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Digest - 25 Jan 1996 - Special issue

25 Jan 1996

There are 25 messages totalling 1014 lines in this issue.

Topics in this special issue:

  1. NATPE Strike Force Update
  2. off the topic
  3. SOS Campaign: Neilsens under attack!
  4. Why not six? (2)
  5. Definition of Gaffer
  6. NATPE,EM Update! (2)
  7. Mystery vamp. (2)
  8. beta readers
  9. Last Houston Party Post
 10. Has anyone tried . . .
 11. The Name Game (2)
 12. Request for FK FAQ
 13. 640 hits today???
 14. Trio (2)
 15. NATPE REPORT (1/2) - We came, we saw, we kicked a little *elbow*! :-)
 16. NATPE REPORT - (2/2) - We came, we saw, we kicked a little *elbow*! :-)
 18. Electronic Media article on FK
 19. Gingerbread-whats?! and stu
 20. $$ Ideas and long shots


Date:    Thu, 25 Jan 1996 14:04:18 -0800
From:    LC Fenster <lucienlc@i.......>
Subject: NATPE Strike Force Update

Just spoke to Toni Holm, who kindly faxed me a copy of the EM article
(yes, it is FABULOUS - we couldn't have done better if we'd written it
ourselves, imo!).  Don't want to steal their thunder, since I
understand the Strike Force members are going to be posting their own
assessments later tonight, but THEY HAD A MEETING WITH TRISTAR last
night!  As a result of which, I think we now know where to focus our
continued efforts! :-)

Laurie Fenster
ye olde SOS FK coordinator


Date:    Thu, 25 Jan 1996 18:43:30 -0330
From:    Jason Ryan <ibe0018@i.......>
Subject: off the topic

        I know this is way off the topic, but i've seen the way some of
you guys/girls sign your name with cool little pictures, i'd like to know
how to draw them and make one for myself, thanks.



Date:    Thu, 25 Jan 1996 14:14:55 -0800
From:    Swordsister <catheboo@c.......>
Subject: Re: SOS Campaign: Neilsens under attack!

On Wed, 24 Jan 1996, LC Fenster wrote:

> attacking the November Neilsen ratings book in this weeks Electronic
> Media (yes, the one with our ad in it). AND, I've just been informed
> that one of the high honchos of FOX apparently lit into the Neilsens
> system at NATPE (text of that should be on the way).

Hmm, news to me, but then there were a lot of things that went zinging by
my head yesterday without slowing down...

But this reminded me of something I forgot to say in the huge NATPE
report.  While Dianne, Angela and I were walking around the booths, we
saw a bunch of computers sitting around.  And, having had to vent a
computer addiction on a poor laptop not on speaking terms with the rest
of the world, we were forced to stop and at least find out what the deal
was.  A nice shmoozer dude came and dithered about their cute little new
system, which "tracks tv shows over the internet."  If that sounds vague
and confusing, good.  That's what I thought.  I guess basically they have
computers which track what URLs get hits and how many, but I have no idea
what URLs they use (official distributor pages? all? do you have to
register for it?), or how they track them.  Sounded actually kind of
illegal to me, except they're undoubtedly much more knowledgeable than me
about that kind of thing.  But it makes me think you either have to
register, or they limit their watching to "official" pages (which will be
of exactly zero use, and totally inaccurate to the nth degree.  But then
it's Neilsen, this is par for the course.).
Anyway, we tried to get the guy to track FK for us, but he needed a
fairly complete list of sydies, which we didn't have on hand (just in the
computer in the hotel).  He said that if we came back with it, that he
could do an overnight search for us, but since we'd be leaving early
early in the morning, we couldn't do it. :(  Big bummer.  Another reason
to wish we'd been there two days.  Even though I would have died a very
ignoble death of flat feet if I had. :)

Catherine Boone                 catheboo@c.......
"Millions long for immortality who do not know what to do with
 themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon." - H. L. Mencken


Date:    Thu, 25 Jan 1996 17:42:46 EST
From:    Lisa McDavid <D020214@u.......>
Subject: Why not six?

If you go back and read the message again, you'll see that the nominations
are based on the *second* season, hence Deborah Duchene's nomination for
Curiouser and Curiouser. Lisa Ryder and Ben Bass couldn't have been
nominated because the third season isn't eligible for Geminis yet --
and they weren't in the second.

Cousin Lisa -- "That will be trouble."
Lisa McDavid


Date:    Thu, 25 Jan 1996 18:56:51 -0400
From:    "Leigh T. Johnston" <am496@c.......>
Subject: Definition of Gaffer

  I've been reading the posts for the past two days (300 messages in my
mailbox total) and I almost freaked when the question "What is a
Gaffer?"  came up.  Well, it just so happens that I am studying to be one
at Dalhousie University in Halifax,NS. A gaffer is the head electrician
(a.k.a. lighting designer) for a particular show or production company.
Maybe I'll apply for a job as part of the lighting crew of FK. Also, a
suggestion for interresting gifts for the lighting crew: cressent wrench
keychains, filter gels for mag lights (not practical but fun), or
electrical symbol pendants for the female members of the crew. These may
seem strange but I've seen them all and a few more fun things which I
can't remember at the moment.  Could someone tell me just what is a warm

Leigh Johntson
Can't decide whose sexier, LC or GWD.


