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Digest - 7 Jan 1996 - Special issue

Sun, 7 Jan 1996

There are 34 messages totalling 1003 lines in this issue.

Topics in this special issue:

  1. Disney (2)
  3. Ratings thoughts
  4. Sony Charity Cards
  5. Vetter & Vachon - What's up?
  6. Please Read: Query re Fan Club Presidents (2)
  7. Fangoria - A Success!!! (2)
  9. The how our vamps would handle snow post (4)
 10. Vows and other such things...
 11. 70's songs
 12. Superstations?
 13. Schanke Alert
 14. Please Read: Overseas Fans -- Help!
 16. Top Ten /Spam
 17. 400 Vahcons (2)
 18. Nick Knight
 19. Spam and Vows
 20. ATTENTION! Passing on message from Asst. Listowner
 21. contributions for NATPE ad
 22. TV Net message board
 23. comic-con & X-Files con
 25. Some promises...
 26. More inspiration & Fax Spa
 27. cynaniad enw Geraint, negativity, my vow


Date:    Sun, 7 Jan 1996 17:12:49 -0500
From:    Lane Lombardia <longpath@d.......>
Subject: Re: Disney

On 06-01-95 at 20:57 Rae Montor wrote:

>And then there's
>                       KNIGHTLAND!
I'd go, if it kept FK on the air!

Lane Lombardia

The Walker of the Long Path * Vivent les Mercenaires!
longpath@d....... * longpath@a....... * longpath@e.......


Date:    Sun, 7 Jan 1996 14:23:06 -0800
From:    LC Fenster <lucienlc@i.......>

Is anyone out there making sure that AOL, COMPUSERVE, GENIE and PRODIGY
members are being kept informed of activities and how they can help?

If you are doing this already, please let me know.  If  you are on one
of the above services and are willing to be an info resource, please
let me know.

Many thanks!



Date:    Sun, 7 Jan 1996 14:28:36 -0800
From:    Preta <preta@e.......>
Subject: Re: Ratings thoughts

>So while they figure that 1000 letters about Murder she Wrote represents
>100,000 people, they downplay (discount) letters about our type of shows
>on the theory that "fans" organized and produced them and therefore they
>are worth less.   Vicki Merriman - vmerrima@i.......

        Also "fans" of sci-fi etc. are also regarded as younger and less
affluent than "mature homeowners" who write about MURDER SHE WROTE and
such.  Fans are often considered "Klingon-speaking flakes who need to get a
life."  I say this from having lived in LA for a long time and been married
into the business; it is not my personal opinion as I am a fan too.



Date:    Sun, 7 Jan 1996 17:22:27 -0800
From:    Karen Tobin <ktobin@t.......>
Subject: Re: Sony Charity Cards

Tiger Tiger burning bright..... wrote:
> Every time I try to pick up a card I've received, Netscape comes back
> with a 'network error' message. Has this happened to anyone else?
> *******************************************
> Erika.             *
> Knightie,NatPacker * "You know, Nicholas,
> Nick&NatPacker     * sometimes you really
> extrodinare!       * are one umbrella short
>                    * of a cocktail."
> tango@u.......     * Natalie, Curiouser & Curiouser
> ******************************************
> SW Fan, HL Fan, X-Phile & LGW #24
> 'The Few, the Proud, the Paranoid.'
> SAVE FOREVER KNIGHT!(E-Mail me for details)

I have just picked some up and have had no problem. If you continue to
have problems, send me your claim #s and I'll pick them up for you so
they'll get counted. (and send you the messages if you want them!)

Karen (ktobin@t.......)


Date:    Sun, 7 Jan 1996 18:05:28 -0500
From:    Roxanna Reeves <GreyBrothr@a.......>
Subject: Re: Disney

As a Knightly sort of person who's heard of these rumors/salacious factoids,
here's Detective Vetter's Disney FK episode for you:


I can just see Tracy in a little buckskin thong thingy singing "Colors of the
Wind" to Vachon.

(Diving for cover behind mouse ears.)



Date:    Sun, 7 Jan 1996 19:36:56 -0400
From:    "Carolyn P. McLelan" <cmclelan@f.......>
Subject: Vetter & Vachon - What's up?

I know this is off our general topic (SOS) of late, but maybe someone can
help me out.  As some of you may know, I've only discovered FK this year,
and have been watching season 1 & season 3 here.  Nobody here is carrying
season 2.

Anyway, I just saw "My Boyfriend is a Vampire".  I'm a little confused
about Tracey and Vachon.  Early in the show, it seems that she doesn't
believe in vampires, but near the middle of the show, when Vachon and
Knight catch Upton (the boyfriend) in Maggie's apartment, she asks Vachon
if Upton is a vampire, and Vachon confirms that no, he isn't.

