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Digest - 17 Jan 1996 to 18 Jan 1996 - Special issue

Thu, 18 Jan 1996

There are 30 messages totalling 1011 lines in this issue.

Topics in this special issue:

  1. Sent flowers; putting up more flyers
  2. Need a French lesson
  3. Sent flowers
  4. THE SCI-FILE #12 (fwd)
  5. Letters...
  6. Stupid Newbie questions... (2)
  7. Subscriptions to this list
  8. S'il vous plait? :-)
  9. Highlight on CompuServe (2)
 10. getting serious (long, sorry!)
 11. SOS-NAPTE bag fund update 1/17
 12. New Page on Sony FK site
 13. UPN a genelogy
 14. 4th season vow
 15. The kindness of strangers
 16. FORKNI-L Digest - 16 Jan 1996
 17. equal opportunity shirts, again
 18. Pros and cons of fighting on
 19. Cast/Crew Appreciation Goodies (3)
 20. Help needed for fanfic ( long? oy! )
 21. Mr B: the man never rests
 22. Fred Mollin's AOL chat
 23. Ariel did it  - me too!
 25. SONY's new FK Page
 26. fandata form


Date:    Wed, 17 Jan 1996 19:03:26 -0800
From:    [Name removed by request]
Subject: Re: Sent flowers; putting up more flyers

On Wed, 17 Jan 1996, Apache wrote:

>         9pm Saturday... Fever...  allegedly "sweaty, shirtless Vachon."

To which Roni responded:

> HEY!!  What about a sweaty, shirtless Nick?!?!?  :-)

a-HEM. What about a sweaty, shirtless LaCroix?

Ew. Wait a minute. What did i get caught up in? What i should have said
was: How about a clean, dry, but nonetheless shirtless LaCroix? That's
better. (and less messy)

And i put up my sorry little flyers up at UCLA today. Only 40, but a
little is better than nothing.

i shakily taped the very first one in the middle elevator of the main
library, expecting to get caught affixing an unauthorized notice on
(highly trafficked!!) University property, glancing over my shoulder to see
what floor i was approaching, praying that it wouldn't stop unexpectedly
(and open the doors to a grumpy, unsympathetic librarian ;> Hi FK

My fingers weren't very warmed up for this sort of naughty, defacing task
and i ended up bustling out, leaving a slightly crooked flyer hanging
behind me, trying to hide a folder of thirty-nine more
flyers from a 40-ish, white-haired woman who was waiting to board
UCLA's 20-year-old hydraulic express.

i was certain she was going to report me but, after tagging the 5th floor
bathrooms and then reboarding that same elevator 2 minutes later to hit the
4th floor, i saw that she had taken a tab!! (i drew up flyers with those
tear-off tabs)

8:30 a.m. and i had already reached someone!

Of course, when i was done with the 4th floor at 8:32 a.m., i discovered
that someone (unsympathetic librarian, perhaps) had removed the whole
damn thing from the lift's wall. Oh what an itty-bitty bug in this
collegiate monstrosity i am. (itty bitty stubborn and angry bug who
taped another one up, first thing. As if i was making LA any uglier.

Anyway, in addition to those 40 flyers, i've submitted (for the second
time) an event for our paper's "What's Brewin?" section. Those... those...
*people* (family list, it's a family list) probably won't print it, *again*,
but, anyway, it would have given Jamie's URL for info on our efforts and
ways to help.

Oh! Some relatively good news: [Names removed by request] checked back at UCI and, i'm
estimating here, it looks like about 15 tabs were taken! Yes! YES!...

Why are you all looking at me like that?

This was *Irvine*, lovely and mythical land of apathy, Marxist homeowners'
association, and high property taxes. 15 is *phenomenal* for Irvine.

Quit looking at me like that! i can shimmy if i want to. Free country.

And my instinct is right to keep posting in learned places populated
with mature women, right? i feel like the best support will be gotten in
libraries and bookstores (and SciFi places, of course), not the college
eatery where we all ignore anything printed. But maybe i'm projecting.

 (Stop looking!)

[Name removed by request]

How can you trust someone who bleeds for seven days and doesn't die? - BGW


Date:    Wed, 17 Jan 1996 22:15:56 -0500
From:    Hugo Trepanier <pio@m.......>
Subject: Re: Need a French lesson

Hello Gang!

Here's to tell you how LaCroix is pronounced.  I'm a native french speaker,
so you can't go wrong here! ;)

Allison Percy said:
>Re: the pronunciation of LaCroix:
>No, it's not La CROY.  No, it's not even La QUA.  Nor La KWAA.  (I'm not
>clear on the difference you heard between the last two.  Was the "a" more
>drawn out?)
>It's actually difficult to write in English.  It is properly pronounced
>La KRWA.  The R isn't silent, but it's a French R, spoken in the back of
>the throat.  There isn't a direct equivalent of this sound in English.