Date:    Thu, 25 Jan 1996 14:59:23 -0800
From:    Swordsister <catheboo@c.......>
Subject: Re: NATPE,EM Update!

On Wed, 24 Jan 1996, Annmarie McKee-Fitzgerald wrote:

> on the back inside cover, I don't have the exact details on that.

Well, I'm looking at it right now, and now I find the Nielsen story!
Cool, never saw it before now, I was too distracted by the pic of Ger and
John on the page opposite.

Lesse if I can get the general gist here... the Fox Chairman is putting
on the warpaint against Neilsen... "one of our industry's real
failures"... "put quite simply, the service Nielsen is providing to you
as stations and us as a network is unprofessional and unacceptable."...
"I have instructed our counsel to pursue any legal recourse necessary
against Nielsen to get them to reform."... But when faced with
complaints, he said, Nielsen has responded with bureaucratic explanations
and excuses."  And of course Nielsen people start hooting that they're
not that bad, though they do admit that they're working on doing better.

Okay, enough off topic stuff.

> Andy Kaplan from TV Guide, I do not have the exact quotes so I have to

heh heh... Diane will post the whole thing, but the juicy part is "A
decision about next year hasn't been made..." Oh, here's the kicker.  And
I quote: "Who knows?  Maybe it will be around forever and maybe spawn a
"Forever Knight: The Next Generation," Mr. Kaplan (Andy Kaplan, Sr Exec
Vice Prez of Colombia TriStar Television) said."

Can you dig it, or what?

> them last night and now,they are using them as "gifts" to pass along to
> "whomever" Tri-Star?

Yep, we redistributed the flowers to Paul DaCruz, the way cool ad dude
with the broken camera (as he will be forever imprinted in my mind)
and... uh oh, name fry again.  Who was the other one?

'Kay, going away now.  Mail is still flowing.

Catherine Boone                 catheboo@c.......
"Millions long for immortality who do not know what to do with
 themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon." - H. L. Mencken


Date:    Thu, 25 Jan 1996 18:11:36 -0500
From:    k s gritten <kg244989@o.......>
Subject: Mystery vamp.

Does anybody know the name of the other vampire with
Screed and Vachon in Vachon's flashback during
MBisaV?  For some reason, I was under the impression
that his name was Bourbon, but when I checked the
known vampires list I couldn't find him.  Anyone?

If ever any beauty I did see,
Which I desir'd, and got,
t'was but a dreame of thee.


Date:    Thu, 25 Jan 1996 23:15:07 GMT
From:    Kyle Watkins <spyder_x@u.......>
Subject: Re: beta readers

I'd go for it.

- Kyle, the New Cousin (It seems only yesterday...)


Date:    Thu, 25 Jan 1996 17:31:32 -0600
From:    Sharon Joy <SJoy@u.......>
Subject: Last Houston Party Post

Sorry to do another list post.  Please forgive. But.....

Julie R. is driving in from San Antonio to come to the party on Sat. nite.
Anyone else who wants to drive with her, please contact me by email and we
can arrange it!  (She really wants another Cousin to come, but will gladly
give any try FK fan a ride  :) )

ObFKP:    Watched Fever again last night.  Woops.  Wrong list.
     Hmmm. Can't think of anything.....
     Nick.  Red Silk PJ's.   Vachon.   Is that Ok?  Hurray for NATPE people1


Date:    Thu, 25 Jan 1996 18:32:28 -0500
From:    Stephania Hyde <Step68@a.......>
Subject: Has anyone tried . . .

I had a thought and wanted to run it past y'all before I did anything about
it.  (yes, I am from Alabama)
Has anyone contacted USA Today (or any other national publication, for that
matter) about writing an article on the campaign to save Forever Knight?  I'm
amazed at all that is being done to save the show, and think it would make
for a very interesting article.  However, being the greenest of newbies, I
didn't want to just jump in and e-mail them without getting some input first.
Does anyone know of a reason this would be a bad idea (such as it's already
been tried, it might p*ss somebody off, etc.)?  Also, is there a veteran (not
necessarily a Vetter-an) out there who would be willing to have me list them
as a person to contact for information should USA Today decide to write an
article?  I'm still figuring out what is going on, but I thought that some of
you who had been involved for a good long while could tell them all the stuff
like blood drives, writing campaigns, etc. that is being done.
Let me know what y'all think.  I'd like to e-mail USA Today tonight or early
tomorrow, so they could catch the folks at NATPE if they decided to write an
article.  It may just be a pipe dream, but what could it hurt?



Date:    Thu, 25 Jan 1996 15:56:22 -0800
From:    Eliot <ejdjd@i.......>
Subject: Re: The Name Game

        Not to mention all those Perkulators (reluctant or otherwise! ) out
there (fans of Tracy who is just soooo perky, perky, PERKY!!!:)!  Gawd, your
first Forever Knight meeting should be a real winner with all those smiling,
happy, faces :) :) :)
        Don't forget...your names have been posted!


Support your local Attorney...send your kid to Medical School.