So what's the dirt between those two, does she know Vachon is a vampire?
How did they meet in the first place?

       Rage, Rage against the dying of the Knight!

                  Carolyn P. McLelan
                  Knightie Heartbreaker
For information on the campaign to save Forever Knight, check out
                (site is case sensitive)
 cmclelan@f.......             102735.1111@c.......


Date:    Sun, 7 Jan 1996 19:18:09 -0500
From:    Apache <lf@c.......>
Subject: Please Read: Query re Fan Club Presidents

Dear folks, please help:

        Can anyone say whether these people have e-addresses?  If not, is
there anyone local to them who'd be willing to call them if I put *you* on
the Prez. Loop?  (This shouldn't involve any great arduous labor.  It
might be helpful if you had a printer in case we send press releases,
etc., through to them -- but sheer contact is the main priority.)

Diane E. has made me aware of
Two more fanclubs, both off-line (?):

Fans of Forever Knight
Teresa Guinn-Garcia
Lamarque TX 77568


Les Enfants du LaCroix
Tracy Ingalls & Mary VanDyke
Grand Rapids MI  49518-0091

Thanks,  Laura


Date:    Sun, 7 Jan 1996 19:18:10 -0500
From:    "(sp?) Diane Rayno" <LuDia@a.......>
Subject: Fangoria - A Success!!!

Hi all-

Back home from a wonderful weekend in Manhatten.  Many, many, many thanks to
June and Elisa for all the hard work they did at the con.  Also thanks to my
children who, on one's part a little reluctence but when reminded WHO paid
for the tickets gladly volunteered, did the dealers rooms and 'papered' the
place red...  Myself, I hung out with the smokers by the elevators waiting
for June to park the car, and suddenly realized that everyone had to come by
me to enter or leave by elevator, and promptly started handing out flyers and
having many, many discussions with people who did a double take when they saw
the word CANCELLED on the flyer.  50 or more people came back to talk, the
man who played 'Jason' Mark Hanner (sp?) was on hand signing autographs, also
a major FK fan (and he is writing letters for us as well as sending copies of
flyers with letter requests to 'star' friends with influence).  I even hit
all the dealers, and, the 'babes' that appear in the 'slash movies' i.e. 'I
was a teenage warewolf slut' you get the idea, and THEY turned out to be FK
fans who didn't know the show was cancelled.  We handed out a total of 750
flyers and left some on the 'Freebie' table for Sunday.  Don't know how many
people actually went today due to the snowstorm.

THEN!!! We took a little 'drive by' a certain t.v. company (asu) who shall
remain (asu) nameless (asu) and I jumped out of the car and shoved about 20
flyers through the revolving doors of (asu) the nameless (asu) company.

Watch out ARISIA...... I'll go down on my knees for FK....... Will you???

Cousin Lu
who does 'cousinly things' for FK!!!


Date:    Sun, 7 Jan 1996 19:23:47 -0500
From:    Leah Rosenthal <Bizarro7@a.......>

In a message dated 96-01-05 02:37:55 EST, you write:

>It has been emphatically and definitively stated that FK vamp sex involves
>penetration above and below the waist, and that the advertisement
>propagating the above p.o.v. was done without consent.
>But I'm sure USA will be glad to know that someone's been paying attention
>to their commercials.
>And while we're on the subject of 'sacrifices' being a big deal...  I must
>have missed Ms. Rosenthal's entry on the aforementioned "list of vows".
>What was your promise again, Leah?

WOW!  I had no idea nicotine deprivation affects a personality so profoundly.
 Yes, I was perfectly aware that Nick has been diddling away, vampire-style,
throughout the 800 years. Obviously, it's not what he wants as his eternal
destiny.  As for my 'list of vows', I am formally reserving them for the next
round of battle:  To get us a FORTH SEASON!  They'll be lulu's, I promise.

Apology accepted, ADMIRAL Jamie!  :)



Date:    Sun, 7 Jan 1996 19:35:43 -0500
From:    Apache <lf@c.......>
Subject: The how our vamps would handle snow post

        "Oh, the weather outside is frightful...."

        blizzard here in DC, as everywhere in the East.  Actually, it's
wonderful, but it's clear my car's not going anywhere for a few days.

        Anyway, last month there was a funny post on what the cast would
do with snow on their cars.  I only remember the Vachon one (gee, how
surprising) because I realized that I truly am a Vaquera at that moment:
Vachon would wait until the snow melted off his car.  I fear that's what I

        Anyone remember this?  I thought I'd kept it, but I can't find
it.  Would its author repost it?  If not, if someone's archived it, would
you e-mail it to me?