Depending on how you pronounce it, La Krwa is the best french equivalent.
The R is important, and *always* pronounced, because "KWA" (quoi) means
"What?". I hope this clarifies your mind!  If you really want to know the
exact pronounciation, e-mail me, and I'll send you a .WAV file of me saying it!

See you,
Hugo Trepanier


Date:    Wed, 17 Jan 1996 22:22:56 -0400
From:    Antonia Mandry <MA97AD14@a.......>
Subject: Re: Sent flowers

n Wed, 17 Jan 1996, Apache wrote:

>         9pm Saturday... Fever...  allegedly "sweaty, shirtless Vachon."
> oh yeah.

HEY!!  What about a sweaty, shirtless Nick?!?!?  :-)


you know guys, i think I missed Fever. OPur episodes of FK are on Monday
mornings at 1:30 am. So, tell me that counts as the beginning of the week
doesn't it?! Damn. Does anybody have a copy of Fever (or can make me one)?
I'll pay S&H. I'd really appreciate it. hmph. i **** those ***** ******* who
move around FK al  the time (don't worry those weren't real swears). i missed
Vachon sweaty and shirtless!?!?! No!!!!!
Toni M.
wombat down and out


Date:    Wed, 17 Jan 1996 22:50:46 -0800
From:    Lisa Reeves <ad483@d.......>
Subject: Re: THE SCI-FILE #12 (fwd)

William H. O'Hara wrote:
>>                       THE SCI-FILE #12
>> In our News section, we'll let you know who the 8th DOCTOR WHO will be and
>> when the new WHO telefilms will air in the United States, the latest on
>> ALIENS IV and the return of Sigourney Weaver, the fate of the television show
>> Forever Knight, and more...
>> Science Fiction Weekly can be reached at:
>> http://www.scifiweekly.com
>         I haven't checked it out... Yet look what popped in my mailbox..

Not the world's most positive blurb there...but it DOES have a link to the
SOS web site!!

Lisa Reeves @-->--->---  |  ad483@d.......
  GDFN Help Staff        |  Mercenary for Chocolate
     Save Forever Knight! Site for details:


Date:    Wed, 17 Jan 1996 20:00:34 -0800
From:    Wendy Marie Christensen <wendy@i.......>
Subject: Letters...

Well I have dug out my stationary....been a long time scence I have used
it now that I have Email...I have 29 cards with diffrent thigns on the
front and 5 thank you cards....I am more than willing to write nice notes
on all of then to the cast and crew if somebody could give me a
list...please...and a address to send them all off to. I am hoping that I
can make that my project tomarrow. I have to keep my self busy till
school starts and I couldn't think of a better way to do it than to say
thanks to those that have worked hard on one of my favorite shows.

One other thing....Is there anyone at all out there in the central
valley??? (We are talking California here) If you are out there let me
know I am begining to think I am the only fan here.

Wendy Marie


Date:    Thu, 18 Jan 1996 00:09:31 -0400
From:    "Carolyn P. McLelan" <cmclelan@f.......>
Subject: Re: Stupid Newbie questions...

Okay, the AOL conference is on.  Where do I go to dl AOL software so I can
get on-line before this happens on the 20th.  Help me, I really need a 4th
Internet Service Provider <BEG>  I'm definitely only signing on for FK!

> what's up with AOL day?  I signed up for a trial (SaveFK@a.......
> :-)
> >Where do I go, what do I do? (When I send email to TPTB at AOL, do I
> >mention AOL Day or just FK???
> You can also send a nice note to Steve Case, Pres. of AOL, explaining
> that you have signed on because of all the Forever Knight facilities
> available on AOL and congratulating him for them. :-)
       Rage, Rage against the dying of the Knight!

Carolyn P. McLelan                  Knightie Heartbreaker
For information on the campaign to save Forever Knight, check out
(site is case sensitive)
cmclelan@f.......             102735.1111@c.......


Date:    Wed, 17 Jan 1996 23:17:00 -0500
From:    Siona <siona@n.......>
Subject: Subscriptions to this list

Someone (sorry I deleted the original message) asked how many members
were on this list.  This got me curious also, so I just checked.  There
are currently 926 people subscribed to this list.

Help save Forever Knight!  see http://www.netaxs.com/~siona/
"Murphy was an optimist!"
Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine.