Date:    Thu, 25 Jan 1996 18:59:57 -0400
From:    Antonia Mandry <MA97AD14@a.......>
Subject: Re: Mystery vamp.

Does anybody know the name of the other vampire with
Screed and Vachon in Vachon's flashback during
MBisaV?  For some reason, I was under the impression
that his name was Bourbon, but when I checked the
known vampires list I couldn't find him.  Anyone?       >>

yes it is bourbon! (see end credits on episodes)

toni M.


Date:    Thu, 25 Jan 1996 19:16:29 -0500
From:    Hugo Trepanier <pio@m.......>
Subject: Request for FK FAQ

Hello Jane!

>If you want a copy of the Factions FAQ, e-mail me off-list and I'll send you
>one.  This FAQ will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about mercs,
>cousins, etc.

I'm not an FK newbie, but I'd like the FAQ anyway.  I'm new to the list though!
I've been here for around two weeks, have I really like it.  I even made new
friends!  You people are cool!!

Thanks for the FK FAQ offer!

Hugo Trepanier


Date:    Thu, 25 Jan 1996 19:13:44 -0500
From:    Tippi Blevins <TippiNB@a.......>
Subject: Re: The Name Game

In a message dated 96-01-25 15:48:04 EST, Celeste Hotaling-Lyons informed:

>You watch the show, you like a particular character better than the others
>(not saying you don't also like the others, but you like this particular one
>best), you have then decided which faction you belong to.  One's friends may
>try to "bring you across" by influencing you to be favorably disposed towards
>a certain character, but it's all low-key.  No one forces anyone to choose.

Well no has to force ME.  I love Lacroix!  Guess that makes me a *cousin*,
even though I am of the female persuasion, and even 1/4 French. *Cousin
Tippi* rolls off the tongue far better than *Cousine Tippi*. :)  Thanks for
enlightening me!

BTW, if anyone knows of fanzines tailoring to FK, please get in contact with
me privately, as I have an addiction to be fixed.  "Slash" zines, straight
zines, don't matter to me!

*Cousin Tippi*
"...all the world will be in love with (K)night and pay no worship to the
garish sun." --stolen from Shakespeare, Romeo & Juliette


Date:    Thu, 25 Jan 1996 19:36:38 -0500
From:    Rebecca Burns <r.burns@g.......>
Subject: 640 hits today???

On Thu 25-Jan-1996  1:45p, Jamie Melody Randell wrote:
JR> Wow.
JR> The SFK home page has been averaging about three hundred hits per day.
JR> Which is impressive.

    Really?   Cool!

JR> As far as I can tell, it's had 640 hits in the last 24 hours.
    Which is STAGGERING.
JR> What happened yesterday, to more than double the number of hits?!

        Oh, mighty WebGoddess (bowing to pay homage)  I might have an
answer..A far fetched one...But it's an answer...

     I think that the reason the SFK home page has gotten so many hits could
probably be attributed to the NATPE convention, Maybe?  I mean your web site
is on the flyer right?  Who knows?  Maybe some of the execs decided to browse
our little site to see what we're all about.

    Well, that's just my $.02

Knightie, NatPacker, & closet Cousin
"Ask not what your Knight can do for you, but what you can do for your


Date:    Thu, 25 Jan 1996 19:42:19 -0500
From:    Twithted One <Twithted@a.......>
Subject: Re: Trio

I heard that people were looking for me, so I signed onto this list just to
sent this note.  Please do not reply on list.  I am on nomail so I will not
see it.  E-mail me directly.

My e-mail address is Twithted@a.......

Posted segments of the Trio series so far are:

The Beginning
Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes (1-5) ... 2-5 posted under "ADULT" header.
Renewal, 1-4 of ?

The rest of Renewal has not been posted because it is not written yet.

When it is posted, it will probably have to be under the "ADULT" header.

Hope this helps.


Date:    Thu, 25 Jan 1996 16:45:55 CST
From:    "Cynthia J. Hoffman" <choff@v.......>
Subject: Re: Trio

Twithted One <Twithted@a.......> writes:

>Posted segments of the Trio series so far are:
>The Beginning
>Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes (1-5) ... 2-5 posted under "ADULT" header.
>Renewal, 1-4 of ?

Both The Beginning and Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes are on the ftp site located at

ftp.cac.psu.edu in directory pub/people/lms5/fkstories/twithted/

Renewal will be there when it's finished.

Cynthia, ye olde ftp site fiction goddess, who is horribly behind and
apologises profusely

Cynthia Hoffman
Forever Knight is in trouble; get more information at


Date:    Thu, 25 Jan 1996 16:55:23 -0800
From:    Dianne Therese De Sha <maeve@m.......>
Subject: NATPE REPORT (1/2) - We came, we saw, we kicked a little *elbow*! :-)

[NOTE:  sorry this got delayed.  I have *5* separate email
accounts and *4* of them are down due to hardware problems
of one kind or another (desha@m....... is the only one
working for sure at this point)-- Catherine wrote this and I'm
posting... and, without further ado,... :-)  --Dianne]

Hi, all!  Sorry it's been so long since the last update, this little
NATPE scribe was all pooped out last night, hence the letter is
being written while we're driving back.  Somehow, between
getting out of all those nice clothes (aaah!) and going out to
dinner, we managed to waste about four hours that I still can't
account for.  But I'm getting ahead of myself.  When writing a
story, start at the beginning...