Date:    Mon, 8 Jan 1996 11:41:50 +22303754
From:    Christine Hawkins <chawkins@n.......>
Subject: Vows and other such things...

I was unable to sleep on Friday night (thanks to my thoughtful neighbours
who started playing electric guitars with the amps right next to the
dividing wall %-{ ) and came up with the following limerick:

A Dashing Detective named Don
Cried: "Man, what the hell's going on?
First they blew me to bits,
Filled the Raven with tits,
And next thing the whole show is gone!"

<*Ouch! Duck's and runs for cover*>

On Saturday the 6th of January, Teresa Davidson wrote:

> How interesting but strange I find the concept of causing oneself
> pain or discomfort as a payment for something good received. Now please,
> don't be offended by my ignorance -- I'm not saying that sacrifice is good
> or bad, right or wros simply alien to me. ;-)

I must admit I find this concept hard to follow myself - but then again,
I am a FoD!  Which brings me to my suggestion.

All these people promising to become Perkulators if FK is renewed for
another year: why don't you become FoDs (or Ravenettes) instead?   It's
not that I think that being a FoD (or a Ravenette) is inherently painful;
it's just that there is no better way of suffering than being a follower
of a deceased (or absent) character!

FoD-hood would also be an excellent loophole for those who also have made
vows regarding food or chocolate: it is a well known fact that FoDs, like
their fearless leader, have trouble staying on diets. :-)

This advertisement authorised and paid for by the A-Negative FoD of the

Christine Hawkins.

   *          Schanke!  -  He's *not* Tracy  -  Become a FoD!            *
   *     Christine Hawkins      * ~ *       c.hawkins@n.......         *


Date:    Sun, 7 Jan 1996 16:51:38 -0800
From:    "Toni C. Holm" <tch@w.......>
Subject: 70's songs

Kayla Clark <katygale@g.......> said
>For 70's requests, I've got some late 70's suggestions (prepare
>thyself to gag):
        (Speaking of gagging)
        "Don't Give Up on Us" by David Soul
                -Toni   <tch@w.......>


Date:    Sun, 7 Jan 1996 19:58:47 -0500
From:    Kristina Mairi Buhrman <kmb19@c.......>
Subject: Superstations?

I was just wondering if we should start a concerted effort at one of the
so-called "superstations", y'know, those channels from large cities that
end up with widespread distribution via cable (we get NYC stations here in
upstate NY).

Of course, I don't know where they all are, or what they're addresses are,
or if they show Forever Knight, but it might be something to try before
NATPE [sic?] (Is there still time? Hope so.)

Oh, and regarding the vows (and I tend to believe in their power. I *need*
to believe <g>. After all, if you tell yourself often enough, you start to
regard it as truth). ARGH, for the cornell scheduling department: there's
only *one* bio course I'm allowed to take before the opertunity for the
massive seven hour a day course in the summer. Oh well, viruses sound cool

And YKY... I had my first FK dream, and in it, I was sitting across from
Reese, and we were drinking shots of water, and there was a fly in my

Attacking those syndies.

-Kristina kmb19@c.......
Perkulator and also hoping to stay that way


Date:    Sun, 7 Jan 1996 19:55:19 -0500
From:    Annmarie McKee-Fitzgerald <mickey@c.......>
Subject: Schanke Alert

   Credit here goes to the youngest attendee of Ron The Enforcer's
party,my (darlin') son Garrett who spotted John in the group of firemen
in "Roxanne" tonight. My favorite line from John's character,which could
have come straight from Schanke's mouth, "I would rather be with the
people of this town than the finest people in the world!"

Has anyone seen the previews for the movie "From Dusk Til Dawn"? It looks
pretty interesting in a vamp sorta way :)

The night is only as dark as the thought of no "FOREVER KNIGHT".
"Forever Knight" needs your help! Write to: Pres. Jon Feltheimer Tri-Star TV.
9336 West Washington Blvd Culver City CA 90232 AND write to your local affiliate
SAVE FK HOMEPAGE: http://members.aol.com/CuznJamiMR/SaveForeverKnight.html
Thank you for your support! SAVE "FOREVER KNIGHT" !!!!!


Date:    Sun, 7 Jan 1996 19:59:30 -0500
From:    Apache <lf@c.......>
Subject: Please Read: Overseas Fans -- Help!

Dear folks,

        Would overseas list members please e-mail me privately to help in
the creation of a mail loop of overseas fans to help in the SOS effort?