Date:    Wed, 17 Jan 1996 20:21:09 -0800
From:    Dianne Therese De Sha <maeve@m.......>
Subject: S'il vous plait? :-)


Well, never let it be said that I could leave well enough alone :-)

I've done up a little PAF page with the pic on it.  Oh great and
powerful Webgoddess, would you consider linking it to The Page? <g>


Gracias :-)

The Mad Digester :-) -*- NATPE Carpool Coordinator -*- FoFoD
...Amateur PAF Photographer... <g>
Dianne la Mercenaire...   -*-   <moonlight@c.......>
"I hope you'll pardon us if we continue to crusade. :)" -- Jaye


Date:    Thu, 18 Jan 1996 04:19:59 GMT
From:    Tamatha Williams <sackett@u.......>
Subject: Re: Highlight on CompuServe

On Jan 17, 1996 09:20:36, 'Ken Hart <Ken888888@a.......>' wrote:
>(P.S.: I pushed the FK blurb to the top of my home page, so I'm now quite
>curious to see if there's any spillover from Melrose Place fans to Forever

>Knight. Now there's a terrifying crossover concept! <g>)

Well now, I don't know - some of them are already vicious bloodsucking,
backstabbing SoB's -
seems they're already across.

Vampire books alert - Steven Spruill, _Rulers of Darkness_
                               Denise Vitola, _The Winter Man_

Tammy Williams  - Cousin extraordinaire/
MFW / assistant FW for Joe, Connor, and Kalas
My life is the product of a diseased mind and I love it.


Date:    Wed, 17 Jan 1996 23:27:25 -0500
From:    Inanna Arthen <Vyrdolak@a.......>
Subject: getting serious (long, sorry!)

Noswaith dda --

    I'm troubled by the recent posts suggesting that we stop the campaign,
and puzzled as to how such thing could be meant seriously.  With the momentum
we have now and the amount of energy, time and planning that is going into
this, stopping dead in our tracks at this point would be unthinkable.  I'm
glad that several people have already been very articulate in pointing out
the ramifications of that, and in demonstrating that the cast and crew of FK
could not be opposed to our efforts or we would know about it by now.  I'm
sorry that some of the people who have been working hardest and taking the
biggest risks were more-or-less sucker-punched by those posts, and I want
them to know that I support them without reservation.

    Once again, I want to say that I am STUNNED by what's going on, and
somewhat awestruck to be a part of it!  I feel like an absolute slacker, to
tell the truth!  I quit my job this September to become a full-time grad
student and I have NO income; I'm living off a lump sum which was my county
retirement (so, I'm never retiring!) and I have no idea what I'll do when
that runs out.  (I mean, I'll think of something, but right now, I have no
idea what it is).  Nevertheless, I'm sending $20 for the bags and ad
tomorrow.  And I plan to donate blood (high time I did so again, anyway) and
I'll send something nice to the cast and crew, *and* keep calling WFXT.  I
turned in my last papers and took my 3-hour Welsh final today, so I'm no
longer goldbricking on school to help with the SOS!  I wish the NATPE
flyer-folding was happening nearer Boston -- I'd be there.  I'm a certified

     The fact that we're going to NATPE -- gods, listen to me, I mean, that
six *incredibly* dedicated and fearless people are putting themselves on the
line financially and going to NATPE -- and that we're talking about
alternative funding for FK, *does* make this effort "unprecedented" in my
opinion.  There have been many fan campaigns for shows, but this one goes
beyond anything I've heard of -- even Bjo Trimble is impressed.  Folks -- I
probably am being an idiot, but -- we could be making history.  We're not
just being "consumers" of this show -- we're really trying to take on some
serious power.  The media industry is already fracturing under the influence
of cable and the constant new innovations being introduced.  It's about time
that viewers stopped sitting passively by swallowing whatever was handed to
them by TPTB.  This could be the start of something *new*.  (Or maybe I'm
just a hopelessly optimistic radical -- which I am, *sigh*.)

     As for the show's quality -- in my opinion, 3rd season has suffered
mostly from a lack of integration.  The new characters were pasted into an
existing format and except for Tracy, who filled an existing niche, there was
no place for them to really go.  I'm not sure why that happened, from an
artistic standpoint -- maybe TBTP should participate in a few "v-parties" on
the Vampyres list to experiment with writing their way out of curve balls
thrown at you by other writers and their unlikely characters.  (for those not
on Vampyres list, a v-party is a coordinated fiction-writing marathon like
the Wars -- except about 1000 times more chaotic.  But fun.  *Ecstatically*
fun.)  I miss Schanke and Janette a lot.  (I *still* cry when I watch BB)
 But IMHO, at least, 3rd season is not worse or better than seasons 1 or 2.
 Tracy needs to be allowed to cut loose as a character, and everyone needs to
find a niche in the new FK universe.  But *everyone* is doing as fine a job
as they possibly can.  I really *will* run that Lisa Ryder fan club (if she
agrees to it, of course) -- in two languages.  Mae e'n wir!