Wed morning Dianne and Angela and I went over to Diane and
Cherri's room, all dressed to kill (no literal remarks here, nope,
not at all... ;) and Diane was about ready to hit the ceiling, she
was so excited over the article that the nice man from New York
wrote about us in the NATPE midweek EM mag.  No, actually,
hitting the ceiling wasn't quite right.  More like she was hitting
escape velocity.  :)  But then we all read the article, and we were
all in orbit.  The article was **extremely** favorable, likening us
to Trekkies, except more intelligent and sophisticated, on and
on.  The whole article will be transcribed by Diane as soon as she
gets home and gains conciousness, so I'd expect it sometime next
week. :)  Anyway, it was on page four, and quite prominent.  It
even had a first season promo pic of Ger and John, with the Elvis
burns.  We were ecstatic.  We couldn't have *paid* for this kind
of publicity.

So we loaded up the car and all our bags, and headed out.  Some
took the front entrance, while Dianne and I took the top of the
elevator.  We passed out about 75 flyers and bags each before
we got kicked out, in a half an hour.  I think the others did about
the same, if not better.  Unfortunately, yes, we did get kicked
out in very short order.  But only a few of us were actually
approached by security, so Debbie and Toni kept working the
front entrance, while the rest of us either scoped out the main
floor, or went outside to keep going there.  Fortunately, it was a
beautiful day, and today is the same.  There was a chilly breeze,
but not bad.    And so we started the real work.

Okay, at this point, we all had our own stories about the people
we talked to and the things that happened to us, and while I'll
hopefully write down all the ones of us in the car, I didn't have
time to get those of Toni and Diane, so they'll have to add their
own little addendums when they get home.

Catherine's Stories
In front of the convention center, there's a long covered walkway
that goes between where the buses park and the entrance, with
taxis stopping all along it.  Since I was one of those to get
stopped by security, I was extra careful, and went about halfway
out before I stopped and started distributing.  I figured that
whatever happened, even if everyone else got booted, I'd be
okay.  After a few hours, the security guy directing cars across
from me started talking, and he offered to trade jobs ($12.75 an
hour isn't worth this!).  I was *really* tempted, but I said no.
I had one guy who was walking in a group, so I couldn't get him
before he passed.  But he saw me, stopped, and came back.  He
put his stuff down and started reading through the flyer right in
the middle of the walkway, with all these people passing all
around him.  He just kept saying "Wow.  You guys are great.
This is so great.  Keep it up."  And while I didn't catch his name
before he turned around, I was able to see the Colombia TriStar

Okay, so there's the song over the radio, the whistling song from
Brdge Over the River Kwai.  I decided that should be our theme
song.  Just a little diversion.

There was one guy that stopped while I was still giving them out
at the elevator.  Not only did he stop to talk to us, but he
recognized us as "Hey, you guys are with Lynn Ackerman, aren't
you?"  So whatever you're doing, Lynn, keep it up!! :)
There was a group of people from Atlanta (at least one of them
was) who stopped and said "Wow!  This is my favorite show!
Yeah, I'd heard it was being cancelled, but we're going to try
anyway.  You guys keep it up!  We're not all bastards!"  And
yes, that is a direct quote.  They were very nice, and I steered
them in the right direction to TriStar.

Another guy stopped and talked with me for a long time.  He
asked what I did regularly, asked if I was with TriStar, the Tv
industry, so on and so forth.  I gave him the full spiel, with why
USA dropped, how good the ratings are, how loyal the fans are,
yadda yadda.  He was *really* impressed.  He kept asking "Is
the show really that good?" until I wanted to shake him by the
shoulders "YES, YOU FOOL!!".  But he ended by being really
supportive and saying "TriStar is lucky to have viewers like
you."  My reply was "Why don't you go tell them that? <bright
smile> They're at ..." and he said he definitely would.

When I got on my lunch break, people had already scoped
everything out, and they were selling FK merchandise upstairs,
really nice embroidered shirts, both long and short sleeved, and
black mugs with the logo, and a bite-sized chunk taken out of
the rim.  I told Dianne later that it was eminently Knightie-ish,
especially for me.  We Knighties always take out our addiction
deprivation on the vessel of our addiction.  For Nick, he hucks
his blood bottles at the walls.  Me, I gave up caffeine for FK, so
I start chewing the mugs. :)

Anyway, we walked around the floor (you can't get in the front
way, but there's an entrance through the bathrooms that works
extremely well) and checked out all the booths.  There was a
Rysher booth, but no Highlander stuff.  The TriStar booth, while
advertising all over the place for Baywatch, had not a stitch of
FK.  Well, to be expected.  On the whole, the booths are very
boring.  But we were also hungry, and had been on our feet for
four hours straight at that point, so that might have had
something to do with it. :)

After lunch, back to work.  The sun was starting to set, and one
nice grandfatherly type made me promise I'd go inside after dark