        Also, if you have offlist but online friends overseas with who
might want to help with or participate in a Save-FK event in their
country, such as blood donating in FK's name, or giving food to charity,
or contributing to Pediatric AIDS Fdn. -- would you let me know?

        This need not be restricted to countries where FK is actually
being aired, since we currently have some members (hi Marina!) who are
fans solely by virtue of tapes.

   We want to show Sony FK is a program with worldwide appeal!!!




Date:    Sun, 7 Jan 1996 20:18:46 -0500
From:    Leah Rosenthal <Bizarro7@a.......>

In a message dated 96-01-05 15:50:52 EST, you write:

>You had me worried for a moment.  For a second, I thought you might not
>have noticed that Nick is warm for Nat's form.  For a vampire warm is not
>an easy state.

Ah, yes, but "warm" is not the same as "well done!"  It seems to me that Nick
wants to consummate, procrate, any kinda mate.  He ain't nuthin' but a


(The above is close captioned for the nicotine impared)


Date:    Sun, 7 Jan 1996 21:21:24 -0400
From:    "Carolyn P. McLelan" <cmclelan@f.......>
Subject: Re: The how our vamps would handle snow post

I hear you guys, south of the border, are getting thumped pretty severely!
Funny how the weather patterns seem to be changing.  We don't get quite as
much snow up here as we used to.  And it seems down south is getting a
whole lot more than it's used to.

I can remember storms (1981-82) when the snow plows didn't hit the road
for two days.  They had been pulled off the roads in the worst of it, and
subsequently got snowed in.

I still put studded tires on my car every winter, but last year, never
even took the shovel out of the shed.   Had it out a couple times this
year, we've only got about a foot of snow on the ground right now.  I'm
waiting til Monday or Tuesday, to see if there's anything gonna hit here
from the sh*t-kicker pounding the Eastern Seaboard right now!  Snuggle in
and write your letters, doesn't look like there'll be work for you in the

>  "Oh, the weather outside is frightful...."
>  blizzard here in DC, as everywhere in the East.  Actually, it's
> wonderful, but it's clear my car's not going anywhere for a few days.
       Rage, Rage against the dying of the Knight!

Carolyn P. McLelan                  Knightie Heartbreaker
For information on the campaign to save Forever Knight, check out
(site is case sensitive)
cmclelan@f.......             102735.1111@c.......


Date:    Sun, 7 Jan 1996 15:38:07 -1000
From:    Sandy Martino <martino@m.......>
Subject: Re: Top Ten /Spam

>It's already been noted that Spam is very popular here in Hawaii...here's a
few ways people eat it.

1.  Spam Musubi  (Roughly, a patty of sticky rice with a slice of spam on
top, held together by a ribbon of dried, pressed seaweed.  (I
know...EWWWWW...and I grew up here; I HATE spam.)  There was even a contest
a while back to make the world's longest spam musubi...Can't remember how
many bags of rice and cans of spam they used.  Maybe in the Guinness book,
now.  I'm guessing this is probably Hawaii's favorite spam recipe.

2.  My fiance (who used to have to go to construction sites a lot, for work)
says he used to see a lot of construction workers bringing a loaf of bread
and a can of spam, for lunch...EWWWW again.  Got any Grey Poupon, at least?

Bon appetit, all you spam-vowers.  Nothing in the WORLD would coax me to
join you.  I'd rather drink Ribena straight.

Sandy    martino@m.......        "The sun detests thought."  O. Wilde


Date:    Sun, 7 Jan 1996 18:36:13 -0700
From:    Lashoka BirthFire <lashoka@p.......>
Subject: 400 Vahcons

I remember someone aksing about a line in some episode, and the reply
being that the line was "Famous Vachon's for 400..." could someone fill
me in on where this line is from? Thanks...

And: Does anyone have the address for the mercedes Lackey list?  Thnaks...

Lashoka; Cousin & Tormenter of Bricks, Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx Student,
Prospective Psych Major, Class of '99   A_bittenbin@c.......
lashoka@p.......  lashoka@o.......


Date:    Sun, 7 Jan 1996 18:37:09 -0700
From:    Raissa Devereux <raissa@i.......>
Subject: Nick Knight

Hi all,
Good news. A friend of mine who works at a Suncoast Video Store in
Phoenix says they are selling copies of Nick Knight for $5.99. Since
Suncoast is a nationwide chain, Lyn figures that the movie will be
selling elsewhere across the country soon.