     Now where's that checkbook?  Come here, you...

da boch chi,
Inanna des Cousines  (Cyfnither Inanna)

Fe daethpwyd a e dros yn 1228.  Fe ysglyfaethodd ar pobl am eu gwaed.  Nawr
mae e eisiau bod marwol eto, i ad-dalu cymdeithas am ei bechodau, i ddyfod
allan o ei fyd o dywyllwch, o ei ddiderfyn, am byth nos.
                "Forever Knight" opener -- as it might be heard on Sianel 4
Cymru in Wales


Date:    Wed, 17 Jan 1996 20:34:37 -0800
From:    Cherri Munoz <cdmunoz@e.......>
Subject: Re: SOS-NAPTE bag fund update 1/17

Mailed a check today for $10.  Please put it towards the postage for the bags.
Thank you,
"Cousin Cherri Munoz" <cdmunoz@e.......>  FK Optimist's Club, Sime/Gen
    I don't WANT a new one. I LIKE that one. <LaCroix-Father's Day>


Date:    Thu, 18 Jan 1996 00:48:13 -0400
From:    "Carolyn P. McLelan" <cmclelan@f.......>
Subject: New Page on Sony FK site

Just wanted to let everyone know that Sony is adding to the FK page on
their Web site.  (Is this a good sign that they know we're out here?!)

Anyway, check it out and don't forget to fill out the television survey
when you're there.

Time Line               http://www.spe.sony.com/Pictures/tv/forever/background.html
Detailed Time Line              http://www.spe.sony.com/Pictures/tv/forever/timetxt.html
Survey                  http://www.spe.sony.com/Pictures/tv/feedback.html
E-Mail                  callback@m.......

       Rage, Rage against the dying of the Knight!

Carolyn P. McLelan                  Knightie Heartbreaker
For information on the campaign to save Forever Knight, check out
(site is case sensitive)
cmclelan@f.......             102735.1111@c.......


Date:    Wed, 17 Jan 1996 19:37:02 -1000
From:    "Heidi S. McKeon" <beagle4u@l.......>
Subject: Re: UPN a genelogy

>> Susan Garrett threw out the idea of pitching FK to UPN.
>> Well-maybe, you see UPN is owned by Paramount which is the parent company of
>> Viacom which owns USA and Sci-Fi channel.  Now although these companies are
>> intertwined, more or less, it doesn't mean one has to do with the other.
If all of the above is true.  Why are we not targeting Viacom as well?

  I personally think that UPN is a bad idea for FK  they are not even
keeping their own ahows past the first season ie Marker, Legend, Platypus man.
Do we actually think they would keep a syndicated show?


"We swear by peace and love to stand
Heart to heart and hand in hand"    from druidic blessing.
Waving a flag for Duncan & Methos



Date:    Thu, 18 Jan 1996 00:32:22 -0500
From:    "Sharon A. Himmanen" <romana@p.......>
Subject: 4th season vow

OK, I guess since I was one of the unwitting originators of this vow thing,
I suppose I should make my 4th season vow official now:

If we get a 4th season of Forever Knight, I will write the story I've been
promising SusanG I would write (I won't go into the details of it here) and
have it finished by the time the 4th season premiere airs.

I don't think that this is such a big deal, but Susan's been on my case
about it, so consider yourselves warned.


Sharon A. Himmanen * NatPack * http://www.users.nyc.pipeline.com/~romana/
romana@p....... * romana@a....... * shimmane@s.......
"Boy, this stuff makes vampires look like cute little schoolbots."
--Natalie, "Dead Air"


Date:    Thu, 18 Jan 1996 01:36:08 -0500
From:    Harper <RCMANN@d.......>
Subject: The kindness of strangers

Thanks to all those who offered to provide me with a tape of
"Strings".  Since it seems that USA will be showing it next Tuesday,
I'll just wait (none too patiently).  I am very pleased and touched
by the kindness of so many people I've never met.  You folks are the

Harper *** rcmann@d....... *** "Mostly Harmless" -- Douglas Adams
"Go to the coffee-house..." -- Lord Byron

Save "Forever Knight"!  For details see the web page at:


Date:    Thu, 18 Jan 1996 01:42:30 -0500
From:    Fred Mollin <ZOOMAR1010@a.......>
Subject: Re: FORKNI-L Digest - 16 Jan 1996


Jamie, Sharon, etc. are completely correct!
The cast and crew of FK would love the series to go to the fourth season.
It is imperative that everyone keeps the pressure on TriStar and their local
FK stations so that when NATPE happens next week, they come to their senses
and sell the series for another year.
Ger is worried that season 4 might be a less expensive (and therefore less
large scale) but I believe that if TriStar continues to make strong foriegn
sales, the budget might be status quo.
In that scenario, everyone would be raising a glass to all the amazing fans
for the miracle of the Knight.
Please don't stop now.
TriStar has given directives to the producers to sell all the props, sets,
equipment at the end of February.
We must make the tide turn over the next two weeks..

thanks to everyone for all the dedicated effort.

