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Digest - 5 Oct 2010 to 6 Oct 2010 (#2010-187)

Wed, 6 Oct 2010

There are 10 messages totalling 451 lines in this issue.

Topics of the day:

  1. WAR: Summary #2- NNPack - Oct.4
  2. WAR: NNPack Summary - October 5, 2010
  3. WAR: Die-Hards - The Enforcer arrives (finally!)
  4. WAR:  Cousins Summary 10/02/10
  5. WAR: Cousins Summary 10/03/10
  6. WAR: Cousins Summary 10/04/10
  7. WAR:  Knighties Summary for Oct 5
  8. War: 'Nother Question! (2)
  9. Admin: War: Please don't repost without checking with me


Date:    Wed, 6 Oct 2010 01:52:20 +0000
From:    Susan Bennett <nnpacker@h.......>
Subject: WAR: Summary #2- NNPack - Oct.4

A Visit with Natalie (1/1)
October 4, 2010 - Time: Afternoon to Evening
Soul reads a vampire romance novel most of the day while the rest of the Pack
goes shopping. Still thinking of ways to raise funds, she considers and discards
the idea of opening up a private Health Clinic and actually starts considering
the Nightcrawler's radio contest. She's interrupted by Susan who shows her the
Farmer's Market flyers she printed up, it’s to be held Thursday from 8:00 to
Noon on the sidewalk in front of the Theatre. The NNP shoppers return. After
dinner, the Pack descends on the Auditorium to watch The Princess Bride while
Laila and Paula head off to meet Natalie. Soul returns to her office to make a
phone call and discovers a voice mail message waiting. The message is from Die
Hard Don, informing her of his missing clothes. Laila and Paula arrive at
Natalie’s and she invites them in for tea. Natalie informs them that Nick had
called her about the Knighties visiting; but he said not to worry, it was only
an incident of missing socks or clothes. Laila and Paula realize the missing
sock problem isn’t confined to the NNPack.


Date:    Wed, 6 Oct 2010 02:04:44 +0000
From:    Susan Bennett <nnpacker@h.......>
Subject: WAR: NNPack Summary - October 5, 2010

Security Gets Stripped (1/1)
Tuesday Oct. 5- 8:00 AM
Kelly, in charge of security, wakes up to find all her clothes missing. She
panics about it, but Soul manages to calm her down. Soul worries that the Pack
will spend more time shopping than anything else this war. She thinks there is
nothing to look for and wonders where the klews are. She decides to enlist the
help of a professional, Don Schanke.

Of Socks and Souvlaki
Tues Oct. 5 - 8:00 PM
- - - - - -

Schanke arrives at the NNPack Theatre for a souvlaki dinner. Soul asks him if
he's heard anything about thefts of socks or clothing. Schanke replies that he’s
in homicide, but agrees to check around. He informs the Pack that the
Kitchener/Waterloo Oktoberfest starts Friday and that the Hall he and Myra plan
to visit is the Transylvania Club. Schanke follows the NNPack to the kitchen,
realizing that he hasn’t had good souvlaki since his favourite Deli closed down
a few years ago.


Date:    Tue, 5 Oct 2010 23:33:47 -0400
From:    questinc@a.......
Subject: WAR: Die-Hards - The Enforcer arrives (finally!)

DIE-HARDS - RON The Enforcer arrives (finally!)

As the Enforcer flew across the clear skies over Oklahoma his thoughts were on
the investigation he was working on with the Dallas ATF guys and on the
situation going on with his compadres in Toronto.  Things in Dallas were at an
impasse so cashing in the vacation days to go north was not too hard - but if
things broke the time in Toronto could be cut short.  Hopefully the mystery of
the clothing thief would be solved before the location of the Mexican drug
runners got found out.