                                Raissa Devereux


Date:    Sun, 7 Jan 1996 17:46:18 -0800
From:    Dianne Therese De Sha <maeve@m.......>
Subject: Re: Spam and Vows

> Oh -- and one more thing -- I vow to make no more "fluff" posts until I
> have something significant to say!  (Just didn't want to find a stray
> Merc monitoring my credit card bills, Dianne!)
> Catherine

Catherine!  I am *shocked*!  SHOCKED, I say!

To suggest I would _ever_ do anything so low as dig up _blackmail_ material!

<Curses!  Foiled Again!>

(Um, your last payment seems to be just a tad late, my dearest Ravenette.
Shall I go ahead and load that 'Just for Halloween, I *Swear*!' photo
of you dressed for the disco to the FTP site now? <vwg>)

The Mad Digester :-)   -*-   NATPE Carpool Coordinator
Dianne la Mercenaire...   -*-   <moonlight@c.......>
"I hope you'll pardon us if we continue to crusade. :)" -- Jaye
*Web info: http://members.aol.com/CuznJamiMR/SaveForeverKnight.html
*Daily digest/list-summary email loop:  moonlight@c.......


Date:    Sun, 7 Jan 1996 20:54:48 -0500
From:    Rae Montor <rmontor@v.......>
Subject: Re: Fangoria - A Success!!!

Diane Rayno wrote:
>suddenly realized that everyone had to come by
>me to enter or leave by elevator, and promptly started handing out flyers and

Brilliant woman!

>a major FK fan (and he is writing letters for us as well as sending copies of
>flyers with letter requests to 'star' friends with influence).

What excellence. Okay, I got it: hit up every single individual writer at
Arisia. (We don't get a lot in the way of actors.)

>the 'babes' that appear in the 'slash movies' i.e. 'I
>was a teenage warewolf slut' you get the idea, and THEY turned out to be FK
>fans who didn't know the show was cancelled.

I'm beginning to think that non-FK fans are in the minority. (Y'know, gang,
I don't think that Nielsen uses "babes" either. Isn't *anybody*

>We handed out a total of 750
>flyers and left some on the 'Freebie' table for Sunday.  Don't know how many
>people actually went today due to the snowstorm.

I'm scared. Okay, we know what to xerox, now.

>Watch out ARISIA...... I'll go down on my knees for FK....... Will you???
>Cousin Lu
>who does 'cousinly things' for FK!!!

I'm really not sure what you meant by that...  ;)

However, I'm deciding to take it to mean that you're coming to Arisia. Hope
I'm correct. Do let me know.


     Rae M


Date:    Sun, 7 Jan 1996 20:48:21 -0500
From:    "Susan M. Garrett" <susang@v.......>
Subject: ATTENTION! Passing on message from Asst. Listowner

Laurie Salopek--our busy assistant list owner, just told me to post the
following.  If any of the below applies to you (except the SAVE FK stuff),
please contact HER at LMS5@p........

* The list got held the because we filled up all the space on PSUVM.  No
kidding.  They had to drop some of the archived stuff to free up more space.

However, we have relatively unlimited access on the FTP site!

This courtesy of Peggy Religa, President of Deb Duchene's fan club (yes, my
fellow Ravens and Ravenettes, most of them are 2nd season promo pics of the
Boss!).  Download at will.

* IMPORTANT! Will whomever had contacted Laurie about the FTP site (as in
doing stuff for her with it, including the FTP fiction update people) please
contact her.  She's had something of a personal systems crash and needs some
names and e-mail addresses again cause they was eaten by the bad machine

* There is now an FKSAVE folder on the FTP site that will soon be chock full
of all the goodies people have put together, like the press releases, and
sponsoer's list, the SOS FAQ and other neat stuff (supplied by the magical
mail box archive of the Web Goddess).  This will be yet another location for
people to cruise and or surf and/or pick up things they sort of need in an
emergency.  Laurie had asked for the following things to be donated to the

Lynne Ackerman--Could you send the text of that Wonderful FK article from
the first?

Anybody--Can you put together a few sample letters for the letter-writing
challenged to give them so idea of what and how they can write to their
sponsors/syndicators/evil, nasty SOBs (that Sons of Belial, folks)at
USA/TriStar, etc. (The actual addresses are on the SOS FAQ, yes?).

Whoever is doing the list of syndicators' addresses--Laurie asks for a
mirror of the list at the FTP site (if you're willing).

Zillah--we can post your updated list of who is where

(susang@v.......--we're very case sensitive, don'cha know)

* Lastly, Laurie says the latest ForKni-L FAQ is on the FTP site.  Would
whomever has any other FAQs feel free to pass them along to me and I'll
upload them to the site.  This can include the faction stuff, etc.

That's it.  I'm not keeper of the site or anything, just a lowly ForKni-L
grunt doing her part to maintain order.