Close to the end of the work day, Toni and I went to go see if
we could actually get into the TriStar lounge.  See, the TriStar
booth is actually like a little lounge in the corner, with a bar and
chairs and tables, etc.  But there are tons of security around, and
Toni had tried three times before to get in, and failed every time.
But this time, it was totally open, and we just waltzed right in.  I
asked the secretary in front if they'd had anyone asking for a new
season of FK.  She looked fairly helpless, and I took pity on her
and asked her to point me in a direction.  She routed me to a
nice man (I know, I know, but I'm so pitiful with names, bear
with me.  Toni might remember.) ,who didn't know, but he was
very helpful and rooted out the PR/ad person for FK from the
back rooms.  Okay, now I asked Toni for this lady's name at
least four times... and I can't remember.  Arrgh!  Oh well, she
was very sweet, and very informative... kinda.  The most
important thing she said (and she repeated it several times) was
that everyone at TriStar has been *overwhelmed* and amazed at
the fan response.  She just kept emphasizing that.  She said that
the guys over in sales just started laughing whenever they saw
her, because they were all just so floored by all the letters and all.
But she also said that the decision wasn't hers, she just passed on
the things she heard (it sounded like she was passing on a *lot*),
and the real decision was in the upper levels.  She was very
apologetic, until I finally ended up in the position of cheering
*her* up!  Don't worry, honey, it's okay!  We already knew it
was going to be cancelled! :)  She said that they have to look at
the overall national ratings, and they wanted their shows to get
at least a 2 (we've got a 1.7), and basically that was that, as far
as the execs were concerned.  We tried to slough off all of our
extra bags on her, since they're generic FK, instead of FoFK, but
she said no, that she had enough.  We asked if people had been
asking for a new season of FK, and she said she didn't know, that
that was really with the sales people, but that she would probably
find out soon (like a week or two, from the sound of it), and that
she would let us know when she found out.  So we both gave
her our cards, and if Toni or I ever get anything, we'll let y'all
know right away.  So anyway, we had a nice half hour chat or
so, and I for one left feeling much better, because it sounded
very much like, even if we had no impact at all here (which was
emphatically not the case), that TriStar office gossip was about
the tremendous work we're doing.  Everybody do the happy
happy joy joy dance!  We're making an impact!
So by the time we got out of there, it was dark, and eerybody
was fairly screaming (through our poor feet) that we wanted to
go home.  Dianne was a trooper, and stood out and handed out
bags out in the cold while we were inside shmoozing.  We
waited until she ran out of bags, and then we collapsed in our

Oh yeah, I forgot.  We caught up with Paul DaCruz, who did the
EM ad, and he was really cool.  He was very very supportive of
what we were doing, and wanted to get our picture (there was
Dianne, Diane, Cherri and me) but his camera spazzed.  So we
got his card, and promised to send him the best half dozen of our
pictures when we developed them.  He said that what we were
doing was great, and we should all be proud.

After we got ourselves together at the hotel, we got a call from
Annmarie, who told us the good news about the Geminis!  I was
the one on the phone, and when she mentioned Ger first, I leaped
to my feet and started dancing about the room like a fool while
everyone sat there and stared at me, until I told them, and then I
was afraid we were going to get a call from hotel security about
the noise level again, we were all screaming so loud. :)

So we went out and got dinner, then Toni and Diane had to
catch their plane, and the rest of us stayed and gambled for a
couple hours.  I think I was the only one to actually come out
ahead, but then I only came out with five bucks after spending
four.  Not exactly high society. :)  And I was really bummed.  I'm
only 5 months from 21, and I look fairly old for my age, so I
figured I'd be fine, for sure.  I got carded three times over the
course of about three hours.  My dignity may never recover. :)
Anyway, at that point it was 2:30, and we had to get up and
leave at 7, so we all fell into bed.

And Lana, I'm sorry!  I didn't see your name in the corner of the
card that came with the flowers. (blush) Thank you!!!

Okay, that's all for me.  See, toldja it'd be a book.  On to more

Cherri's Stories
There was a guy who stopped to see what this was all about, and
after getting an explanation, he said "Oh, well I'm going to see
Jon Feltheimer later today.  I'll talk to him about it."  Heh heh.
Later, there was this guy from security who came by and asked
her what was going on here.  She explained, and he said "Oh, so
Forever Knight is tv related.  Okay then."  Apparently there had
been people hanging around the day before from a food drive,
who were annoying people, so that's probably why security was
so prickly this morning.  Then he asked for a brochure, and
sounded really enthusiastic to go and write his local station. :)

(Cath insert: which reminds me, Toni also found a cabbie who
was a fan, and he apparently spread the word around to all the
other cabbies, and so he came back later asking for a bunch of
fliers to pass around to all of them.  So there was another
unexpected surge there.  We got stuff like this all the time.  The
cabbie who took Toni and I around to hotels hadn't watched FK,
but we convinced him to go watch.  This stuff happened to all of
us all the time.  It was *great*.)

Paul DaCruz came by and needed to go buy film, so he gave her
his badge to go on the floor legitimately.  So she got to go and
see all the booths, and saw Chuck Norris at the TriStar booth.
We all saw these two Klingons later, all dressed up with head
ridges and everything.  They were very cool. :)

We all wrote postcards to the cast and crew, and will send it all
out in a manila envelope to save postage.