Flying was the one vampire gift the Enforcer liked best - it gave him time
to think and he could usually get to places a lot faster flying himself
than riding in an airplane.  He had to navigate the way ancient sailors
did - using the stars to plot his course.  And flying several miles above
the earth at night the stars were a spectacular sight.  The moon was just
bright enough to make it possible for Ron to check the time on his time
on the pilot watch he had worn for years.  The long underwear he had on
under his clothes made the chill of the air at the altitude he was flying

He took a course that allowed for a slowing of speed and height over Niagra
Falls. He liked the Falls - they were pretty and all lit up at night.  He knew
the way to the Museum and hoped that the building had  roof access.  He passed
by the CN Tower careful to keep out of the view of the tourists he could see
looking out through the windows at the top. He sped off to the Museum and
landed on the roof.  A quick scan around and he found there was a roof
emergency exit which became the Enforcer's way into the building.

He listened for the sounds of human hearts and used that sound as a way to
track where the Die-Hards were in the building.  When he entered the room, he
dropped his knapsack and grinning broadly announced to a rather surprised Don,
Greer and company, "Honey. I'm home!"

ATF - police acronym for the department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms,
a very active unit in Texas right now.

I cross-posted to FKFIC-L and FORKNI-L.  I saw people posting to both sites and
wasn't sure which was preferred for the War.
If there is a preferred place for posting War posts please let me know and
I'll post my stuff there - thanks!
Dallas Texas
Where the horse is and always will be the ultimate "green machine" (although
electric cars are pretty cool!)


Date:    Wed, 6 Oct 2010 01:46:29 -0500
From:    Rebecca Hinson <rebeccahinson@c.......>
Subject: WAR:  Cousins Summary 10/02/10

Apologies on these being so late.  Hopefully that won't happen again.  :)

WAR:  Cousin Summaries
Saturday, 2nd October, 2010

"A Call to Arms" (parts 1 and 2)
Various Authors
Shortly after midnight
                Tok, after getting the ball rolling on providing new clothes
for Lacroix, calls the Cousins and informs them of the brewing War.
Arletta, Shelley, Tserisa and Zlatohrbitek, McLisa, Magneto, Rhonda, Marci,
Brandi, Becky, Roger, Jacie, and Bean are all contacted and on their way.

"From Little Daydreams, Big Post-Its Will Grow"
Authors:  Cousin Shelley, Bonnie, Arletta Asbury
After part 2 of "A Call to Arms"
                Bonnie is daydreaming while sitting at the reception desk in
the CERK lobby.  She knows Vachon's guitar is there in the corner, and is
dreaming about it.  Lacroix passes, on his way for a walk.  Tok emerges from
her office, eggshell Post It in hand, informing Bonnie that War is brewing.

"Cousin Marci's Arrival"
Authors:  Cousin Marci, Bonnie
Midmorning, after "From Little Daydreams, Big Post-Its Will Grow"
                Cousin Marci arrives at CERK, and receives her room key from
Bonnie.  After numerous trips back and forth from her vehicle to her room,
she decides to head to the Lobby to see what else is going on instead of

"Have Insanity, Will Travel"
Authors:  Cousin Shelley, Arletta
Morning and Afternoon
                Shelley and Arletta are driving to Toronto.  Shelley has not
gotten any more sane since the last War, and it's kind of obvious.  When
approaching the Canadian border, Arletta asks Shelley to remain silent.
When questioned about the amount of personal belongings in the car by the
border patrol, Shelley produces a Canadian birth certificate, which allows
them to enter the country relatively easily.  Upon arrival at CERK, Bonnie
greets them with the news that, by special request of Tok, they are
roommates for the duration of the War.

"Let Slip 1/3rd a Dog of War"
Author:  Cousin Tserisa
Early Evening, before "Pizza Gag"
                Tserisa and Zlatohrbitek arrive by plane in Toronto,
accompanied by the Cousinly Critters.  Cousine Moses escapes and terrorizes
a barista in a Buckstars, and in the cab, and.