Fred Mollin


Date:    Thu, 18 Jan 1996 01:42:33 -0500
From:    AC Chapin <sdragon@g.......>
Subject: equal opportunity shirts, again

On Wed, 17 Jan 1996, Mere Hall wrote:

> a-HEM. What about a sweaty, shirtless LaCroix?
> Ew. Wait a minute. What did i get caught up in? What i should have said
> was: How about a clean, dry, but nonetheless shirtless LaCroix? That's
> better. (and less messy)

wasn't this conversation on the spoiler list last time I saw it?  Or was
that JADFE?

Y'know what I want to see?  What I, as a Cousin, would really
appreciate?  One, just one, (I have a vcr, I can replay it again and
again) scene of LaCroix getting to snack on somebody.  We've seen him
kill enemies, and ocassionally take a bite just to annoy Nick, but I want
to see a build-up like in BMV, only with a pay-off this time.  Shirt or
no shirt.  (okay, preferably no shirt)

BTW... could y'all listowner types, while y've got your fingers on the
send key anyway, drop a body a note of warning and/or explanation before you
nomail a person?  Thank you kindly.

AC Chapin     sdragon@g.......      http://www.glue.umd.edu/~sdragon
  FOREVER KNIGHT has been CANCELLED.  If you want to help save it,
please write *polite*, *supportive* letters to your local syndicator and
Tristar/Columbia Pictures TV, 00000 Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxx. Culver City, CA, 90230


Date:    Thu, 18 Jan 1996 01:45:40 -0500
From:    Fred Mollin <ZOOMAR1010@a.......>
Subject: Re: Pros and cons of fighting on

att: Deborah Bender
from: Fred Mollin

thanks for the support (and honest and constructive ideas)
Please be aware that all the lead actors are locked in for a fourth season
and if the budget isn't slashed, they would all be starring in a fourth (and
most likely final season).
I know that spirits are down and it can be easier for the stars  to accept
the potential end of the series with a "we'll meet again" attitude..


please keep the pressure on.The fans can make a difference.


Date:    Thu, 18 Jan 1996 02:02:50 -0500
From:    Apache <lf@c.......>
Subject: Re: Highlight on CompuServe

> On Jan 17, 1996 09:20:36, 'Ken Hart <Ken888888@a.......>' wrote:

> >curious to see if there's any spillover from Melrose Place fans to Forever
> >Knight. Now there's a terrifying crossover concept! <g>)

        It's called the Kindred, aka Vampire 90210.


Date:    Thu, 18 Jan 1996 02:12:14 -0500
From:    Allison Percy <percy91@w.......>
Subject: Cast/Crew Appreciation Goodies

I e-mailed Susan Garrett off-list to say that her "call to arms" for
appreciation gifts to the cast and crew was a terrific idea.  I know that
I spent half the day today trying to think of something appropriate that I
could afford to send up there.

Since we now have a list of the crew as well as the cast, and we're
trying to make sure *everyone* knows they are appreciated, how about
keeping track of *who* sends *what* to *whom*?

I'll volunteer to keep track of the Cast/Crew Appreciation Goodies. If
anyone decides to send something, let me know what you're sending by
e-mailing me off-list at:


I've printed out the list of names from the show credits that Toni Mandry
posted.  I need a list of people who *aren't* on that list who should be
included in the Appreciation Goody campaign.

If you don't know to whom you should send something, I'll e-mail you the
list that Toni made up.  I'll also post periodic updates of what's been
sent & who still needs an Appreciation Goody or two.  I'll even post a
daily selection of the Silliest Gift or Most Appropriate Gift.

If you decide to send a box of little things for the cast/crew in
general (e.g., Hershey's kisses for the whole crew, or a box of those
infamous squirt guns for everyone), let me know that, too.

By the way, if anyone knows of someone who's not in the credits for
"Strings" who should be included in the Appreciation Goodies list, let me
know.  Anyone with contacts at Paragon Entertainment who can give us
names of secretaries, drivers, security guards, etc.?  Or is that stuff
private?  If so, we can arrange for boxes of goodies to be sent to "the
drivers" or "the administrative staff" or whatever.

So far Bea has been keeping track of notes & letters to TPTB.  I'm not
trying to step on her toes, but it may be difficult for her to keep track
of the flood of cast/crew appreciation notes prompted by Susan's post.
Bea, what do you think?

A couple of suggestions from Susan Garrett for those shopping for
Appreciation Goodies:

> Some suggestions you might make to the list as the Gift Goddess--
> Check $1.00 or outlet stores for tons of cheap 'goodies'.
> Try Archie MacFee Catalogue (206-782-2344) for ordering things like a pound
> of dogs (one pound of little, plastic toy dogs of various breeds), squeaking
> pickles, or a gallon of nostalgic candies such as candy necklaces, pop
> rocks, etc.
> Valentines Day cards!  Take a box to the blood drive this weekend and fill
> them out while you're waiting or eating your juice and cookies!
> Remind people that they can sent lots of small stuff in a padded envelope to
> Paragon and thus save mailing costs.