Cherri, Dianne, and Angela went around to all the hotels within
walking distance (Toni and I used a cab to get to the farther out
ones -Ed.).  They left stacks by phones, on bell desks, spare
tables, literature racks, anywhere they could find.  Unfortunately,
no one was immediately snatching them up, but it was also about
11 at night, so that doesn't mean anything.  Dianne said Cherri's
now an apprentice sneak, because she was too nervous to leave
things at first, but by the end was dropping things here and there
and everywhere.

Diane and she had a great time handing out bags, because people
weren't nasty at all, they were all really nice, even if they didn't
take anything.  In general, people were really enthusiastic and
came and talked to them from time to time, so it made it all seem
very worthwhile (me too :) -Ed.).  Plus, it was a lot easier to get
active when you knew that everyone was counting on you.
(Most of us are real person to person weenies, and you guys
were our strength time and time again.  You guys are great, all
of you.  Even though you weren't there physically, you stood
beside us in spirit, and we could feel it. -Ed.)

To Be Continued...


Date:    Thu, 25 Jan 1996 17:01:50 -0800
From:    Dianne Therese De Sha <maeve@m.......>
Subject: NATPE REPORT - (2/2) - We came, we saw, we kicked a little *elbow*! :-)

Continued From Part One...

[Hi! <Dianne (Desha... you know, the Merc ;-) steals the
laptop!!! <vbg>]

Well, while everyone else was finding sneaky back entracnces to
the convention floor, casing every press crew in sight, and
carefully shmoozing whoever they could find, I was... well... I
was handing out flyers and bags... for oh, about 6 hours....

Basically I spend the day doing for love the kind of job I vowed
long ago *never* to do for money. :-)

<flips into FK flashback mode (tm)>

"Hello!  I'm with Friends of Forever Knight.  Would you like a
(trust me, it took practice to spit _that_ much out fast enough as
people rushed by!)

I will be saying it reflexively in my sleep, big friendly enthusiastic
[face-tiring] smile and all, for at least the next week.  (Working
out the numbers-- how many I passed out times how many times
I had to offer before someone would accept-- I worked out that
I must have said that line well over _two thousand times_
yesterday... at the very least...

<sigh............... pass out :->

Some people stopped for more chat.  Among the memorable:

-- Some executive guy (he was turned so I couldn't see his name
tag and he just rushed on by):  "Hey, _we_ didn't cancel FK.
Talk to Rod Perth!"  (Oh yeah, thanks for the tip, dude! :-p)

-- A guy who took a brochure walking by, then came back after
reading part of the brochure, asked "Are you really <quotes from
brochure> 'a real fan, unaffiliated with the tv industry'?"  I
assured him I was and went into the "explain SOS FK" spiel.  He
started taking down my name from the nametag and I gave him
my SOS-FK business card (were we overprepared or what? :-).
He turned out to be a TV critic "very glad to see people so
concerned about good tv."  More publicity perhaps? :-)

-- the tram drivers lining up to leave at the end of the day.  Toni
collared one bored driver and talked to him (closet fan... we
learned not to be surprised, closet fans came out of the
woodwork all day long :-).  He later hit Catherine up for a bag
and brochure.  Later he came back when I was there to get a
stack for his buds, the other drivers.  He and the other drivers
then spent the next 45 minutes (as long as I was there!) chatting
FK up and down the line.  (I think the Las Vegas ratings are
gonna go through the *roof* starting next week <vbg>).

-- a tired older executive-type guy who stopped by, got the basic
"who we are and what we're doing" spiel, patted me on the arm,
wouldn't take a flyer ("No, I'm _leaving_ now.") and said "I wish
someone had done this for *my* shows," sighed in a very sad
way, and walked off.    (<sniff>)

-- and the many people who responded to my line (see above, I
_ain't_ typing it again... I ain't even *thinking* it again! :-)
with some combination of:  "Ooooh!  *I'm* a friend of Forever
Knight!.... I love that show!... They're *cancelling* it?!?...
That's a *great* show!...I don't get home until 11 & I always
watch FK to unwind...."

Later (after stripping off the nylons and skirt ("*Real people*
clothes!  At last!" <veryhappymerc grin> and scrubbing off the
makeup <"Try it!  It feels *wonderful*!"), I took Cousin Cherri
under my wing and began her apprenticeship in the combination
of being sneaky, exuding complete confidence, and having
absolutely _no_ shame <g> that is the essence of sucessfully
dropping large piles of flyers in lots of places you're not at all
supposed to-- and getting away with it. <vvvbg>

Then we rousted the near-comatose (morining person on two-
hour time zone shift-- not doing very well by 11:30 :-) Diane E.
out for the evening with repeated promises of "*Kitties*, Diane!
We'll see the pretty kitties!" (*big white ones*, courtesy Sigfried
and Roy :-))).  A little gambling ("Oooh! It only took me an
_hour_ to turn $20 into $14.75!") and many, many postcards to
Toronto later (do you have any idea how many people there are
on that  crew? <vvvbg>), I was out cold by 3 a.m.  (Only to get
our first wake-up call at 6 so we could leave by 7.  The second
wake-up call was Catherine sitting up straight up in bed at 6:40
saying "Uh, *guys*???!!!" <vbg>  Nothing like a little adrenaline
to get you going in the morning <g>)

[hey!  wait! <wrestle match ensues>... O.k.! *O.k.*!  I'm almost
done with the laptop already!!!]