Besides, I just LOVE to hear a Cousin beg a Ravenette for anything . . . .

susang@v.......  -- http://www.vitinc.com/~susang
Get all your info for Saving Forever Knight from:


Date:    Sun, 7 Jan 1996 21:05:26 -0500
From:    Deborah Bender <DBendr@a.......>
Subject: contributions for NATPE ad

       A couple of days ago, there was an announcement on the list that
someone was fronting about $4000 to take out an ad in the NATPE program. If
that person wants to start collecting reimbursements now, could she please
post her name and postal address to the list, and/or email me? I want to make
a modest contribution.

Deborah Bender   dbendr@a.......
wondering: how many people trying to reach me have sent email to
how many of my outgoing and incoming messages have been eaten by AOL,
and when I'll get around to installing the extra RAM and upgrading to System
7 so I can get a direct Internet provider


Date:    Sun, 7 Jan 1996 20:52:03 PST
From:    Sherri Lynn Godsey <us011164@p.......>
Subject: TV Net message board

I found the board Carolyn McLelan posted to.  One other person had posted a
reply asking to save FK.  So I posted as well.  Now there are three comments
regarding FK there.  *Everyone* should visit and leave a message.  You'll
find it at http//tvnet.com/cgi-bin/TVpost/read/tv/2685


**Sherri Lynn Godsey, Founding Member SFKS. us011164@p....... --
"Think where man's glory most begins and ends, and say my glory was I had
such friends" in Forever Knight. SAVE FK! Write for info re SOS webpage**


Date:    Sun, 7 Jan 1996 20:43:49 PST
From:    Sherri Lynn Godsey <us011164@p.......>
Subject: Re: Please Read: Query re Fan Club Presidents

Laura -- Lisa Clevenger, who was at the "group write" today and who intends
to join our list tonight or tomorrow, says that Teresa Guinn-Garcia who runs
the Fans of Forever Knight in Texas club is not on-line.  However, Lisa is
acting as a liaison, and once she's on-list she'll keep Teresa informed of
whats happening.  I'll e-mail Lisa and let her know to contact you.


**Sherri Lynn Godsey, Founding Member SFKS. us011164@p....... --
"Think where man's glory most begins and ends, and say my glory was I had
such friends" in Forever Knight. SAVE FK! Write for info re SOS webpage**


Date:    Sun, 7 Jan 1996 21:26:59 -0500
From:    Apache <lf@c.......>
Subject: Re: The how our vamps would handle snow post

On Sun, 7 Jan 1996, Carolyn P. McLelan wrote:

> I can remember storms (1981-82) when the snow plows didn't hit the road
> for two days.  They had been pulled off the roads in the worst of it, and
> subsequently got snowed in.
        I got stuck in the blizzard of 85 in Stratford-upon-Avon in
England.  The Royal Shakespeare Company carried on, and the same hundred
or so people slogged through the snow each day for three to see the
shows.  It was magical.  The oil trucks couldn't get through and all we
had in the place I was staying was a woodstove; we pulled apart an old
pig shed to burn and slept around the stove in the kitchen.


Date:    Sun, 7 Jan 1996 19:02:41 -48000
From:    Merrill Lee <merrill@a.......>
Subject: comic-con & X-Files con

Dear All,
Just like to share with you the dirty deeds I have done today, and what I
plan to do this coming weekend :)
Today was the Los Angeles monthly Sci-Fi and Comic convention.  I got up
relatively early and began hunting for an FK flyer.  After finding it on
the web page where everyone said it would be :) I realized that although
I had a .gif viewer that is very nice, I didn't have anyway to print it.
WAIL!  So I logged onto every BBS I could find looking for printing
programs for graphix files... I managed to convert the gif to windows
.bmp but it ended up only printing 1/4 of the entire flyer.  Finally..
after many downloads.. I gave up and went to AOL.  After messing around
for 20 minutes, I found a graphics viewer that said "print" in the
description (YAY) and took another 10 minutes (oye) to download that.
Let me just say, that whatever this program is called.. it is v e r y
s l o w. . . but after another 20 minutes I had one each printed FK
flyer!!  Realizing that my slow graphics program would not let me
edit any time soon, I went to the typewriter and typed in the
local affiliate address and an e-mail address.  Grabbing a variety of
colored papers, I ran to my mother's slow copyer (is there nothing fast
 in my house?) and proceeded to print approximately 45 flyers (it is
really slow, trust me) and ran off to the con because there were only 2
hours left!  En route, I sneakily stuck several flyers inside folded
Image comics posters that I got when I worked there.  Upon arriving I put
the posters on the freebee table, and put the pretty colored ones... with
the most different color on top (orange) and went off to get my comix.  I
would have been able to actually give out the flyers if I had had more
time and if I hadn't had to buy so many back issues.  When the show ended
I went back to the table, and leaving 5 or so flyers for the 3 people
still left :) I took back about 14 flyers.  So not a great dispersing,
but better than nothing.  And it also gives me practice for next weekend.
Next weekend I will be attending, God willing, the 2-day X-Files
convention in Burbank.  I hope to have a lot more flyers, and I have no
qualms about putting flyers on chairs or giving them to people standing
in line for signatures.  Hopefully I will do as well as the FANGORIA
folks especially since I hear the dealers tables at X-FIles cons are
lame (meaning I won't be running around purchasing instead of giving out
flyers :)  If anyone else is going.. we could do tag team hehehehe...
-Anne, the Green Merc