By the way, I'm really in a fog now, who is the keeper of the list of
who's in charge of what?  I'm trying to figure out who's the keeper of
the sponsor list....  Thanks.

* Allison Percy, a perky Knightie            percy91@w.......          *
*    __o     Pedal for Forever Knight & the Pediatric AIDS Foundation! *
*  _`\<,_    Contact me to pledge support or join the ride.  For info  *
* (*)/ (*)   see http://assets.wharton.upenn.edu/~percy91/FKtour.html  *


Date:    Wed, 17 Jan 1996 23:30:21 -0800
From:    Alikhat <alikhat@i.......>
Subject: Re: Help needed for fanfic ( long? oy! )

At 09:22 PM 1/16/96 -0500, you wrote:
>I need some more costume information.  Alikhat?  Anyone?  Specifically,
>what kind of clothing did rich men and women wear in the early to
>mid-eighteenth century in America?  Say around 1720 or 1730.

 Hi Jane!

 Sorry to be getting back to you so late on this, but I've been having
computer problems that you would not believe!

 The thing to remember regarding North America in this time period is that
even though it was exporting a lot of valuable goods by then, the people
getting rich from this trade were primarily the Europe-based investors and
trading companies. The landed gentry of America ( and they were mainly
farmers ) possessed only a fraction of the wealth and flamboyance of their
European counterparts.

 Rich imported fabrics and finely crafted jewelry were terribly expensive
and difficult to come by. Luxury items were not being produced in any great
quantity ( or *quality* ) on this side of the pond. As a result, the
American colonists ( and they considered themselves to be "English" )
dressed in a scaled down, simplified version of the European fashions.

 That said, the styles of the day would have been:

 For Gentlemen: Absolute *must* item was a full-bottomed perriwig. These are
the long, poofy, curly poodle-do's first made popular by Louis XIV. They
came in every hair color but were *not* powdered, and they were an important
signifier of social status. The bigger the hair, the bigger the honcho
sporting it. Out-of-doors, it would have been topped by a gold or silver
trimmed tricorn. It was possible to wear one's wig tied back in a black silk
bow, too.

 The standard gentleman's costume, "the habit a' la francaise", also
included a silk or linen puff sleaved, collerless shirt trimmed with lace. A
lace or lace-trimmed cravat. Silk or woolen vest with elaborate embroidery,
cut long ( to just above the knee ) and flairing gently from the waist down.
Over that, a loose wool, silk or velvet jacket cut to flair slightly more
conspicuously than the vest, usually about an inch longer, and vented in
back with very full, cuffed sleeves ( think your stereotyped pirate :-),
big, ornate buttons and lots of embroidery ( could be in gold or silver
bullion or silk thread ).

 The knee-breeches were relatively form-fitting. The stockings were fairly
plain. Shoes had a small stacked heel ( which might be laquered a bright red
) a squared toe and a large buckle on top. A gold-headed cane was another
*must* accessory.

 An outdoorsie version might substitute riding boots or spatterdashes for
shoes. The boots went over the knee, were usually worn cuffed, also had the
stacked heel and squared toe and were made of leather or suede. The
spatterdashes were leather, more form-fitting and buttoned up the outside. A
long, high-collared riding cape, leather gloves, a sword held in a scabbard
hung by a leather sash under the jacket ( silk sashes were for paintings and
parades, no civilized fellow wore armaments *indoors* ) and long woolen
scarf completed the ensemble.

 Still with me? Okay. Pencils up! Remember, there'll be a quiz next period!

 For Ladies: No towering powdered edifices! Not for another four decades!
The hair was, instead, worn up and close to the head. Simple and softly
curled and be-ribboned. Little linen caps, scarves and tiny tricorns were
donned for outdoors. ( actually, the caps were often worn *indoors*, as well )

 The standard ladie's garment was called the robe a' la francaise. The dress
was worn either closed or open over a tightly laced, ribboned and
embroidered, whale-bone reinforced bodice and a very full underskirt. Also
called a "sack gown", it had long, loose folds of fabric that fell from the
shoulders and became part of the skirt. A variation on this had the gown fit
at the waist before flowing to the floor. The neckline was low and usually
squared. The sleeves were loose, had largish soft cuffs and came to the
elbow. Silk, linen, cotten gauze and velvet were all popular fabrics and
large floral prints and brocades were simply de rigeur.

 The waist-hugging version of the gown was often worn about ankle-length,
with the train turned up in elaborate folds in back. A small hoop was worn
beneath this.