"Pizza Gag"
Author:  Cousin Shelley
Early Evening
                Quite a few of the Cousins have assembled in the lobby,
looking for food.  At that point, a delivery man from a specialty pizza
place arrives with pizza for the group.  Bonnie recognizes the delivery guy,
Parnell, and he vouches for the reality of the pizzas and informs the
Cousins that the pizza comes courtesy of the Knighties.  The group think
that it's a sign of guilt for stealing Lacroix's clothing, and ignore their
misgivings because they're so ravenously hungry.  Under each slice of
pepperoni lurks a not so nice gift of a habanera pepper and a clove of
garlic.  To add insult to injury, the sauce has a liberal helping of Tabasco
sauce in it.  Roger and Brandi aren't bothered by the spiciness of the pizza
and assist their faction mates by giving them milk.  Upset by this attack,
the Cousins all begin shouting "Revenge on the Knighties!"


Date:    Wed, 6 Oct 2010 01:46:34 -0500
From:    Rebecca Hinson <rebeccahinson@c.......>
Subject: WAR: Cousins Summary 10/03/10

WAR:  Cousin Summaries
Sunday, 3rd October, 2010

"Socks, Socks.  Who's Got My Socks?"
Author:  Cousin Tok
                Tok is woken up early by her feline friends wanting
breakfast.  When she starts looking around for her clothing, she discovers
that all of her socks are missing.  She finds herself wondering if Lacroix's
new clothes had disappeared as well.  It was times like these that she found
herself glad she'd restocked the Cousinly Treasure Trove of Analgesics.

"Where oh Where has My Little Sock Gone?"
Authors:  Cousin Shelley, Arletta
                Shelley woke up unusually early, but cheerful and happy.
Arletta was not as cheerful or happy, and tried to get Shelley to go back to
sleep.  Wanting socks to cover her freezing feet, Shelley and Arletta make
the same discovery as Tok, and decide to get the Cousinly Receptionist to
get them new socks.  Bonnie deems the task unimportant, however.  She writes
a note on a Post It, and Shelley embellishes it.  Bonnie thinks Shelley is
on the other side of insane, so she simply writes another note to herself,
telling herself to invade Shelley's dreams, and make giant socks chase her

"Sock and Tired"
Author:  Cousin Tserisa
Morning, Concurrent with the previous two stories
                Despite Tserisa being late to bed, she still woke up early
due to the alarm clock.  After cleaning herself up, she decides to get
dressed, finding that her socks have all vanished.  She began flinging her
clothing out of her suitcase, trying to find the socks, with no luck.  When
she checked Zlato's suitcase for his socks, she found that his were gone
too.  Despite the discomfort, she pulled her shoes onto her sockless feet
and went downstairs to meet the incoming equines at the Cousinly Stable.

"Once More Unto the Breach, Dear Friends"
Author:  Cousin Becky
Late Afternoon
                Cousin Becky has finally managed to make the almost 24 hour
drive from Louisiana to Toronto.  The first thing she does is drop a bag of
socks on Bonnie's desk, wondering why people forgot to bring socks.  Bonnie
gives her her room key and asks if she was paying attention during the phone
call in which she explained that the socks had vanished.  McLisa appears,
and she and Becky start to walk back to her room when they pass the kitchen.
Roger is inside, eating some leftover pizza.  When Becky reaches for it, she's
informed of why there are leftovers in the first place.  She and McLisa go
to dinner together so that Becky can catch up on what she's missed since the
War started.  Despite being tired, there is still much to do, and Becky
doesn't manage to fall asleep until after midnight.

"General Tso Chicken To Go"
Author:  Cousin Shelley
Early Evening
                Rhonda has just seen chickens coming out of the Loft, and
has rushed back to CERK to let the rest of the Cousins know of the Mercs'
attack on the Knighties.  Becky and Marci sat in the war planning room at
CERK, creating a flier to advertise a fake cleaning service to the
Knighties.  If accepted, this would give the Cousins a way into the Loft to
enact their own retaliation.