Big thanks again to everyone I know Catherine has already
covered (and everyone we'll forget to mention-- hey, we're still
comatose here! :-)  To Diane E., Our Fearless Leader<tm>. <g>
Also to Toni for the nametags (we looked so official I had
people coming up to me all day asking where the press booth,
taxi stop, bathrooms, etc., etc... were :-)  And a *BIG* thank
you to Debbie Litchman  (See?  I learned how to spell it, Debbie!
:-) for driving the LA carpool and making amazing time despite
innumerable packing delays, starting delays, *re*packing delays,
bathroom breaks, coffee breaks, gas breaks.....

[o.k... back to Catherine, The Official NAPTE Strike Force
Archivist... sitting here collecting stories from everyone in
turn... in proper Dorianesque fashion :-)]

Hi, I'm back! :)

Debbie's Stories

She met up with some punk rocker guys in the front entrance by
where the shuttles let out, and apparently they saw her standing
there with her FK bag and came running over, they said FK was
their favorite show and they were ereally curious about it.  They
asked about whether or not it was in production, and she said it
was still in season 3, but that there wasn't going to be a season 4,
etc. and they were really enthusiastic and asked for some bags
and flyers so they could put them up in their booth, so she did.
And she says that the reason she thinks she didn't get thrown out
is because she was wearing the traditional NATPE green.
(Yeah, I think she was the only one not to get thrown out, of all
of us, except Toni and maybe Angela.  I'm *still* torqued about
that. :( -Ed.)

After three or four hours of standing, she went over and found a
booth that was giving foot massages, and so she got one. (For
which we could have all skinned her with envy, but that's another
story... -Ed.)

Okay, this is all for now, since I think I'm going to be getting off
in about five minutes, then I have to save to disk and give this to
Dianne to post, since I'm going straight into a Russian quiz (:P).
Unfortunately, Debbie drove like a bat out of hell getting here,
so it looks like I'll actually have to take it. :)  Besides, the
battery's on its last dregs of power here.

[*As* she popped out the disk and handed it to me so she could
get out of the car and rush to class, the "only 5 more minutes
power!" warning light came on! :-)  --Dianne]

Angela's going to put out a quote list soon, and that will have
her story with it.  Toni and Diane are going to have to fend for
themselves (I don't consider it a bad thing, since this will
automatically slice up the tale a bit).

Okay, now I really am going to shut up and get this on disk.
Love to all.  Be seeing you!!

The NATPE Strike Force, LA contingent

Dianne DeSha <desha@m.......>
Debbie Litchman (see, I can write your name too, now! :)
Cherri Munoz <cdmunoz@e.......>
Angela Lai <resa42a@u.......>
Catherine Boone <catheboo@c.......>, faithful NATPE scribe
(yeah I wrote the last one too, but couldn't connect to my own
system, so had to use Dianne's AOL address to send.  Just like
Nicola to sit and sulk in his hardrive and not talk to anybody at
the *most* inopportune times.  I love having a computer that's
named after someone I can yell at. :)  Okay, okay, I'm gone!  Bye!)


Date:    Thu, 25 Jan 1996 17:19:57 -0800
From:    [Name removed by request]
Subject: Re: Why not six?

But, but i thought someone mentioned "NiQ" when talking about Ger's
nomina... <exasperated sigh> Yes, yes, we were talking about Ger's best
performances. i love saying stupid things.

This is the second time that i've heard the FK actors have been nominated
for Geminis. But Nigel has said that in Toronto, nobody recognizes him (in
relation to the reaction he gets here). The awards haven't given the show
alot of publicity? Is this one of those instances of a critically acclaimed
show being watched by no one? i understand it's on late at night in Toronto
(or it used to be) but curious folks must use their VCRs, they must.

[Name removed by request]

How can you trust someone who bleeds for seven days and doesn't die? - BGW


Date:    Thu, 25 Jan 1996 17:35:02 -0800
From:    Cherri Munoz <cdmunoz@e.......>

This is only a test.


Date:    Thu, 25 Jan 1996 20:08:38 -0600
From:    Diane Echelbarger <gryphon@e.......>
Subject: Electronic Media article on FK

Hello, all!