 The loose sack was invariably worn floor-length and towards 1730 was
supported underneath with small panniers.( Think of tying a wicker basket
upsidedown to each of your hips and throwing a dress over it and you'll have
the idea. ;-) The trains were left to trail the floor elegantly.

 Stockings were embroidered at the ankle and held with garters just below
the knee or at mid-thigh. Corsets were densely whale-boned, came to the
waist at the back and sides and "V'd" down in front sharply. Bloomers were
knee-length, trimmed in lace and slit up the middle ( need I say why? ).
Shoes were made of silk, velvet or leather, had a quite high heel and a
pointed toe and were embroidered quite lavishly.

 Little make-up was worn during this period. Maybe some powder and a little
rouge on the lips and cheeks. But the grotesque painted doll look wouldn't
come into vogue until about the 1770's. I doubt colonial ladies would have
worn any at all.

 No ensemble would be complete, of course, without a ladie's fan. Painted
silk on sticks of ivory or mother-of-pearl, it was as inseparable from a
true lady as a walking stick was from a gentleman.

 For outdoors, the lady would add a long riding cape with a hood and leather
or suede gloves. For riding, she could wear boots or spatterdashes identical
to the men's, and her costume would be styled like a feminized version of a
man's riding suit...minus the sidearms.

 For what it's worth, children were decked out pretty much like mini adults,
though boys were often dressed in little girl-like shifts until about age 5
or 6.

 Guess you'll know better before you go asking me another costuming
question, huh?

 Slave to fashion,

 Alikhat ( alikhat@i....... )


Date:    Thu, 18 Jan 1996 00:17:35 -0800
From:    Wendy Marie Christensen <wendy@i.......>
Subject: Re: Cast/Crew Appreciation Goodies

Can I have a list of cast members too?

Wendy Marie


Date:    Thu, 18 Jan 1996 00:07:28 -0800
From:    [Name removed by request]
Subject: Mr B: the man never rests

Channels give him quite a workout. The History Channel started running
Riley: Ace of Spies again, starting this past Tuesday. Tomorrow is ep 3
of the total 12. It lookds like they're running M-F (unsure about this
coming Monday, tho)

Now, Alanna and i, though she caught every part and i saw most of them,
never found NB. But the series is there, on his credit list. i'll be
trying to catch the series (only 3-12, though) so i'll check again.
*sigh* The first time around was boring enough...

[Name removed by request]


Date:    Thu, 18 Jan 1996 00:34:35 -0800
From:    Wendy Marie Christensen <wendy@i.......>
Subject: Re: Cast/Crew Appreciation Goodies

Oh ya can I have the people listed at the begining of the show too?
Thanks! Forgot to ask foe that before

Wendy Marie


Date:    Thu, 18 Jan 1996 04:08:46 -0500
From:    Deborah Bender <DBendr@a.......>
Subject: Fred Mollin's AOL chat

      Fred Mollin (composer of all the music on Forever Knight) was a guest
on an America Online Chat on January 8, sponsored by OMNI Magazine. Here are
some quotations from him, excerpted from the chat log.

Fmollin: Ger can travel back and forth and he hopes the show continues so he
can afford the new house in Calif.

Fmollin: I had dinner with Jim Parriott last night. He filled me in on a lot
of the facts. The series is probably going to finish after season 3 mainly
because TriStar feels they have enough for reruns and they don't wnat to
spend any more money.

TVV Marci: Question to Fred: How is the morale doing among the cast and crew?
Fmollin: The morale is okay. People are trying to keep positive but it's very

Fmollin: I have just completed 13 episodes of NBC's sat. morning sit com HANG
and I'm a composer in residence on HARD COPY. On Hard Copy, I deliver approx.
15 cues a week and they use them at their discretion.

Fmollin: The fans have to let TriStar know that they want the show to
continue and evolve and that they want FK merchandise,etc!
Fmollin: TriStar isn't going to offer it at NATPE..even though a lot of local
stations would buy it.
Fmollin: Now is the time to let TriStar know!
Fmollin: We have to wake them from their sleep.  Contact: Tri star US Local
Fmollin: Parriott is very sad about the TriStar attitude. His feeling is that
it's virtually a closed issue, but I believe the fans can keep the show
Fmollin: NATPE is damn close to being a last chance..
Fmollin: Good Night to the best fans a show could ever have!

Deborah Bender    dbendr@a.......    that's dbendr with one "e"


Date:    Thu, 18 Jan 1996 01:16:43 -0800
From:    "Toni C. Holm" <tch@w.......>
Subject: Ariel did it  - me too!

On Tue, 16 Jan 1996 Ariel <clinton@r.......> said
>Subject: I did it!
>I usually lurk on this list, and the others that I am on, but FK means a
>lot to me, and I could not just sit back and watch the campaign unfold.
>I have sent out many e-mails to people to let them know what was going
>on, and today I finally sat down and called KCBS and let them know how
>much I liked the show.  I hope it helped!