Date:    Sun, 7 Jan 1996 18:26:00 -0800
From:    Roni Power <bach@c.......>
Subject: YKYBWTMFKW....

Hi All,
  You know you've been watching too much FK when.....
You finally get your second season HL tapes and during "Turnabout", the one
with Ger in it.  Ger's character, Quentin, is looking in a mirror and you
keep expecting him to vamp out.  Anybody else get the giggles when he
talked about Janette?
  I got a message from one of my husband's gaming buddies today telling me
that they read about the SOS Campaign on the X-Files newsgroup.  I ask
them to check out Jamie's web site and thanked him for his interest.  I
haven't heard if he's done it or not but word is getting out and people
are noticing.
  About people eating Spam:
Y'all are brave!!  I can't get the past the smell but my son likes it
with ketchup.  Now thats a disgusting site.

Roni.  <Who's wondering if daycare is going to be open tomorrow>

Schanke-He's a *Good* Cop! With |Pinky are you pondering what I'm pondering?
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Date:    Sun, 7 Jan 1996 22:28:04 -0500
From:    "Lisa A. Reeves" <ad483@d.......>
Subject: Re: Some promises...

>And by the way, my sister (also a huge FK fan, primarily a Knightie and
>Cousin) actually LIKES Tracy.  Really.  I'm not kidding.  In fact, she wanted
>me to tell the list to quit with all the Tracy-bashing!  (I told her we're
>all Perkulators now!)  Now everyone is sitting down, right?  She likes Spam,

That explains it....all that Spam has gone to her brain.

I feel self indulgent not giving something up. Jill's braver than I am; if
I gave up diet coke, all life signs would cease. I need to give up someone
-else's- bad habit. <gryn>

Lisa Reeves @--->--->---    |   ad483@d.......
GDFN Help Staff             |   Mercenary, for chocolate
      "Fabric addiction is cheaper than a shrink"


Date:    Sun, 7 Jan 1996 21:37:27 CST
From:    L'Phantom <jrarmstr@p.......>
Subject: Re: 400 Vahcons

Well, LaCroix said it during Black Buddha Part 2, I think.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong :-)

Inside your mind, as always,

Help Save Forever Knight!  Ask me how!  jrarmstr@b.......


Date:    Sun, 7 Jan 1996 22:30:44 -0500
From:    Jane Snyder <janes@i.......>
Subject: Re: The how our vamps would handle snow post

At 07:35 PM 1/7/96 -0500, Apache wrote:

>        Anyway, last month there was a funny post on what the cast would
>do with snow on their cars.  I only remember the Vachon one (gee, how
>it.  Would its author repost it?  If not, if someone's archived it, would

Ummm...the author would be me.  But I didn't keep a copy of the post.  Glad
you thought it was funny though.  I think I decided that:

Nick would shovel his snow, and then, feeling guilty because he could do it
in less time than anyone else and with less effort, would start doing the
old lady down the street's driveway.

Janette would pay somebody else to do it.

LaCroix would coerce someone else to do it.

Vachon would just fly over top of the snow, figuring it would eventually melt.

Don't think I figured out anything about Tracy and Screed, but now that I
think about them:

Tracy get everything ready to make hot chocolate when she was done, would
pull on her knitted toque, her warm fuzzy mittens and her nice pink down
coat, and start shovelling perkily, humming the whole time.

Screed would just ignore it, and take the underground tunnels like always.

Jane   (janes@i.......)
Die Hard ** Immortal Beloved ** Optimists Club ** FFFROGie
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Date:    Sun, 7 Jan 1996 22:57:36 -0500
From:    "Tammy Pond  [Digest]" <nightmist@g.......>
Subject: Re: More inspiration & Fax Spa

Reply:  Item #4546874 from IMMAJER@p.......@i.......