Dianne will be posting the official NATPE update.  Or maybe she already has;
I've been sleeping off jet-lag all day, so I just started wading through my

Celeste said, several centuries ago (at least, that's what it feels like! ;> )
> The article detailing our FK travails may or may not be in the next
>issue--but I'm sure someone will type the article up for the list should it
>be published, you won't have to buy the magazine.  Fingers crossed they print

It was on page 4 of the midweek Special NATPE edition, at the bottom of the
page.  It continued on the last left-hand page, and took up about 1/3 of the
page there.  There was a picture of Ger and JK (first season), too. I have a
copy, and will transcribe it this weekend and put it on my web page.

aul DaCruz is a *sweetheart*!  He actually came looking for us and asked us to
send him some pictures from our adventures at NATPE!  We're gonna skim the
cream and do that for him.  I think we impressed him when I asked for a
business card, so we'd have a mailing address for the photos, and the four of
us who were there whipped out our personalized "Friends of Forever Knight"
business cards (Thanks for making them, Dianne!) and handed him one each. :)

Gotta go read the rest of my mail now.  You guys were *Busy* while we were
gone!  :)

Diane E
The jet-lagged
# D Echelbarger                    gryphon@e.......    #
#    WWW HomePage:    http://www.execpc.com/~echelbar/ #
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Date:    Thu, 25 Jan 1996 20:09:41 -0600
From:    Diane Echelbarger <gryphon@e.......>
Subject: Re: Gingerbread-whats?! and stu

>>>Do you know who sent the gingerbread vampires?
>Actually, I should, because someone (I think Diane E.) told me about
>them a week or so ago.

Sorry, but that wasn't me.  I sent gingerbread vampires to JON FELTHEIMER!
Well, I and a few other listmembers (Dawn Steele, Lillian Feden, Susan
Garrett, Lisa McDavid-- I think there were others, but I'm jet-lagged and not
thinking clearly) and Alikhat placed the order. We put "Thanks for a full
third season" on the card, and he got it the day we heard there *was* gonna be
a full third season! With any luck, he's going crazy trying to figure out how
we found out so fast. <g>  I was just trying to inflict a little guilt....

Someone else sent 'em to Parriott.


Diane E
Jet-lagged, but happy to be home
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Date:    Thu, 25 Jan 1996 20:09:55 -0600
From:    Diane Echelbarger <gryphon@e.......>
Subject: Re: NATPE,EM Update!

Hope the listowners forgive me for exceeding the posting limit today. :)

>IMPORTANT: I received a call from Columbia/Tri-Star...they said that there
>are flyers out there with the incorrect phone number listed for Terri Jones
>at Tri-Star...

YEE-HA! Yes!  Those are the NATPE flyers! That means they're getting calls! :)

Toni called Tri-Star and asked them what number to call to buy the show, and
that's the number they gave her, so it's their OWN fault. ;p  So THERE!  This
came up as part of our insane day at NATPE, BTW.  Stay tuned for Dianne's
detailed post; I'm just answering list-mail as I go....

Diane E
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#    WWW HomePage:    http://www.execpc.com/~echelbar/ #
# "Ask, and it shall be given to you."  Matthew 7:7    #


Date:    Thu, 25 Jan 1996 21:28:50 -0500
From:    Deborah Menikoff <menikoff@p.......>
Subject: $$ Ideas and long shots

Dianne de Sha and I were talking the evening and here's a thought. Another
suggestion for funding for FK ....

(fwd from dianne)
> Has anyone thought about RENAISSANCE?? This is Sam Raimi's (and Bruce
> Campbell's) company. Yes, they do HERCULES and XENA <G>, but they are also
> the folks who do AMERICAN GOTHIC -- and wouldn't AMERICAN GOTHIC and
> FOREVER KNIGHT make a LOVELY block?? Does anybody know anything about
> this company, how to contact them, etc.???

Oh and a couple of weeks ago, I tried to convince my "in" at one of the
networks  (my cousin...my actual cousin, not *our* kind of cousin) that
there was a story in what we were doing and specifically how we were going
about it.  - you know, in our media savvy way. Well, he likes the show and
all but he didn't really see that a "save our show" effort was all *that*
unusual. I don't want to say he was dismissive because that's not really his
way but...he sort of thought it was...*cute*. Grrrrrrrrr....

Well guess who I talked to today...right! My cousin. He called to say two
things. One, he cancelled our dinner plans for tonight (the wretch) and
second to say that he had spoken to a friend from work that was in
attendence at NATPE. This NATPE attendee mentioned in passing something
about the SOS team. I don't know if they guy got a bag or flyer or what but
he did see them and people were certainly aware of what was happening and
that there was this article. How impressed old Cuz' was. I told him "See! If
you'd listened to me a couple of weeks ago, you coulda' had the scoop. Now
all you can do is have nationally televised special report on the whole
phenomenon <sp?>" He sort of chuckled (he's a chuckly kinda guy) and said
"OK. Dinner tomorrow night. Bring your stuff with you and I *promise* to
look at it." Well I ran right out and got an extra copy of EM (I now have 2
because I refuse to give mine up to him even for a day) to bring and all the
flyers etc....

Will he look at it? Sure. He's an upright guy and I am his favorite
relative. He even watches the show. He's even been kept abreast of the
various SOS events etc...
Will thus result in national exposure? I don't know. It's a very VERY long
shot. But I've abused this connection for work in the past with success.
All I can do is try...and beg...and plead. Perhaps I will even use guilt. He
forgot my last birthday etc... If nothing else, he will certainly have some
insights on what to do next. Maybe he knows Sam Raimi...Hmmmmmmm

Wish me luck <fingers crossed>

Cousin Deborah
*Never* let your conscience be your guide


End of FORKNI-L Digest - 25 Jan 1996 - Special issue

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