"Got Milk?"
Author:  Cousin Shelley
Evening, after "General Tso Chicken to Go"
                Five Cousins (Roger, Becky, Brandi, Marci, and Rhonda)
dressed in white jumpsuits are waiting to invade the Loft.  Their cleaning
buckets held sand and other special ingredients.  They climb into a
specially rented van, and go to the Loft.  Once there, they insist to the
Knighties who have remained behind that they should go out for a while and
leave the Loft in their capable hands.  when they return, they won't
recognize the place!  Nothing could be further from the truth.

"Left Holding the Bag"
Author:  Bonnie
Very late evening
                The lobby was too quiet, so Bonnie decided to sort through
her Post Its.  Finding a Post It reminding her to pick up Tok's dry cleaning
(dated 3 weeks ago) prompts Bonnie to remember the socks that Cousin Becky
had brought to her when she arrived.  Cousin Magneto showed up at the desk,
looking for socks, and Bonnie made things very difficult for her, claiming
she had no socks.  After Magneto tricks Bonnie, snagging a pair of socks
from the bag, Bonnie decided to dole out the socks, one pair into each
Cousin's mail cubby.  Becky gets a white pair, specially hand colored with
the most eye-scorching yellow highlighter that Bonnie had on hand.


Date:    Wed, 6 Oct 2010 01:46:38 -0500
From:    Rebecca Hinson <rebeccahinson@c.......>
Subject: WAR: Cousins Summary 10/04/10

WAR:  Cousins Summaries
Monday, 4th October, 2010

"Can't Put My Finger on It"
Author:  Cousin Becky
7:45 AM
                Cousin Becky finds herself waking at 7:45 in the morning,
regardless of whether it's a vacation or not for her.   Attempting to get
dressed, she discovers that her clothing is missing.  Instead of wandering
out into the hallway in her pajamas, she grabs a length of material and some
safety pins and fashions a sari from garishly printed cotton batik.  Becky
goes out into the hallway and begins hollering for Cerberus' attention.

"'Sweetness' and Light"
Author:  Cousin Tok
8:45 AM (right after "Can't Put My Finger on It")
                Tok is woken by Cousin Becky's yelling, and she is not
pleased by the earliness of the hour.  She's even more irritated by the loss
of her clothing as well.  She's left with only what she slept in - a Chicago
Bears football jersey with the number 34 on it.

"A Little Retail Therapy is Good for the Soul"
Author:  Cousin Becky
Around 10:30 AM, after "'Sweetness' and Light"
                Cousin Becky has decided to go to the store to purchase new
clothes.  It may have been six years since the last War, but she remembers
going on a tour, and remembers how to get to the War-Mart and the craft
store.  She notices that the socks are almost sold out, as are shoes and
other undergarments - did this mean something?  Becky purchases a few pairs
of Halloween socks, undergarments, and a couple of pairs of jeans before
wandering over to the craft store, where she buys a little of everything
'just in case."

"A Fowl Mood"
Author:  Cousin Tserisa
                Tserisa is in front of CERK, trying to deal with the mob of
costumed people insisting that they were here for money.  One of them is
wearing a particularly nice silkie chicken costume, and Tser approaches the
person, complimenting them on their hard work.  Tser is handed a business
card for "Creative Creatures Costuming."Unable to get the crowd dispersed,
she asks Bonnie to "call the General."  As Lacroix is heading down to handle
the crowd, he encounters Shelley.  Shelley is extremely nervous and runs out
the back door of CERK - directly into the hands of the Knighties.  Lacroix,
meanwhile, cows the crowd into leaving the premises, although he is not
pleased with Tserisa calling him to deal with it.

"Knightie Knight"
Author:  Cousin Shelley
Immediately after "A Fowl Mood"
                After running through the doors, Shelley noticed that
several cars had been painted pink and now bore stickers.  The Knighties
realize that Shelley is the Cousin who is easily hypnotized, and decide to
take advantage of it.  They instruct Shelley to do whatever they say, and
then tell her that from now on, she was a Knightie.  Instead of feeling
evil, Shelley now feels downright helpful.

