nick and Natpack's territory.  Chanda
frowned again as she got back into the van, and started it.  She still had to
pick up the cats back at the Raven, and then head back to Diehard headquarters
to analyze those threads she had found.  There had been more of them inside the
bus.  If she could prove they were velvet and silk, the Nick and Natpack would
shoot to the top of her suspect list, but if they were the clothing thieves,
where could they have hid Janette's clothes?

    "Chanda, what have you done?"  Don demanded when he spotted her coming in
with Sydney and the other cats, and lagging a bag of some sort.  "You kidnapped
Natalie's cat?  What were you thinking?!"
    "I did not kidnap him.  He ran away, and who could blame him with the collar
that some insane soul had poked on him,  I am a Ravenette, you know.  Of course
I took pity on the poor fashion victim and took him in.  Janette even paid for
an emergency make-over for him."  Chanda smiled at the new collar Sydney was
sporting, a sleek black one, with green a blue stones that brought out the color
of his fur and eyes.  "He looks much better now.  Natalie ought to be grateful I
helped her out, by taking Sydney to see Janette.  If someone from whatever
humane society Toronto has had caught sight of that collar he was in, she would
be been in jail for animal cruelty before nightfall."
    "You are returning him, aren't you?"  Don asked, thinking that he might need
to do a bit more checking before letting people hang out at headquarters during
the next war.
    "Of course, first thing in the morning."  Chanda promised, holding the bag
with the fiction a bit tighter, so that Don wouldn't see what was inside.  If he
was taking her assisting a poor fashion victim so badly, she didn't want to
think of how he would take her disposing of all of the Nick and Natpack fiction
she could get her hands out.  "Anyway, do we have something here I could use to
analyze some threads?"
    "I think so, why?  What else have you done?"
    "I'm trying to help Mistress Janette find her clothes.  I think I'll take a
short nap first, though."  Chanda told him.  She could burn the horrible fiction
later, while she was doing the analysis.

    It seemed like her head had no more than hit the pillow when a clattering
sent her shooting out of bed again.
    "I knew those traps were dangerous!"  Don was saying as Chanda came out into
the hall.
    "What happened?"  Chanda asked and then let out a moan when she spotted the
overturned bucket of dye and Sydney, his front half normal, but his tail and
rear dripping with the bright green dye.
    "One of your traps got the cats.  And how are you going to explain this?
We'll be attacked for sure!"  Don said.
    "No, I took the cats into account when I set up the buckets.  They couldn't
knock it over."  Chanda replied before turning pale and racing for her room.  A
moment later she was back and fuming, her cell phone out.  "Mistress Janette?
The clothing thief struck again.  All of my stuff's gone, and somehow Sydney
ended up with his back half green.  Could I beg another emergency make-over and
fashion consultation?"


Date:    Wed, 13 Oct 2010 11:26:19 -0400
From:    Brooksie <a11ebrook@a.......>
Subject: WAR:  Knighties Ssummary - Oct 11

Title: "Saint Bunnies Day"
Author: Katrinka
Faction: Knighties
Time: After the DH post "CSI Caddy"

The Men in a White Van who came to take Katrinka, and her puppy, to a mental
hospital, were successfully dissuaded from their task, by the crusade of
Knighties who came to their co-leaders defense.  The presence of an on-air
reporter, and her cameraman, also helped.  Once safely inside the Loft,
Knightie Sandra showed a surveillance tape to the group in which Die-Hard
Chandra was clearly seen rummaging around in the Caddy's trunk.


Date:    Wed, 13 Oct 2010 11:39:56 -0400
From:    Brooksie <a11ebrook@a.......>
Subject: WAR:  Knighties summary - Oct 12

Title:  Musing and Losing
Author: Knightie Sandra
Faction: Knighties
Date: Monday, October 11, 2010
Time: 12:30 a.m. to mid-morning
Disclaimers: All Knighties used with permission.

Knightie Sandra was bummed that none of her artwork had sold online
recently.  As she sat in the quiet of the Loft, wondering about the events
in this War, Nick came home.  They had a quick conversation about the war,
and he assured her that he was glad she was there. Sandra pulled a blanker
over her and fell asleep on the couch.  Upon waking in the morning she
couldn't find any of her clothes.  Not wanting to wear her flannel nightgown
for the rest of the war, she borrowed a pink fleece sweatshirt and pants
from Katrinka.

Title: Turkey Day Up North
Author: Knightie Nat
Faction: Knighties
Date: Monday, Oct. 11
Time: Mid-morning through evening, 7 p.m.
Disclaimers: All participants used with permission.

Knighties Nat, Gemsong, Vickie, Erika, Lisa and Mari were excited to go to
the Die-Hard Thanksgiving celebration.  They spent the morning cooking. When
it was time to go, they loaded the Caddy with 2 pumpkin pies, 1 apple
cobbler, 1 large bowl of homemade cranberry sauce, 2 dozen of Rene's honey
buns, and 5 gallons of apple cider (with mulling spices), and arrived at the
Die Hards' Headquarters at 7 p.m. sharp.

Title: The Bunny and the Baby Sitter
By Knightie Katrinka
Faction: Knighties
Date: October 11
Time: After Turkey Day Up North

Katrinka and Sandra were the only ones left in the Loft after some Knighties
had gone to Thanksgiving dinner, and the rest had been taken to dinner and a
play by Nick.  Katrinka was bored.  She wanted to cook, but Sandra had
strict guidelines not to let Kat near the kitchen.  Then the alarm that
signaled the surveillance tapes needed changing went off.  Sandra went to
the roof to change them and Katrinka bared the door so she couldn't come
back into the Loft.

Title: Look I Can Cook Without Blowing Up Things
Author: Knightie Katrinka
Faction:  Knighties
Date:  October 11
Time: Right after "The Bunny and the Baby Sitter"

With Sandra barred from the Loft, Katrinka started cooking.  She made leek
soup and cupcakes and cookies (not the exploding kind).  Realizing none of
the Knighties would eat her cooking, she packed all the goodies into
left-over boxes from Rene's.  When she was done, she hid her tracks with
scented candles.

Title:  A Little Knight Musing
By: Knightie Gemsong
Faction: Knighties
Date: Oct 11 turning into Oct 12
Time: Just before midnight Oct 11 to early morning Oct 12
Disclaimers: All participants used with permission.

Gemsong's sleep cycle was erratic at best, due to her third shift nursing
schedule, but she did manage to fall asleep at the respectable hour before
midnight.  Yet, she awoke very early the next morning only to find that she
had lost her clothes.  Thinking that the surveillance cameras might have
caught something, she went up to the roof to check the Ham (radio) Shack.
There, she found Nick in the garden.  Comforted by his presence, she let out
her emotions regarding missing clothing, missing her family, being a bear,
and the fact it was her wedding anniversary.  Nick assured her that her
husband had not forgotten said anniversary, and presented her with a
beautiful bouquet of roses her hubby had wired to her.  After giving Nick a
bear hug in relief she went downstairs to go back to sleep.


End of FORKNI-L Digest - 12 Oct 2010 to 13 Oct 2010 (#2010-194)

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