Sorry, Immager, I can't remember if you're set "nomail" or not...

Well, it's not QUITE as bad as feared... See, I left the sig/tag
attached at the end of the file, that happens to have the *correct*
spelling. Hopefully, they'll read that. If not, do you have ammended
versions available? I'm terrible at writing the things, but I'm more
than willing to make up for it by faxing the night away... <grin>

nightmist@g.......                           The Mad Fax Spammer
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Date:    Sun, 7 Jan 1996 23:14:44 -0500
From:    Inanna Arthen <Vyrdolak@a.......>
Subject: cynaniad enw Geraint, negativity, my vow

Deanna Dudney <Cymraes@a.......> writes

>According to my Welsh dictionary (I'm half-Welsh myself; cymraes means
>"Welshwoman" in Welsh) there are two correct pronunciations of "Geraint."
> the more common
>pronunciation is the way Ger says it -- "GARE-int"  (rhymes with pear/pint)
>accent on first syllable, hard g, slight trill of the r.

     Seems to me that a while ago there was an extensive discussion of the
appropriate pronunciation of Ger's name onlist and it finally got complained
about... but at risk of listowner wrath, I would just like to say... rydw i
wedi dysgu siarad a sgrifennu yr iaith Cymreag hydref yma.  Mae cynaniad
Deanna yn gywir, o nesed a mae sgrifen yn dod.
IOW... I've been learning to speak and write the Welsh language this fall.
 Deanna's pronounciation is correct, or as near as writing [written version]
comes.  I DO know Geraint, he's been a character in our class dialogues...
;-} .  And my prof is leaving to teach Welsh at the University of Wales in
Cardiff, so I suspect he's pronouncing it right!

     I was writing an ersatz "X-Files" episode for my class homework -- maybe
I should try some FK fanfic in Welsh??  ("Nick Knight -- Sugnwr Gwaed
Plisman!")  oh, help...
(Tracey... sgrifennwch ata i yn Cymraeg, os gwelwch yn dda?)

now to get serious...

 A McLaughlin <Iremi@a.......> writes...

>I had another "reading" done on FK with some interesting results. The queen
>of swords showed herself again indicating a strong willed woman. ( guess
>who?!). But I had a most interesting and inspired insight into why USA
>cancelled FK. They were not pleased that we (the fans) were not pleased with
>their changes.

     I hadn't wanted to bring this up, myself, since I'm delurking here after
SUCH a long time (I've been over on FKSPOILR, though), but... I think this
may well have no small part in what's going on.  I was rather disheartened by
how virulent the criticism of the new characters and series changes were,
dating from way before the show premiered.  I mean, "perkulator", "Cowsie"??
 I'm glad I wasn't one of the new actors on the show!!  I, for one, was
willing to give everything and everyone a chance before I made up my mind.
 But this isn't the first time it's occurred to me that the extremely
negative fan response may have been materially harming the show's chances.
 We don't know who's lurking on this list or getting posts.  When we put
stuff out there, it's *out there*.  And what are people at USA supposed to
think -- "well, if even the *fans* don't like it, we're in trouble!"  The
thought that Ben Bass and Lisa Ryder might have heard or seen some of the
things that have been posted causes me considerable distress!  I mean, guys
-- they're just *actors*!  If they want a paycheck, they take the script
they're given and read the s***.

     For the record, I have no issues with Tracey.  I like Vachon, but he
doesn't quite seem to fit in with the rest of the show yet.  Screed was
amusing but hasn't been used consistently... don't care for Urs but that's
not the actress' fault.  I miss the consistent use of flashbacks.

    This has been bothering me a lot, and while I've been *amazed* at the
current campaign to save the show (actually, that word falls way short of my
real reaction) and am doing my piddly part, I can also see TPTB sitting there
thinking, "where is all *this* coming from?  They *hate* the show!  They hate
our stars!  You mean they're *watching* it?"

     But in any event, I feel so strongly about this that I'll make a vow...
if we get a fourth season (and my hopes are not sanguine... :-(  ) I will...
run the Lisa Ryder fan club, PERSONALLY.

     In Welsh.

Inanna des Cousines

     I am SERIOUS!   Of course, I've never run a fan club and I'm a grad
student, so the newsletter won't come out too often (and my prof will have to
grade it first) but this is a REAL vow!  Put it on the list!
     Translations will be available.  ;-}  And at least we'll get Ger's name

      I'm starting to feel like an outtake from "Dr. Zhivago"...


End of FORKNI-L Digest - 7 Jan 1996 - Special issue

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