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Digest - 4 Jul 2009 to 5 Jul 2009 (#2009-117)

Sun, 5 Jul 2009

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Topics of the day:

  1. Episode Discussion: Black Buddha 2


Date:    Sun, 5 Jul 2009 16:47:45 +0000
From:    Ensio Ferum <eferum@h.......>
Subject: Re: Episode Discussion: Black Buddha 2

> One thing that always puzzled me about that scene was Vudu's apparent
> sudden determination to commit suicide.

That is true, he doesn't look desperate or anxious after his latest bomb
scheme was  revealed.
And the same goes for Inca, suddenly  he  decides  it is  time to go. Ok,
he  wants to save lives by bringing the bomb from ground,  but in so
desert looking place, could he just have thrown it somewhere.

>Nick didn't know anything about Vachon when he went after him in Black Bhudda.
Interesting points, that could explain those harsh words in church.  I have
the feeling  that  Vachon is treated  as a fledging in FK,  although he is
actually quite old (being from 1500-tale). Or at least that seems to be case
with fan fiction.

Urs: Where I live, our nicknames usually ends with vowel, so I never associated
this with Ursula or Ursa.  In Finland Ursula could have  been abbreviated as
Essi or something similar.  I have the feeling that Ursula as a name is more
common in Europe than in USA/Canada so that could hint of Urs having European
background.  Hm.. there seems to be many vampires in FK with immigrant
background :)
I have thought Urs quite a motherly type, so LaCroix's comment of her being
an earth-goddess is interesting.

Yours sincerely
Ensio Ferum


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