Yeah Ariel! -- and every other person who took their first activist step in
this campaign.  I'd never considered myself a "fan" type. (After all, it's
just a TV show, right?...right? ... right? ) But you know what? I couldn't
just watch either!

                        -Toni   <tch@w.......>


Date:    Thu, 18 Jan 1996 05:14:48 -0500
From:    Bea Quindlen <ocaoin@u.......>
Subject: Re: Stupid Newbie questions...

On Thu, Jan 18, 1996 12:09:31 AM, Carolyn P. McLelan wrote:

>Okay, the AOL conference is on.  Where do I go to dl AOL software so I can
>get on-line before this happens on the 20th.  Help me, I really need a 4th
>Internet Service Provider <BEG>  I'm definitely only signing on for FK!

AOL has been packaging disks in with computer magazines for several months.
This is the fastest way to get a hold of their software. Look for the
magazines that are BAGGED but make sure you get an AOL disk not a game one.
The magazine will cost you a few bucks but you'll be on AOL fast!
(And you can cancel after if you don't like AOL)


Date:    Thu, 18 Jan 1996 04:11:25 -0800
From:    Eliot <ejdjd@i.......>

And the promises just keep on coming!!!

Meridedith Pickering    Will perm hair for the rest of Season 3
                        Will give up chocolate forever for Season 4

Leah Rosenthal
Maryann Jorgensen
Ann Wortham             ALL 3 will bungee jump off the CN Tower, in tandom,
wearing red, white and blue, respectively, with press coverage, carrying
Renew Forever Knight signs, while a live orchestra plays the Fred Mollin CD

Hilary Doda             Will actually *study* her German & Spanish
vocabulary (buena suerte, Hilary!)

Lisa Clevenger          Will finish her book and win a writing contest AND,
if it is published (please, please, please...) will dedicate it to Forever
Knight and Uncle.

Jamie Melody Randall    *UPDATE*  - The Webgoddess (did I spell it right
-this- time??) will *continue* to smoke; however, she is looking for
suggestions from the list as to what her "sacrifice" should be and this
digester will "happily" (smerk, smerk, smerk) keep the tally and post it
later....if that is Ok, oh Webgoddess?

Kimberly Low            Will *openly* root for the Ottawa Senators to win
the Stanley Cup; this includes the purchase and display of Senators
clothing...does this mean you will actually *wear* the stuff?

Valerie Meachum         Will not color her hair for a FULL YEAR (absent any
role playing requirements, of course:) )

Zillah                  He will find a merchant who can supply sword pins at
a reasonable price for all when the 1st episode of the 4th season airs.
Patrick Kortner         The lone Nanette/FOD will join the Perkulators and
learn to enjoy it; he will also write perky fanfic *and* post it to the list!

Lynne Levine            Will join the Optimist Club if we get *any* Forever
Knight beyond the 3rd season, be it the continuing show or a 2 hour movie.

        Well, that's it for the list.  Should you wish to re-hash those
*original* (sure do use a lot of asterisks in these things, don't I)
resolutions, promises, vows, entreaties, affirmations, and proposals, let me


Support your local Attorney...send your kid to Medical School.


Date:    Thu, 18 Jan 1996 04:52:07 -0800
From:    Eliot Deutsch <ejdjd@i.......>
Subject: SONY's new FK Page

It is GREAT!

If you go to the SONY home page for Forever Knight, click on
backgrounds, it takes you to new connections for vampire information.
The very first connection is Vampyes Only...click onto that and what
comes up but....SAVE FOREVER KNIGHT!

Gotta love the minds and knowledge (NOT) of TPTB!!


Support your local Attorney; Send your kid to Medical School


Date:    Thu, 18 Jan 1996 09:04:33 -0500
From:    Hilary Doda <Hilary_Doda@g.......>
Subject: fandata form

Well, I've gone and done it...who's next?

>Thanks for sending your information.  I'll see that it gets listed in
>Fandom Directory #16 which is due off the press on March 20th and in our
>Fandom Email Directory (see URL below), which we update monthly.
>Fandom Directory #16 will sell for $22.95 plus $4.00 shipping.  It will be
>available from most good SF and Comic Shops or you can order directly from
>                           FANDATA Publications
>                           7761 Asterella Ct
>                           Springfield, VA 22152-3133
>Also the Fandom Email Directory is newly up at Web Site...
>Come on by and watch us grow.
>1,731 fan email addresses and 100 WWW sites are in our first edition,
>with easy point-and-click access to each one.
>Harry A Hopkins, Publisher
>FANDATA Publications

-=feel the call of the Knight...=-
 * Raven * X-Phile * Trekker * FFFROGie *


                      TEdNet - Teacher Education Network
            TEL Centre, Faculty of Education, University of Toronto


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