"Togless in Toronto"
Author: McLisa
Around 10:00 PM
                McLisa has gone off the deep end. err, solved the mystery of
the vanishing clothes!  She sneaks downstairs and filches some things from
the Cousinly Receptionist's desk.  Attempting to safeguard her wardrobe, she
has lined the perimeter of her room with alternating squares of silver and
gold paper held down by cheese cubes, rationalizing the cheese by saying it's
the Ratpackers stealing the clothing.  After that's done, she produces
Lacroix's Platinum American Express Card (that's what McLisa has snatched
from Bonnie's desk!), and proceeds to purchase many pairs of shoes as well
as a special item that is being shipped overnight to CERK.  After this, she
falls asleep.
12:28 PM the following day
                McLisa wakes up and finds that despite her best
preparations, her clothing is gone.  To improvise, she grabs a yellow and
green fringed sheet from her bed and fashions a toga from it, belting it
with a red and blue checked cummerbund.  Lacroix, upon laying eyes on her,
leaves with vampiric speed.


Date:    Wed, 6 Oct 2010 04:28:29 -0400
From:    Brooksie <a11ebrook@a.......>
Subject: WAR:  Knighties Summary for Oct 5

KNIGHTIE summary for October 5th

1) "In TO, the Loft" (1/1)
Author: Brooksie
Time: Mid-day, Oct 4th

The stragglers Brooksie and Mari finally get to the Loft.  Upon entering
they see the effects of what has happened in the war so far to the
Knighties.  The remnant smell of the Cousins attack of the milk paste cow,
the many War*Mart bags from the shopping trip to replace socks, Katrinka in
her bunny ears and Gem in her bear ears, a hypnotized Cousin Shelley playing
with Nick metal window shutters, and just the general chaos that the Loft
becomes when so many angsty Knighties gather during War-time.  Co-leader
Nat, et al, welcome the new arrivals with open arms, as it has been a busy
first few days for the Knighties and they can use the extra help and moral


Date:    Wed, 6 Oct 2010 10:32:56 -0400
From:    Naia Zifu <naia_zifu@b.......>
Subject: War: 'Nother Question!

  Do all the vamps' (and other charas', like Tracy's, Nat's, etc.)
clothes have to be stolen at some point as well, or only the faction
members'?  I know LaCroix's were, yeah, but what I mean is, is he the
only show chara that happens to, or does it happen to the others?

Naia Zifu<naia_zifu@b.......>
Too slack not to be a Vaq!


Date:    Wed, 6 Oct 2010 12:00:41 -0400
From:    Bonnie Rutledge <nunkies@l.......>
Subject: Re: War: 'Nother Question!

Of Course a Vaquera would ask that! <eg>

I think it was optional whether the other NPCs lost their clothing.

The Knighties have written Nick's socks as missing, but I can't remember if his
clothes have gone.


Bonnie Rutledge - nunkies@l.......
Find Me on Facebook - BonnieBew on Twitter

> Date: Wed, 6 Oct 2010 10:32:56 -0400
> From: naia_zifu@b.......
> Subject: War: 'Nother Question!
> To: FORKNI-L@l.......
> Do all the vamps' (and other charas', like Tracy's, Nat's, etc.)
> clothes have to be stolen at some point as well, or only the faction
> members'? I know LaCroix's were, yeah, but what I mean is, is he the
> only show chara that happens to, or does it happen to the others?
> --
> Naia Zifu
> Too slack not to be a Vaq!


Date:    Wed, 6 Oct 2010 12:15:56 -0400
From:    L McDavid <mclisa1014@g.......>
Subject: Admin: War: Please don't repost without checking with me

Because of the war, we have a much higher volume than normal. Also, we have
a rule that says reposts need permission from me. This is because a post you
think didn't go through or didn't have the right format may actually have
been ok. It's also possible that your copy is delayed somewhere on the net.

So, please don't repost without asking and telling me why you think you


McLisa (Lisa McDavid)
"That will be trouble."
listowner, Forkni-l & Fkfic-l


End of FORKNI-L Digest - 5 Oct 2010 to 6 Oct 2010 (#2010-187)

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